Monday, June 10, 2019

Gathering the Moments -

Believe it or not, some stitching happened!

It’s those quiet moments when the family is still asleep – just a few minutes here and there.  10 minutes at a time.

That’s what it’s been like trying to work on this Garden Party table runner project.

It’s just been BUSY!

But we awoke to rain yesterday morning, letting us know that all of our labors from the day before were right on time.  A job well done.  Sunday was for resting.

I love table runners and I find the 60 degree corners before you get to the big point to be charming.  But I tell you what, I struggle with keeping them from looking like cat ears!  3 out of 4 good ones isn’t so bad, is it?

While I was sitting there fussing with those darn corners, Kathryn came in to the kitchen and said “Oh!  Wait right there!  I’ve got something for you!”

Her Grandma’s Sewing box full of old thread spools!

I am just so excited.  This is her contribution to Quiltville Inn, and I plan on finding a very large cute vintage jar to put them in.  Getting it home in my suitcase is going to be an interesting feat.  And I am also excited about the old spring release embroidery hoop.  It’s just like the one I learned to embroider with as a young girl.

The rain did go away -

We were able to do some late afternoon walking around the yard.

Remember the boat picture I took that inspired our On Ringo Lake mystery?  Well, it’s a good thing I took photos of it then – because it isn’t around anymore!

August 2017 visit.

From what I gather, they had the boat on a trailer, and while pulling it – someone ran into them, and literally totalled the boat.  The insurance wasn’t enough to replace the boat, and Uncle Steve decided – NO MORE MOTOR BOAT!

So all you see are the canoe and the row boat that remain.  It still brings smiles on how this place, this lake brought around our Winter 2017 mystery.

Same lake, same boats, different configuration.

And more great memories!

In the kitchen fixing lunch -

I had to laugh as Joy refers to time with her two sisters as “The Sister Act!”  As it is always full of shenanigans.  Gail currently resides in Tampa Florida and my mom in Garden Valley Idaho.

I love that the women in my family are DOERS!  From cooking to cleaning up – to weeding, watering, transplanting – We don’t get together to sit around, we get together to DO and be a blessing to each other.

Another round of cut-throat Chicken Foot!

I love this quirky crazy bunch!

Kathryn, Mom, Me, Joy, Steve, Gail.

We left Spicer around 6pm – waiting until most of the traffic from those who had spent the weekend away from the cities “Up North” had long gone….and it was smooth sailing all the way.

We did make a pit-stop at a Dairy Queen, someone’s comments earlier on brought on memories of Dilly Bars growing up, and how butterscotch was everyone’s favorite.  We hit the drive-through and ordered up a round.

Comments form the back of the car:

“Boy, these are much smaller than I remember!”

“You have to eat the swirl bump FIRST!”

“Since when did they start to list the calories on these things?  It ruins all the fun!”

Much giggling, and MMmmmmmm-ing and laughter when EVERYONE found some of the butterscotch coating had chipped off and escaped to land on each of our shirts – dead center.

There was much talk of those we remember who have passed from this life, Grandpa at the forefront.  He loved ice cream.  So we put in a Glenn Miller CD and sang to the Big Band sounds that Grandpa loved all the way home to Maple Grove.

“Chattanooga Choo Choo, Won’t You Choo Choo Me Home……”

One runner down, one to go.

The color is a bit off in the photo – but it was early morning with overhead light when I took it.  Just don’t look too closely at those 60 degree corners!

Today – full steam ahead.

We are meeting up with my second cousin (Or is that first cousin, once removed?) Marie for breakfast.  And then a special treat is happening down in St Paul, and I’ll post about that tomorrow!  I’m so excited for this invitation.

This afternoon I’ll be sorting all that needs to go to Rochester with me.  Packing up my sewing projects and suitcases and this week with family will come to an end and I’ll be on my way for part 2 of this Minnesota adventure – The Minnesota Quilt Show!

I can’t wait to meet me students and surround myself with all of the quilty things I love best.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Wild Goose Chase quilt found in Kentucky.

Simple doesn't mean insignificant!

Have  simply Beautiful Monday, friends!


  1. How lucky is that lone rooster to be surrounded by so many lovely hens!
    Such special memories in a sacred place!
    Safe travels to the show!

  2. It's comforting to hear that others have problems with corners when binding.

  3. I find it cute that the picture of your family standing around the bench/table has some of the ladies with their purses! Shopping at the lake??? Glad you had time with your mom's family!!

  4. See you Friday at your class. Been looking forward to this for months!

  5. Time can stand still when reminiscing. DQ Butterscotch Dilly bars are my favorite, too. You should try the Creamsicle Dipped cone. Might be a 2nd choice. Love the gift of spools. Have a great surprise day with your family. Cousins are just cousins! Either way works.

  6. I had totally forgotten about those embroidery hoops! I, too, learned as a young child on one exactly like that! I am also from Minnesota so many of the things you mention bring back memories! So glad you were able to spend this time with family!

  7. I miss the quilt show every year because we have been going to the Blue Ox bluegrass festival in Eau Claire every year instead. My hub is into music, like I am quilting, and it’s the only one I’ll go to. The rest are too hot. It is a hard choice... I am bummed you will be so close and I won’t get to see you...

  8. 2nd cousin vs. 1st cousin once removed:

    If your parent and Marie's parent are 1st cousins, then you and Marie are 2nd cousins. If your parent and Marie are 1st cousins (or if you are first cousins with Marie's parent), then you and Marie are 1st cousins once removed. The "removal" part means different generations than each other. It's easier to draw it than to explain in words, but hopefully that helps. :)

  9. I have rarely gotten all four corners to come out smoothly on any quilt let alone those 60 degree ones. I have yet to see a pattern or book address them either. Although I haven't actually looked in a couple years! Hope you had a great time today.

  10. Great post yet again, Bonnie. What a special time for all of you. Your momma reminds me of mine. Built about the same, same hair-do and that smile. Great memories all around. Happy trails to your next adventure.

  11. Such beautiful pics from Ringo lake, a shame about the little motor boat. So lovely you had this nice relaxing time with your family and in such a perfect place.
    I too have trouble getting my mitres correct so it encouraging that others do too.
    Have a lovely and safe trip.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  12. Hi, Bonnie!I really enjoy reading about all of your adventures. I'm an "expert" at making those cat's ears so I sometimes round off those corners. Works for me if the runner has a border. My daughter and I are heading to Quilt Canada in Ottawa this week.It"s about a 3 hour drive from her home. Should be fun. Enjoy the rest of your family time!

  13. Hi Bonnie,
    Thanks for sharing your family!! I so enjoy

  14. What a fun trip - such memories you will take away to treasure throughout the years. Thank you for sharing your life with your readers.


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