Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Mooooving on in to Tuesday!

Whooooo let the Cows Out?!

This was me at 7:30 am this morning, driving down Troutdale Highway headed to the Mouth of Wilson USPS seen in the background.

This put a smile on my face – but also had me slamming on my brakes sending all 7 of the full to the brim mail tubs sliding forward in my van, eventually landing on their sides and spilling their contents hither and thither.

Life in the country – it’s for the birds COWS! And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The postal hours are 7:30am to 11:30am and I wanted to get my big load there early – turns out I was there just in time as the regional big truck pulled in just as I was leaving.

And there was much discussion about the cows …..they were trotting up the road to Oak Hill Academy up the hill. Evidently the cows are in search of higher education as well!

Click to Play:

My yesterday  - ALL - of yesterday was spent putting the Quiltville Post Office to good use.

My work station!  It’s coming along!

All of these were dropped off this morning.

My thanks to those who jumped in to celebrate the Grand Re-opening of the Quiltville Store with my free shipping sale.  There are still 25 orders that came in over night (sale ended at midnight Eastern!) and they will be filled this morning.  It was 8pm by the time I pointed the van toward the cabin, dinner, relaxation and bed.

Trimming and binding!

There was some quilty time last evening.  The 2 Garden Party table runners are back from Irene.  She did a great job quilting them up for me.

My plan is to take the runners for hand binding time on this Minnesota trip coming up tomorrow.

I have a week with family in Minnesota before teaching for the show.  My Aunt Joy (more like an older sister, we are only 5 years apart) and our friend Cherie have set up 4 sewing stations in the basement at her house and we are planning to get her other sister, my Aunt Gail sewing something simple.

I’ve packed up a couple of projects and they will be worked on while I am there – PLUS!  Now that it is JUNE – guess what happens in just a few weeks?  Our July 2019 Leader & Ender Challenge!  Are you ready?

Choosing binding. 

The top fabric wins!

Binding on – just need thimble, needle and thread to do the rest.

Blocks from my Garden Party Quilt, the Addicted to Scraps book.

Quiltville Quote of the Day.

Or as Bryant McGill put it - "The feeling of being offended is a warning indicator that is showing you where to look within yourself for unresolved issues." 

No one is made to feel offended. People choose to feel offended.

I should have read this yesterday after someone who was seemingly concerned with my well being sent blog comments, Facebook comments, Facebook personal messages, and emails stating that I had my upcoming trip to Minnesota dates wrong.

My reply was “Not everything goes on my calendar for the public to see and I am going early for a family reunion.” I also said something along the lines of the fact that I did not need the public telling me what to do through ALL forms of media.

I should have just deleted and got on with my business, but the replies escalated with threats to out me via the same social media by posting my email replies publicly for the world to see.

There are 2 sides to every story. This person, though crazy enough to keep an eye on my calendar and my life and letting me know what they think is wrong, thought they were being helpful by letting me know I had my dates wrong and that I better check my facts. 

It creeped me out and put me on the defensive.

My side of the story is that not 100% of my life is public, I didn't feel the need to list family reunion prior to teaching at the Minnesota quilt show on my public calendar for all the world to see and know about.

In this instance through my gut reaction, I CHOSE to be offended. In exchange I offended the person who thought they were trying to help.

I ended up ADDING the family reunion info to my online calendar to avoid further public confusion and I spent the day mostly away from social media wishing for a more private life.

Next time? Delete. Wish them well.  Do not react.  Move on.

Not everything needs to be explained to everyone who raises a question your way. 

It can be really tiring living life on the defensive. I guess I am struggling with boundaries. And I let people push my buttons. Gut reactions come so fast.

I’m out the door and on my way back to Winston Salem by 12:30.  2 afternoon appointments await. 

Tomorrow morning – early morning airport run!

Have a lovely Tuesday, everyone.


  1. So if Wednesday is the camel's hump day, now I'm going to remember the cows and call Tuesday Moosday 😊! Thanks for the smile as I'm trying hard to smooth my own ruffled feathers. ((((((Hugs!

