Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Running to Play Catch Up -

Appointments, Appointments, Appointments!

Life has taken a crazy turn – This being up in Virginia more and more and more – It’s all good, but it’s a different dance.

Now that the Quiltville Post Office is the home of the Quiltville Store – my goal is always to get home from wherever I am teaching, and get up there as quickly as possible to get things out the door for folks that have ordered while I’ve been on the road.

This means scheduling all appointments the day before I head out, or the day after I arrive back from wherever I’ve been.

It is far too easy to let things slide – saying “I don’t have time.” “It can wait.”

But we need to MAKE time.  It can’t wait.

Our eyes are so important to what we do!

I’m a bit fanatical about eye care – This macular telangiectasia thing continues on, and all we can do is watch it. (I am laughing as spell check wants to change telangiectasia to TELEVANGELIST.  LOL!)

I was lucky last year – My prescription didn’t change from the year before.  But it’s now been 2 years since that last prescription – a year past last year’s “no change.” and I have been struggling just a bit. 

Yesterday we tweaked my prescription – And to make reading and handwork easier, I’ll have my progressive bifocals for every day use, but for reading I need a larger field without the blur of progressives, so I’ll have two pair of JUST READING.

I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to sit with a book without the eye strain I’ve been experiencing.  All told – it’s been forever since I was able to read more than just a few pages at a go.

My dad gave me a book for my birthday last January, and I’ve not really been able to dig into it because it is not comfortable to read.

(Yes, this aging thing sucks in different ways for different people, but I’m not giving up or giving in!)


I can’t stress it any more firmly than that.  It’s so easy to be complacent.  As I wait for results I hope that things will be okay – I hate that waiting part.  But if we catch anything, I am confident it will be early.  This time I had the 3-D mammo.  Easy peasy -

Although I awoke this morning with a realization that the stickers my mammo tech had placed around moles were still in place – I went through the day and night forgetting they were even there.  LOL.

After the “pairs of things” check was done – it was head home, pack the truck (the van is in to have the bumper repainted as paint is peeling off) grab Sadie and drive 100 miles to Virginia.  We got in just in time. 

The sky opened, the thunder rolled and it rained buckets and buckets!  Poor girl – she was so shaky!  And I didn’t have her calm treats at the Post Office.  This is about to be remedied.  As she ages she comes up terrified of so many things.

As we waited for the storm to let up, I decided to thread up the little Singer 99 that I have brought to the Post Office  -

Click to Play:

This is the machine that Cheri and Joyce Pony Expressed down from Minnesota for me.  The Post Office is the perfect place for her!

The fun thing about this table is the insert for the table top – that pops down making a shelf for the machine in its base to just sit right down flush with the table.  No removing of base or hinge pegs required.  I will have to look up the serial number on the machine again – I’m thinking 1930s -

Stitchin ‘til the storm stops!

Sadie seeking comfort!

This delayed getting the quilt UP on the wall where it belongs!

There!  That’s better!

And this is where you’ll find me today – Post Office closes at 11:30am and I plan to make that deadline with everything OUTBOUND!


These three little volumes I can’t keep in stock – they fly off the Quiltville Store shelves with good reason.

The quilter’s reference tool has charts, formulas, plans – it’s your quilter’s brain in a compact spiral bound volume.  I can’t live without it.

The two volumes of block tools are also full of wonderful blocks with easy cutting charts in 5 sizes – perfect for every quilter’s reference library.

Check them out – they contain many of my favorite blocks with great setting ideas!

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Read this 3 times. And then get out and push some boundaries!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone!


  1. That reminds me...my husband saw the size of the font I chose for my new kindle and suggested I see the eye dr. Guess I should listen to him.
    Those 3-D mammograms are Much Easier on the "girls" than the regular ones!
    Sounds like the Quiltville Post Office is becoming a second home. Don't forget a pillow for yourself to use with those blankets, and maybe some food snacks for you as well as Sadie. Thank you for keeping up such an interesting blog!

  2. Yes I agree with you about your eyes. Very important to have regular eye tests. I am recovering from macular edema. Mammogram also very important. People think it’s just a woman’s thing but men get breast cancer also. Poor Sadie, thunder is not much fun and there’s not much you can do if they are frightened by it. Bet you gave her some big cuddles.

  3. Even with a good prescription, my mom’s eyes are very sensitive. Switching to an e-reader and increasing the font size has kept her reading comfortably. I hope your new glasses are great!

  4. Done and Done. I did get my annuals this year. I scheduled them for my Birthday. My eyes are just getting older, cataracts growing slowly. I hot bigger lenses for more bi-focal in my prescription. Taking a class with my Tri-city Quilt Guild. Gotta learn something new. Hve a great Tuesday. Praying for mo Thunder for Sadie. Fun machine. That bobbin arm is fascinating to watch.

  5. I love that the block you plug this on is an homage to you aunt's newly begun quilting journey. Perfect inspirational combination.

  6. I love the giant quilters mouse pad you have. Where can I get one? Thanks for the great blog every day, usually is the first thing I open every morning.

