Monday, June 17, 2019

A Bit of Quiltville All Around!

How many would recognize this as En Provence?!

I know I didn’t at first – not until I read the card!

I was captured by the design, the colors – and wow – those RIBBONS!  But it wasn’t until I got up and personal with the words that it all became clear -

En Provence was just the beginning of this process, the jumping off point of inspiration – and it turned completely into something else – something WONDERFUL!

Rebecca Lindgren!  You are AMAZING!

I can imagine in my head the giggly conversation between you and your hubby – and of course the fact that you and I share the same love of quilting using recycled fabrics. 

Such a wonderful quilt, congrats!

Paula Triebenbach’s Jambalaya Jamestown Landing!

I love your rainbow version!

And so happy to hear that your first escaspade into string piecing has you hooked – welcome to the club! I am sure the bride and groom will spend many happily ever after years wrapped in your beautiful quilt.

On Ringo Lake by Michelle Poore!

Great finishing border treatment!

On Ringo Lake by Carla Kilkelly!

I am giggling at the “YIKES!”

Did she know when she wrote this caption that I’d read it?

It’s all worth it, Carla! 

And they are SHORT seams so they don’t take as long.  LOL!

A three color My Blue Heaven from the Free Patterns tab!

What a beautiful quilt, Kim!

I also love that you got a quick turn around on the quilting – great job!

Kim’s version of Allietare -

Wine with Bonnie!

(Better WINE than WHINE! LOL!)

Color inspiration can come from ANYWHERE & EVERYWHERE!

Kim had a beautiful floor rug that inspired the colors in her quilt – String pieced block centers give this quilt extra motion!  I love it!

There are more quilts to share from our workshop Show & Share moments – but I’m hitting the ground running this morning and we’ll do those on another day.

It was an early airport run yesterday morning – 5am!

Terrible photo -

But Kaye England and I both got first class bumps!

We sat next to each other on our Rochester to Atlanta flights!  It made the time go by much faster -

I finished up the embroidery on this sweet thing!

No name for it yet – no pattern available-

This is our Africa trip project – especially for my Kenya travelers.

I am stitching through Stick & Stitch – a wash away overlay that will completely disappear when immersed in water.  Am I nervous about getting it wet?  YES!  But will do.  And get photos of the process.  Then to trim, and decide on patchwork borders!

It feels weird being home with no big computer here.  With the entirety of my office up at the Quiltville Post Office in Virginia.  I’ll be up there as quickly as I can today to get mail out – but this morning is also for “Eye-exam-and-mammogram: Things that come in pairs.”  LOL.

Then back home to pack up, grab Sadie and go -

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Mondays may be tough, but it's time to get-up-and-get moving!

Add some bounce to your day today!


  1. Early riser on a Monday! Goota get those appointments out of the way. Awesome Quilts inspired by YOUR designs. Glad you got to see them up close. Happy Monday!

  2. Oh, my, that En Provence quilt!! They are all beautiful, but the imagination that that quilter had. Amazing!

  3. WOW!!! Those quilts inspired by you are fabulous! I love that each one of them made their own unique & beautiful quilt. Such treasures.

  4. Ladies...don't skip those mammograms! I had become complacent about mine - even skipping a year here and there. After all, no family history, clean reports for the last 15+ year. And then wham..."You have a little bit of breast cancer." Thank God it was caught very early and my prognosis is excellent. Some surgery and a bit of radiation and God is Good! Just do it. It's so much easier than the other scenario.

    1. Yes, get those mammograms! But that is not the only indicator of breast cancer. 25 years ago I had a clear mammogram, then my doctor found a lump. Yes, I was one of 'those' women who didn't do breast checks myself..and I'm a nurse! Anyway, no family history of cancer, so we waited 5 months. The breast surgeon thought it was benign, but checked it out. Yes it was cancer. Treated with a lumpectomy and radiation. Still cancer free. Yes, God is good!

  5. And the bottom of the En Provence quilt reminds me of another mystery, Celtic Solstice!

  6. Oh, Bonnie, you started my day with a laugh. I was chuckling about the "sweat shop" comment on the quilt info, then you hit me with "things that come in pairs"!! LOL!

  7. Had a great time in your class on Friday, time to sew and meet new people. I learned some new tips and found I liked the ruler too. Sure made the triangles much easier. Looking forward to the next one!! I can't even imagine how you were still going on Saturday afternoon, kudos to you.

  8. Kim's "Wine with Bonnie" is amazing. The string centers look like topaz. All are so beautiful and such a treat to see!

  9. Thanks for sharing these wonderful quilts inspired by your designs. LOVE them ALL!!! Lucky break on your ATL flight. Safe trip to the office!

  10. What beautiful quilts and the cards explaining are adorable , you give so much inspiration to so many of us thank you Bonnie for sharing your love of scrappy quilting I’m now totally hooked.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  11. Don't rely on family history. I was the first and so far the only one in my fairly large family (40 first cousins on one side) to have aggressive breast cancer at a young age. That was 22 years ago. Recently I was genetically tested and found I carry the BRCA2 gene. The genetic counselor said it probably came from the other side of the family where the family sizes are small and there are mostly male offspring. In such cases the presence of the gene is masked.

  12. The interpretations of your designs are wonderful!

  13. Radiologist said my results were probably benign and to recheck in 6 months - my doctor said there is no probably benign, it either is or isn't and sent me to a specialist. It wasn't benign, and after a lumpectomy, radiation, and 5 years of tamoxifen I could celebrate. Don't put anything off till tomorrow!

  14. I am in awe of Medusa. It is amazing what color modifications can do!


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