Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Quilt-Cam 2/24/2016

Say hello to Charlene and Beryl!

I absolutely love this photo they sent of the two of them (And yes they ARE sisters!) working together on their Allietare quilts!

Don’t they look like they are having so much fun, both in the quilting phase!

The photo came along with the following words:

Hi Bonnie,
We are sending you a picture of us sisters quilting our Allietare mystery quilts together.  We made the squares in our separate homes and got together to put them together and quilt. 
We love your mystery quilts, in fact all your quilts, and eagerly look forward to every year and your new design. 
Thank you so much for enriching our lives!
Charlene and Beryl
Thank you ladies!  Perhaps you are watching tonight as well and get a big giggle out of seeing your own faces staring back at you from your computer screen.
I’m ready for some Quilt-Cam, aren’t you?

It’s been over a month since I have been able to sit at home on a week day evening and have the free time to do it.
In fact, I have spent ALL DAY (almost) doing it!
Hahaha!  Check out this crazy kitty fabric!
And owls too!  What a hoot!
I am sewing with THIS tonight.
This is my 1950s Household two tone metalic copper and dark forest green machine, Made in Japan.  Just look at that sleek styling!
Isn’t she a beaut??
Her dials have me all a flutter!
She’s been used quite hard in her earlier life.
If you can tell, she has had the initials GA and a social security number engraved in 2 places on her bed.  I was told this was something that was often done to identify personal items in case of loss or theft. 

When I bought this machine, it included a sales slip for repair service.  I was able to piece together the name of the owner thanks to a google search.  You can read about it HERE. In honor of her previous owner, this machine is named Elise.

I first blogged about this little machine on Feb 22, 2013.  3 whole years ago almost to the day.

Ready to sew?  Click the arrow on the screen to start the feed.

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Good luck, everyone!

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  1. LOVE Quilt Cam. Thanks for the motivation!!!!!

  2. Jean, Joan and Bert watching QuiltCam from a guild retreat in Fruitland, FL. Heared to the AQS show in Daytona Beach tomorrow morning.

  3. Nice to see all those Grey strips being used. I just got home from helping my SIL so my Treadling will have to wait. I have two quilts to BIND. One is my Bow Tie- FINALLY finished! I love it and all it's scrappiness.

  4. Beth in AZ9:45 PM EST

    we had a dog that did the same thing. We didnt' know he was panicked at thunder and lightning till he jumped on my husbands chest in the pitch dark. DH thought he was having a heart attack! Didn't know it was the dog till I turned on the light. We used a Thundershirt with some success. I would have tried meds after that. I spent many summer nights at my sewing machine so he could burrow underneath. It was the only thing that really seemed to help.

  5. Oh how fun to see us sisters on your blog! Our 15 minutes of fame! Enjoying your grey strips on quilt cam. Go Bonnie!

  6. Anonymous9:54 AM EST

    I enjoy your love of old machines and know you own several..quite a few as I remember. Just wondered....how do you remember all their names? Do you mark it on the machine somewhere? Maybe you can discuss that in one of your blogs about new or old acquisitions. Me I'm a fan of the newest with all the great features. Quilt on!

  7. Bonnie, I grew up in Forest Park, GA, where your machine was serviced. I was last at that shop in February 2000, with my 1950 Pfaff 30. I'm sure there is no longer a sewing shop at that location. That area has changed drastically in the last 20 years! I'll see you in June, when you teach in Newnan, GA!

  8. love the stories about your machine purchases ! and love that crazy kitty fabric - his name is Sebastian Ghastlie - at least that's what we called him when I was in a group of stitchers who made things from Alexander Henry's Ghastlie fabrics and then did a blog hop a few years ago :)


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