Saturday, June 15, 2019

Smith Mountain Morning in Rochester!

And the Quilters keep Quilting!

Would you just look at this crazy bunch??

We are raising the roof with this bunch, and having a ball at  the Minnesota Quilt Show in Rochester, MN!  And oh, what a facility! 

We are at the Mayo Civic Center – just a beautiful wide open facility with so much space!  There is room for ALL of the quilters!

And the overhead lighting is PHENOMENAL!

We have FOUR tall cutting tables – they even brought in risers.

And we so appreciate it!

Especially us tall girls!

I haven’t taught this workshop in a while – this one goes WAY back to my Scraps & Shirttails II days and my love of working with recycled fabric – and I was SO PLEASED to see that there are others out there who have caught the shirt quilt bug.  Of course, ANY fabric you choose will do, and we loved seeing all of the variety of color plans that came into class yesterday.

This is a ruler intensive class, a great one to get hands on and find yourself up close and personal with half-square triangles in two sizes, along quarter square triangles for hour class units!  When the book was published I was using a different set of rulers since my own Essential Triangle Tool was not available yet, so we gave tutorials for both – showing the differences, and the similarities so everyone was successful no matter what they brought. 

Cut that variety, and chain it up, Marie!

Center hour-glass units coming together -

Some of this -
Some of that -
And then that other thing -

Tri Recs Star Points!

And through it all there was much other sharing going on – meeting new friends, trying NEW THINGS!  So much of our day was about something new – including this with something old:

Click to Play:

Denise brought in her wonderful 3/4 sized Jones machine badged EMPRESS – Oh my goodness! 

Several of our ladies had never tried a hand crank before, much less sewed on a machine that was 100 years old.  Yes, even OLD can be NEW.  Get in there and give it a whirl!


So happy to have Hailey with us!

Hailey is Kim’s granddaughter and she has been quilting since she was little, thanks to a grandma who quilts like the wind!  She has grown up so much in the 2 years since I saw her last! (Hailey, not Kim the grandma! LOL!)  I’m so excited to see that she loves quilting just as much as she ever did if not more.

Sarah’s blocks coming together!

So many bocks completed!

The log cabin alternate blocks were just getting under way so we only have a few in the layout here – but what a wonderful day of productivity.

Great job, everyone!

I can’t wait to see your finishes as your quilts come together.

For the rest of our Smith Mountain Morning day – Click to Play:

And that wasn't the end of the day – There was a “Meet the Teachers” event and reception following the workshop – and then THAT was followed by the big banquet – holy moly what a sea load of wall to wall people!

This sight was making me just a bit nervous as key note speaker!

I could have run away – I thought about it -

But I like food too much!

And somehow I survived thanks to the two gentlemen who were holding my quilts during my lecture – and they were so funny it just took the scary right out of the evening!

Today – I’m back for day 4.  It’s a Texas Braid day from Adventures with Leaders & Enders!  It’s been a while since I have taught this one as well, and I am ever so grateful for a day ahead with NO TRIANGLES!

Quiltville Quote of the Day

New experiences are the sweet spice of life! Get out of your rut and try something new!

Happy Saturday, folks!


  1. Looking forward to today - see you in an hour!!

  2. Good Morning my friend! Just a quick request for now, I know you are busy! I am hoping that you can get me Marie's contact information. She was my table mate at Asilomar last in your class and I totally failed to get her info. If she says it's o.k. to share with me, please do.
    Huge hugs from your Sloth Sister and future Kenya traveler, Jamie

  3. Dear Bonnie--I was part of your Pforty Pfeffernusse class this week. Just got home and want to say it was the best class I've ever taken! Don't know how you do it with a new quilt class every day--are you Wonder Woman Quilter!? Thanks for letting me check off my number one on my bucket list.

  4. What a fabulous quilt venue, wish I lived closer to join in. Maybe one day I’ll get to meet you at Quiltville Inn if I can add on to another group as I’m not sure if a whole group will come from the Uk.
    Have a wonderful day
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  5. My favorite part of your blog are the show and tells. You create the pattern and suggest colors and then let the rest of the world run with it. Each of us has a interpretation that is unique.


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