  2. A comment on being offended; the older I get the more I realize we just can't ever know what someone else's life is like or their prespective. We are all so so different, yet is some areas so very much the same. I find it incredibly amazing! Personally dates, and times give me a bit of a problem, so I appreciate reminders or assists even if I don't need them (on the occassion my ducks are in a row). Today, I am so grateful that we are not all the same! I don't believe your business would be as successful if you were more private, but that's just my personal belief.

  3. Bonnie, Thank you for all you do! You inspire so many. For me, you set me free to 'create' a quilt, which brings me a lot of joy. My first teacher was so strict and a perfectionist that I did not enjoy piecing and that quilt is still a UFO. You have allowed me to just have fun and if something isn't exactly perfect - IT'S OK! Thank you for sharing your days. It's a 'hoot' to read and follow. I loved the cows today. It took me back to my childhood that was spent living on the farm and yes the cows would get out. I'm sorry someone felt the need to correct you in such a manner. Your quote is wonderful and I plan to share it. Thank you again.
    May you be blessed as you travel, teach and share this June!
    Kendra from Missouri

    1. Ahhh... now is the time to finish that UFO, just as a 'so there!' moment for your own peace of mind, and as a 'flying eagle' salute to your first teacher! LOL! SEE! I didn't HAVE to listen to you! ;D

  4. Call me crazy. But didn't you mention getting together with family in quilt cam? Have fun with family!

    1. if you are...then I am also.....could not remember if it was quilt cam or a blog...seem to remember she mentioned her age an grade school there
      Anyway...Bonnie, your communication and quilting advice has "saved my marbles"

    2. Nope, you're not crazy. Two or more witnesses... she mentioned it in her blog a few posts back that she was going up to Minnesota early for a family reunion, and then to the quilt show/class.

  5. Love the cows out on a morning stroll! What an exciting morning! I have changed my route to work so I can drive through the "country" instead of the interstate!
    Hope your Tuesday is terrific!

  6. A friend of mine has a saying that appeals to this country girl and hopefully won’t be offensive to others!! It is, “You can’t out puke a buzzard!” If that doesn’t make since, look up how a buzzard functions. Anyway, I always think of that when I see a communication storm coming! Best wishes!

  7. I've seen your calendar with 'Family Time'on it before. It's good to block out that time in your busy schedule. My answer would have been, "You writing a Book? Leave this chapter out." That cow was dragging slowly to class.

  8. How fun to see those cows :-) The one thing I'm looking at your calendar for is that you are coming to California! I am so excited and can't wait to meet you! Have a wonderful time with your family!

  9. You are such an inspiration!

  10. You did nothing wrong, the other person is the one pushing boundaries. Enjoy your family time and may your classes be filled with the best students ever!

  11. I've learned that if people become too annoying on social media I just unfollow them so as not to see their posts & comments. Sometimes block or unfriend them. Who needs the aggravation even if they may mean well?!? Enjoy your family time and teaching at the quilt show!

  12. Hang in there, Bonnie. Don't let the turkeys get you down. :-)

  13. Loved seeing those cows since we had many cows on the farm and they got out a few times and no fun chasing them through cornfields. Sometimes one can't just ignore statements that affect us. Have fun with family!!

  14. Although I enjoy your daily post and getting to know you a little through social media, lets just say your schedule is your own and you have a personal life. I really don't need to know when you go to the "bathroom", just that you are well, carrying on and encouraging all of us as you go along. Oh and definitely sharing the nature, the pictures, and the cows. LOL

  15. No matter what you do,someone will be unhappy. Most days you handle it beautifully,but everybody has a less forgiving day. But that was yesterday and yesterday 's gone. Hope today is a great day.

  16. As always, I'm so impressed with everything you get done in one day. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I recall you writing about the family reunion in prior blogs and thinking how great it is that the you will have family time coordinated together with the show you're teaching at.

  17. My book is one of those packages in one of the 7 postal bins! Waited until the last day, but couldn't pass up the free shipping. Thanks for all you do.

  18. Boy it must have been one of those days. I really appreciate your blog and I agree there is no need to give your daily, weekly, monthly plan to the world. It is very kind of you to give us a peek. I admire you for what you are doing and I wish you well now and in the future. Tomorrow is a brand new day. Put a smile on your face and keep moving forward.

