Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Under my Daddy’s Roof!


“LA is a great big free way, put a hundred down and buy a car….”

I am a walking talking juke box machine, and always have been.  If there is a song that fits a situation, it comes out of my depths and past my lips, and then I’ve got an ear work that lasts for days.

What have I been singing since I arrived in Southern California?  “Do you know the way to San Jose, I’ve been away too long….”

Yes, LA is a great big freeway, but on the way to the airport yesterday, the sky was chrystaline blue and as those in Washington state say “The mountains are out!”

No fog, no smog, no haze, no schmaze.

But the abundant sunshine can not cure traffic problems.  We putzed our way down toward LAX, having given ourselves plenty of time  to get the job done, because you just KNOW in Los Angeles there are going to be slow downs.


And Away we Hexie!

It’s s short flight from LA to Phoenix and we even got in a bit early!

After my lecture Monday night, we made a decision to also ship the trunk show bags home along with the leftover boxes of books.


I was flying to Phoenix and picking up a rental car so that I could go out to Glendale to have dinner with my childhood bestie, Jules.  As I went over this scenario in my mind before hand, Oh my goodness, I did not want to struggle with 2 50 lb duffels, my suitcase on wheels, and my rolling laptop bag.  I knew Phoenix has its rental car location away from the terminal and you have to gather luggage, go out to the center island outside of baggage claim and board a bus to get to the rental car depot.  Then you have to haul your luggage OFF the bus, into the depot, stand in line to rent your car, and then go out into a football field sized garage to claim your car. 

They really could write a sitcom about me and baggage handling.  It’s quite comical at times!

Nope.  Better ship the excess baggage home.


Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

“We are so sorry Ms. Hunter, but we are all out of mid-sized cars. Can we interest you in a free upgrade to a Mustang?”  YES PLEASE!!

I was ever so glad that we DID ship the trunk show home or there is no way I could have shoved it into the little trunk on this big muscle car!  I really don’t like 2 door cars, too hard to access the back seat when carrying loads of stuff, but I was down to two bags so why not??


This morning!

I had to go out to the drive way in my slippers to double check that this is still in the driveway!  It was dark by the time I got to Dad’s last night so I didn’t get a chance to see the outside of the car in full daylight until this morning.

Not your typical quilt-mobile, but I’m going to have fun with it until I return it to the airport on Sunday and head home.

I loaded up the Mustang, and ventured out into 5:30pm bumper to bumper Phoenix traffic making my way toward Glendale.

Traffic in the morning, traffic in the evening. My day is full of traffic.  I sense a theme!

In our hearts we will always be this!

12 years old and inseparable!


Today we are 54 and FABULOUS!

Jules (who will always be Julie to me!) is a fabulous cook, and she made a totally yummy dinner of chicken curry and salad with avacado ---and we talked and talked and talked and talked until it was time for me to hit the road and make it to Dad’s.  There have been times where we didn’t talk to each other for years and years and years, but thanks to Facebook we are able to keep up with each other on a daily basis now.

The plan here for the next few days is simple.  Slow Down.  Enjoy Family.  Catch a movie or two with Dad, catch up on the Downton Abbey I missed on Sunday because the hotel didn’t have PBS.  ((WHAT??!?  NO PBS?!?  How DARE they?!? A Travesty!))

I have a breakfast meeting tomorrow morning with Andee, a dear friend and a moderator for my Quiltville’s Open Studio group on facebook.  Moderating a group of 37,000 quilters is a challenge, and I’m happy to be able to meet with her in person about it.

We are planning a Motorcycle trip with my brother, my dad and myself – riding out through the desert toward Rio Verde to celebrate birthdays and remember my Grannie, who’s birthday was on the 8th.

Family dinner at my Brother’s house is always a fun time with kids and their spouses, my great niece –My niece Emilee who is Jeff’s age has only 7 weeks or so left in her pregnancy for her first baby, and I can’t wait to see her and hug that belly!

I am officially “out of the office” until I arrive back in North Carolina.

My ony requirement is to Breathe!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Or as my wise friend Sally told me once: Let go or be dragged! Where are your dreams pushing you today? Obey!

1950s string snowball quilt found in Mineola, Texas.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. Anonymous10:54 AM EST

    Mustang Bonnie is Born to be Wild.

  2. You're a Snow Bird now! Spending your late Winter month in warmer climate. Have loads of fun family time! Soak in the SUN and LOVE! Hugs to our helpful moderator.

  3. Anonymous12:45 PM EST

    Enjoy your time with your family!! Relax. So glad your taking some Bonnie time. Sonya. Sonyawood@tds.net

  4. Sew glad you are with friends and family and only required to breathe!! Nice break for you and I know you are soaking it all up. Just back inside from some sunshine therapy of my own. Screen door open along with front door for a breeze. Under the needle? Double Delight!! Which is what YOU ARE!! Love and hugs, Allison in Plano, Texas USA

  5. ENjoy your family time!! Don't you love it when you get an "unexpected upgrade" !!
    Life is good... I am working on a scrappy log cabin quilt Eleanor burns style... putting on the borders today. I loved reading about you being there...
    Blessings to you and your family..

  6. Breathe and enjoy your family time!

  7. Loving your Quiltville quotes of the day!

  8. Enjoy your family time!! Quick question, was your Grandmother's b-day in Feb. or March? If in March, we share a birthday. :)

  9. Bonnie, not sure how often you actually end up using rental cars, but You might think about joining the National Emerlad Club. When you get to the airport, you by walk right past the rental desk, go to the lot, select any available car from the green row and drive to the gate where they check you out and you are on your way. Very low hassle. My last 2 cars have been a Passat and a RAV4 and there seems to usually a minivan available.


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