Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Away to Rochester!

Meet Joy’s friend Kathy!

The texts came to Joy’s phone:  “Is Bonnie still there?”  “She’s leaving in 12 minutes for Rochester”  “I’LL BE RIGHT OVER!”

And I’m so glad that she was able to come in a hurry – this was a beautiful family quilt that I wouldn’t have wanted to miss.

From what I gather, the top was pieced in the 1930’s era by someone in her husband’s family.  No one knows who – it could have been a grandmother, a great aunt, the cousin of a cousin – but it is a stunningly beautiful Ocean Waves top – Oh the tiny triangles!!

Oh how lovely!

We examined each piece – reflecting on the fact that during that time the maker likely only had a couple of cardboard templates, a couple of yards of utility muslin, scissors, pins, needle and thread -and a bag of scraps – and this is the result.

Such tiny piecing -

And I love how the orange ones bring in the punch!

Kathy’s plan is to add some borders to stabilize the edges and then get it quilted.  I’m so glad she is going to finish it and use it!

Quilts overhead!

Since Kathy came by, she got to see the quilts that Cheri had brought over to celebrate mom’s birthday, our quilting time together – and to surprise me with the quilts she has made from my patterns – I was so thrilled to see these!

String Spiderweb from the Free Patterns tab.

On Ringo Lake from our Quiltville Mystery 2 years ago.  Cheri laughed when explaining the extra geese in the outer border – “I made them twice – not knowing.  So I had to use them some how!”

Happily Scrappily Irish from my book Adventures with Leaders & Enders.

A Scrappy Mountain Majesties from the Free Patterns Tab -

Over the rail on the other side!

And that’s not all!  Check out what was on my bed:

Cheri’s Garden Party from the Addicted to Scraps book!

She used SO many garden themed fabrics in this quilt.

Just delightful!

And the quilty comfort didn’t stop here -

My Blue Heaven (in earth tones)  from the Free Patterns Tab for Gail

Jamestown Landing from String Fling for Mama!

It was a gift of sweet slumber – and I can’t thank her enough for all she did for our time together!  See you here in Rochester, Cheri!

I need this.

I took this photo as I was packing up to remind myself to FIND SOME!  It’s a simple little plug thing with an on/off switch.  The iron is plugged into it.  Simple.  If the light is on, so is the iron.

Since this is Minnesota – it’s likely from Menards. I think for Quiltville Inn this would be a much easier way to turn OFF the irons than to physically unplug and replug them all the time.

My chariot awaits!

We’ve planned this for months!  Doug Leko of Antler Quilt Designs lives a mere two miles from Joy and offered to drive me down to Rochester yesterday, as well as be the recipient of my many cases of books and merchandise being shipped ahead.  This was such a wonderful thing as I was not sure how I was going to get from here to there – do I rent a car?  Do I have mom and the girls drive me 90 miles each way?

We had the best time talking quilting and new housing projects and everything under the sun.  That was the fastest 90 minute drive of all time.

Tonight we are doing a joint book signing at Pine Needles Quilt Shop in Rochester from 5 to 7 pm.  If you are in the area, stop on by!

Downtown Rochester from my 7th floor hotel room.

Yes.  It’s raining.

After dinner time.


But the quilters will be INSIDE SEWING!

I can hardly wait to fill this space up with quilters this morning.  We’ve got Pfeffernusse up on deck from String Fling – it’s going to be a scrappy day of FUN!

It’s official!  I’m here with the Minnesota Quilters!

Quiltville Quote of the Day

Every day is an adventure, if we look at it that way!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!


  1. I'll be at the show on Friday and Saturday. It would be so much fun to bump into you :-)

  2. Bonnie The plug/switch is available at Lowe's.

  3. Woohoo - I am on my way to one of those sewing spots - see you soon!!

  4. I am in LOVE with the background quilt for today's quote. History, pattern please Bonnie?!?

  5. So glad you had a great time with family! Making memories is one of life’s great delights. Enjoy your time at the quilt festival!

  6. We have a quilt shop that has all the outlets in the class room on a wall switch. It's separated a bit from the light switch so you have to intentionally turn it on/off, but they say it's a great way to know everything is off. You might be done dealing with electrical, but thought you might be interested.

  7. Wow! Double the trouble, double the fun! Doug is such a fun guy! He has been in Grand Island, too. I wish I could have been there at your double book signing! Sandi Griepenstroh

  8. I am so excited to be in your Talkin' Turkey class tomorrow. It's been on my bucket list to take 1 of your classes and it finally worked with my work schedule when you were close by.

  9. Two of my grandchildren were born in Rochester while Daddy was doing his residency. The times I were there I knew the quilt shop was there but having the kids with us was not a trip for me. Of course, having a daughter who doesn't care about sewing or quilting also stops those wondering through fabrics. Enjoy. Minnesota in June has been rainy for me, too.

  10. I really like Cheri's Ringo Lake border using the double row of geese. Serendipity can be a wonderful thing in quilting!

  11. Fun to appear on you blog and will remember the time together in MN with love. Aunt Gail

  12. Thanks for the reminder about the "plug only" surge protector!! Someone at quilt bee was talking about those last week and I forgot to look for them at my local Big Box store. I'm sure they are SEW handy!

  13. OH Bonnie-
    I am so happy for you! Thank You for sharing your experiences with your family, all the quilts Cheri brought and shared with you and your family. I am so happy you are going to be in Rochester at the quilt show and teaching there! I So wish I was there, but I told everyone I could not come at this time of the year. Maybe next year or the next I will come, but alas you won't be there.

    I am really envious you got to ride down w/ Doug Leko. I have been following him since he was 16, and really getting started in the design business. He has reaLLY GROWN into a HANDSOME and quite talented young man! Have a Great time teaching in Rochester!

    Donna E.
    Kasilof, AK
    Originally from MN
    It has been sunny today, and I got to spend all afternoon working on getting my garden organized!


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