  7. Love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing so much of your daily life with all of us. You are an inspiration for anyone who follows you. Have a wonderful day!

  8. Poor Sadie, I had 2 rounds of wicked thunderstorms roll thru the DC Metro area last night too and my fur baby was glued to me. The first go round we were on the sofa together the second round passed through after I was in bed and my Pepper came running in at breakneck speed with the first lightning bolt. She then proceeded to burrow under the covers practically crawling inside my nightgown. Thundershirts don't work on her either. What treats do you use to calm Sadie?

  9. I had to give up sewing two years ago due to eye problems. After 4 types of surgeries this spring I am back to sewing this week, but with two pairs of reading glasses. For sewing I need both for different tasks, so I keep two pairs on top of my head and pull down the one I need! Having vision correction for each distance is so much better.

    Now I have corrected distance vision, astigmatism, and strabismus. No more prisms, no more thick glasses, no more double vision!

  10. aww poor sadie... please look up on youtube (relax my dog).. there are lots of audios that are soothing to dogs.. they have helped us many times.. love following your blog, thanks for all you do for us <3

  11. I keep hoping that as Sadie gets older, thunderstorms and similar noises will bother her less. We were so happy when that happened to our dog Dusty. She had been so upset by "fireworks" noises, thunder, things like that, and then when she turned 12 or so, and I'm guessing she had hearing loss in certain ranges, she just stopped worrying about those sounds. It was such a relief for us not to see her so anxious. I hope Miss Sadie gets that same comfort--one of the blessings of old age.

  12. Morning ladies, I need some advise from you all. I live in South Africa and would like to purchase one of Bonnies books and cannot make up my mind which one. I think it has come down to either the Quick & Easy Block Tool, the one with the green cover or the New Ladies Quick and Easy Block Tool the blue book. I would also love to get the Essential Triangle Tool. Because the exchange rate from the US dollar to the South African Rand is about 15 to 1, I can only afford to buy one. Which one would be, in your opinion, the best buy? Please help me decide..I can be e-mailed, if I may on hennetta@gmail.com. Many thanks Bonnie, I look forward every morning to your blog and usually have a good chuckle. It certainly starts my day off with a smile on my face.

  13. I have recently learned how important it is to get regular colonoscopies after turning 50. My mom passed away last year of stage 4 colon cancer having never undergone a colonoscopy. She died 4 days after receiving her diagnosis. I always have polyps that need removing and had 4 removed on Monday which was 3 years after my last procedure. Now I have to have another one in one year. My doctor related the stats to me on how much we can eradicate colon cancer simply by getting regular colonoscopies. It was mind-blowing. They really aren't that bad and I encourage all your readers to have it done.

  14. Strangely enough,I have just taken out my little 99 to continue piecing Ringo Lake,such a fun little machine to use.Thankyou for the time you take for us.

  15. I have a sweet little featherweight that my husband got me for Christmas (really good guy). Where do I look up the serial number to see when she was made? He also picked up a few "new" accessories to go with her. I have such a good husband. Though I don't know why they are called featherweights- they weigh as much as my regular machine. But she's beautiful. I think I also need to order those books you mentioned were your best sellers.

    1. Go here to look up your featherweight here... http://ismacs.net/singer_sewing_machine_company/serial-numbers/singer-sewing-machine-serial-number-database.html

  16. I just had my eyes checked too and thought there had been a change so ended up choosing new glasses as well. Thankfully made the appointment on my hubby's day off.....since I have chronic migraines and I had a barnburner yesterday....such a day to have your eyes dilated and bright lights shine in them....so not fun! I just didn't want to reschedule.....I came home and slept. I had a retinal tear several years ago and know the importance of my eyes too. But we keep boogering on as Winston Churchill said!!!! Your PO looks wonderful! Enjoy!

  17. Poor Sadie - similar weather here, but fortunately we missed the thunder and lightning. That was on the east coast and dotted around the country!
    Now you have sunshine hanging up inside! Beautiful quilt. And the 99K was the first vintage hand crank machine I bought. Love it - even been on holiday with me!

  18. What breed is Sadie? Our Mini passed away on Easter Sunday she was 13. We adopted a hound mix puppy from SPCA. She is black with a little white on her chest but she looks a lot like Sadie. Mini was 20 lbs, Lilly at 13 weeks is 13 lbs!! What does Sadie weigh? Love your machine, have one like it but no cabinet. Hugs Annk

  19. Both volumes of the Quick and Easy Block Tool books are wonderful. Inspiration for future projects...whether it be table runners, baby quilts, samplers, or 2 block quilts. The multiple size options for each block is my favorite feature. (less math for me!).

  20. Thanks, I really want to get one of them, will have to make a decision will keep your advice in mind!! :)

  21. I have done all my check ups for the year with good results. But unfortunately my daughter was not so lucky, she had a mastectomy 3 weeks ago and will begin chemo next week. She was found to have a very rare form of cancer, even though they believe they got everything with the mastectomy it is a form that pop up in other soft tissue and very aggressive. My life is busy now helping out with her kids and doing things for her. I don't have much time for quilting. I am so glad your eyes were ok, and the changes in their health was not too bad.


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