Friday, June 07, 2019

The Mach Four & More!

We’ve never done this before.

We’ve never had a dedicated retreat day -

My mom, her 2 sisters and me.

And friend Cheri came to play!

It’s been just under 2 years since I enlisted Cheri’s help in locating a Singer 404 for Joy so she could learn to quilt.  Little did we know how this would escalate!

Mom has been quilting for several years now, the only odd one out is Aunt Gail, but that was soon to be remedied.

Joy is working on a Scrappy Mountain Majesties quilt from my Free Patterns Tab, and it is the perfect project to pull Gail right in with learning the ins and outs of basic rotary cutting, some simple stitching.  Some trimming to size, some slicing and rearranging and sewing back together with a 1/4’’ seam allowance.  ALL new to her, as she has done garment sewing in the past, but not patchwork.

She is mastering measuring and cutting with a ruler -

NOT the lines on the mat!  Hooray!

One of the things I love best about those who “know nothing”…there is NO un-learning to do.  You tell them what to do, how to do it, and they do it.

Joy , showing Gail what to do!

Oh how I love these ladies!  We have laughed and laughed!

And my sweet mama.

We have rarely sewn together either -

Usually when we are together we are surrounded by other non-quilting family and we are usually found in the kitchen prepping meals – or cleaning up after one.  Or just doing other family oriented things.  But this time?  Is PRECIOUS to me!

Sew, mama sew!!

She is working on some crumb pieced rectangles for quilts for 3 grandsons.  She takes after her daughter with her love of scraps and recycled fabrics all mixed together.  My heart is so full!

We really NEED to do this more often!

And I really have to thank Cheri for 2 extra machines -

Tables, thread catchers, rulers, notions, EVERYTHING we could possibly need!

We’ve just adopted her right in!

She fits in perfectly with our crazy clan!

I’ve been working on more Jack’s Delight blocks -

Be watching for this block to appear in one of my Addicted to Scraps columns in the 2020 issues of Quiltmaker – it was the fastest way to get my methods out to everyone on this block.  SO much fun – and easy when cut with my Essential Triangle Tool from Scrap User’s System sizes.

I was going to stop myself at 30 blocks for a small quilt -

But I don’t know! They are too much fun!

Waffles says “Supervising Quilters is HARD WORK!”

By 5:30 pm we were out at the farmer’s market -

These three sisters share a love of plants and gardening!

Late evening walk after dinner.

I forget how light it stays up north as we edge toward the summer solstice.  I looked at my clock, it was 9:30pm!  My body clock still was on East Coast time….saying 10:30! Go to bed!  I obeyed.

It was a full and fun day of family and friends, quilting and laughter – and it will continue today.

We are headed up to Spicer – to the shores of Ringo Lake!  Our next couple of nights will be spent in the continuing celebration of mom’s 78th birthday and we’ll have ALL of the siblings together.  Only handwork on this trip – which is easy.  I’ve got those two table runners to bind.

But if I can get this posted up soon enough – it’s only 7:30am here and folks are still snoozing – there may be some more stitching happening in the basement in Maple Grove, MN.

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage applique quilt found in Kentucky.

The very things you take for granted someone else is praying for.

Your life is extraordinary!

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!


  1. Can we see the whole vintage quilt? Do you recognize pattern? Or is it someone's unique design?

  2. Waffles is too cute! Glad y'all are having a family sew-in time, enjoy! :)

  3. It's not hard to tell that your mama and aunts are related. Wow !! They look like sisters......lol...

  4. Thanks for your quote...a reminder to remember.
    What a very fun and special time sewing with family and friends.
    I love the Jack's Delight block...can't wait to see what magic you do with it. I look forward to it showing up in your Addicted to Scraps column. Another quilt on my bucket list.
    Enjoy your down time with family.

  5. So glad you got to spend this special time with your family. Priceless!

  6. Yours is the second post I've seen this morning showing the many blessings of being together with family. Thank you for the reminder, I've got some work to do today mending some of the past.

  7. Love the scrappy plaids in the Jack's Delight blocks. You can tell you are all related. Have fun with your family!

  8. Such a joy to quilt with mom. I've been going on retreats with my mom, and 6 others,twice a year for the last 16 years. My mom turned 87 yesterday and quilting madly trying to use up all her fabric!

  9. The pic with you teaching your aunt is priceless. The look on your mom's face is pure pride and love for her daughter!

    1. I noticed that look in her Mama's eye! Such a heartwarming picture. How I wish I could sew with my Mother! After she passed, I got the 201 on which she taught me to sew. Those memories are the most special.

  10. Enjoy every moment! You all look like you are having so much fun! My mom only made beautiful tailored clothes and never enjoyed quilting though I believe she tried once. I am the exact opposite! Don’t like to make clothes - they never fit right! My grandmother was a quilter but all done by hand! How I wish I had been sewing when she was still around! Happy birthday to your mother!

  11. Oh, how fun would it be if your mom and aunts could come help you do a soft opening/test drive at the Inn, when you're close to being ready to open. I mean, that would be a great excuse to get them all together again, right? ;) Have a great time w family this week.

    1. I like that idea. Perhaps have them arrive just before the official opening, and try it all out. Bonnie, hint, hint?

      BTW, your mother's and aunts' faces as you were speaking to them in that picture... The student has become the teacher. :)

  12. All the quilting ladies are lovely, but you mother is beautiful. Such smiles radiating warmth and love

  13. The look of pride and joy and pure love on your mother's face as you are doing your thing with your aunts -- perfection! Made me miss my own mom so much! Enjoy your family time!

  14. I love the Jack's Delight blocks. I'll have to keep my eyes open for that issue of Quiltmaker. I have a grandson named Jack and this would be perfect for him.

  15. Sewing time going great. Love that Aunt who caught on so quickly. Have a great weekend celebrating your sweet mom!

  16. What a fabulous thing to do. I agree that the get together (need to think of a snazzy name for the group) should occur more often. Life is so short and you are creating wonderful memories.

    Happy birthday Mamma, you are looking fit, happy and fabulous.

    Cheers from downunder. X

  17. Wonderful post! Family time is such a gift. I want to thank you for fulfilling my order so promptly given your workload with the Quiltville Inn and Post Office move. See you in San Luis Obispo, CA! ☺

  18. So funny to read this today as I had just prior to this looked up something I had noted from an old blog post of yours and then read your post from 10/22/11 where you talked about your Mom having gotten bitten by the quilting bug and gone on quilt retreats without you and how your big dream was to go on one with her. Dreams do come true! You gals look like you had a ball together!

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  20. Bonnie, what a wonderful and special time you are having! I can see how much fun it is...... so glad you were able to do this... sounds like a much needed time together and probably will become a “tradition”? Your mother is beautiful and looks as young as you! Hold tight to those wonderful memories you are making! Betsy

  21. You are Blessed to have this time together. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

  22. This is such a special time for all of you. Happy Birthday to your Mom. She looks so good. I will be making these blocks. I have so many scraps and are collecting more. Thank you for your posts each day. I look forward to them.

  23. Just love your posts. You are so lucky to have your maw and 3 aunties.
    My mom left this world shortly after she turned 80. I miss her every day
    Wendy Dillon

  24. Bonnie, you are sew incredibly lucky to be part of a family of women who sew. I envy you this fun retreat. Thanks for sharing with us. I will keep my eyes open for Quiltmaker magazine next year for this fun unique block!
    ~Diana from Toronto


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