  19. You just enjoy your personal life Bonnie, as we each try to enjoy ours! I personally just don't understand people and their need to try to tell others what to do in their life. We each have our own life to tend to is my philosophy. I loved the cows this morning.

  20. I think it's GREAT when we can admit when we've said or done something, good or bad, before thinking about. Be proud.

  21. I am looking forward to the new L-E challenge. You always come up with the most wonderful ideas. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart for making quilting something to love!

  22. Love those table runners they are just gorgeous. Sorry you had that happen to you yesterday it’s really hard to ignore when your bombarded with such negativity. Hope you have a wonderful visit with your family. Your video of the cows strolling up the road made me giggle thank you for sharing.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  23. I agree with how you handled the problem. You sound like my family, it is what it is...lol. I think we could be good friends if we lived closer to one another. Following your blog is great and I enjoy it each day.

  24. I have the attitude of "nor my monkeys, not my circus" to things that should not bother me, sometimes those darn monkeys do escape the circus, but usually this Ringmaster keeps all her animals caged!!
    I also always have a little giggle when I hear you say something like have a wonderful Tuesday, and it is already Wednesday here in South Africa.. he he he. Have a great Wednesday to you all tomorrow!!

  25. Loved the cows - the grass is always greener, as they say, and the cows like to check whenever possible!
    Sometimes familiarity breeds contempt - enough for strangers to feel close enough to add their pennies worth of advice. Sad that you had to justify yourself - that was a little too intrusive! My mother-in-law visited our new house and looked in every single cupboard! It was rude and intrusive and what did she think she'd find in our drawers - apart from my knickers and other clothes!!! Some people eh? They exist in all forms! xxx

  26. Good for you, Bonnie! Sometimes in this day and age of intrusive media, we tend to forget that not everything is our business.
    I wholeheartedly agree that you deserve to have a private life, and to keep it private for yourself.
    Please keep on doing that, because sometimes we all need the reminder that not everything in life is our business.

  27. You are kind enough to let us in on so much of your life. It unfortunately gives some folks a sense of entitlement to everything, to a feeling that you are their new best friend. It has lead to some stalker situations. I don't think you over-reacted, you have to hold some portion of your life sacred.
    And on another note, my order is one of those either processed or about to be. Looking forward to its' arrival!

  28. It was a combination of events, I believe, that caused you to go off the deep end on this one person. But a lot of it had to do with that person, overstepping their boundaries, and then threatening you and your business relationships with your customers. There's where the line was crossed, and that's what ticked you off, on a day that you were already stressed out, because of the workload and the deadlines looming. You needed to respond to those messages, simply because it was business-related, and unnecessary messages from someone who has psychological issues, IMHO. The stress you were under contributed to your response in irritation to that person. But as several comments have said, in so many familiar sayings... let it go, it's over, it's past, move on, and enjoy your 'family time' with your Aunt Joy, your sister Cherie, and getting your Aunt Gail to join in! You deserve the time off with them! Safe travels, Bonnie!

  29. I love seeing the pictures of the Quiltville Post Office (and the cow!). I ordered a book and a ruler the first day of the "sale" and free shipping and it shipped on Saturday so am really hoping it will come today - I can't wait!!! I did not discover your blog until a few months ago and absolutely love it - look forward to it every day. Thanks so much - you are a huge inspiration.
    It is also nice to see that you are a real person with real emotions that you are willing to share (at least sometimes - lol!!!). Thanks for all you do.

  30. Bonnie, I’m ready for July. I just finished my 2nd Jewel Box Star quilt top. I thoroughly enjoyed kitting up and sewing these blocks as Leaders and Enders throughout the year. Have a great time with your mom (Happy Birthday!!) and your aunts.

  31. I always enjoy your quilting and traveling posts and today was no exception. It was enjoyable because it's not an unusual thing to find a cow (or more) on my lawn or driveway. One day one knocked my TV disk out of alignment. Several times I've had to stop on the highway to tell the nearest farm about cows on the highway. Love living in the country.


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