Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A San Clemente Day with the Surfide Quilters!

Yesterday I met with the Surfside Quilters in San Clemente for their monthly meeting in the most beautiful location, hands down!

The only thing more beautiful than the ocean view beyond, was the show of comfort quilts within. 

This group is SO active in providing quilts for those in need within their own community and in outlying areas that my heart was so very very touched in the outpouring.

During the board meeting before my presentation, when it was time for Philanthropy to represent, nearly half the room it seemed stood, lined up with quilts in arms, and paraded them around the room, each lovely quilt a testament to a giving heart and busy hands. Each quilter presented their quilt, holding to the belief that small acts by each an every one of us can bring big comfort one by one to those in need.

I felt such a unity with this group.  THIS is where my heart is.  THIS is where I started this crazy journey, at one time with a goal of just one lap quilt per month being turned in to be given.  Life has taken it’s own twists and turns since I passed that baton on to others, but THIS is where my journey will return upon retirement.  I want to make quilts, and I want to give quilts.  I want to make a simple difference.

These wonderful quilters fanned my flame of why I got so involved in scrap quilts in the first place.  Quilting at its roots is a loving, caring, comforting, giving thing.

Thank you for all you do in your desire to bring comfort to those in need.  You have no idea how much your efforts mean to those who are recipients of such gifts.


It was a very full house yesterday!


My SECOND lecture of 2016!


The view from outside of the church!

In the back of my mind I was wishing we could have held this meeting on the patio outside..can you see the ocean beyond the palm trees?  What a gorgeous day!  But it was going to get HOT quickly.  Maybe we were better inside with the A/C after all!


Awesome show and share!

I love this citrus-y version of Virginia Bound from Scraps & Shirttails!


A gorgeous Blue Ride Beauty from Adventures with Leaders & Enders!


Posing for a photo op with a lovely autumn toned Bow-Dacious from Adventures with leaders & Enders!


Linda, my driver and machine loaner and her Ocean Waves from the Free Patterns tab!

Ocean Waves is such a perfect quilt when you live near the sea.  And let me tell you, if I lived near here I would NEVER want to miss a sunset.  The most beautiful I have ever seen!


Look what arrived!


My Wonky Wishes booklet!



This is the first time I have held Wonky Wishes as a pattern in my hot little hands.  I had a batch shipped here as well as to home in North Carolina, and you guessed it – they arrived at home on Monday morning after I had caught my flight!  So those will ship to you upon my return home from this trip.  For those who haven’t ordered yet, you can find Wonky Wishes in the Pattern Singles section of the Quiltville Store.

Can you see the sweet little clasp envelope it is held in?  I am so over the moon over the job that C&T did with this pattern. No cheapy plastic zip lock bag.  This is SO cool!

Later in the afternoon, four of us went down to the mission San Juan Capistrano.  I think I took 100 photos of the mission while there, and that is coming up in a future blog post, but just to give you a glimpse:


The mission through the entry archway.

What a fabulous place.  I need more time to edit photos, so be looking for that post likely Friday.

We DID however stop at an antique mall down from the mission when we were done.  And THIS is where the Ocean Waves quilt once again comes into play –remember –I’m here near the sea.

I sense a THEME!!


And this is coming home!

Photographed just before 7am this morning over the rail in front of my hotel! 


tiny tiny triangles!


My own Ocean Waves quilt from the free patterns tab was made with 1 1/2’’ finished bonus triangles. This quilt’s triangle units finish at just over 1’’!

It was likely made 1870-1890 by the fabrics that are in it, and the quilting is VERY fine…tiny tiny tiny stitches.  I can’t believe the work that went into this quilt.


In true Quilt Maverick fashion!

I had to chuckle to myself.  I would have LOVED this quilter…..when the border is as long as it needs to be, just whack it off and sew it on!  See the smaller black triangle just below the corner of the pieced border?  Oh quilter of yesterday, your quilt has found a wonderful new home where it will be cherished!

The end of a perfect day?  Another hike down to the pier to catch the most amazing sunset:

The black things you see in the water are not seals, that’s a flock of surfers hoping to catch the last wave before darkness falls at the end of a very warm February day in southern California.  Perfect!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

I have always loved the immortal words of Mark Twain. I choose to explore, dream, and discover!

And have a ball teaching a Texas Tumbleweed workshop to the Surfside Quilt Guild and friends.  There should be close to 40 students today – we are going to kick it up big time!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. The quilts-those shown at the meeting and the newly purchased antique one-are beautiful! I was born and lived in Southern CA (Ventura) ntil 1992 when we moved up north to Sacramento, actually living in Carmichael, a suburb. We (both hubby and I) love it here with two huge disappointments. After growing up on the beach, I expected daily sunsets, just as I always daw them. If the sun shown (meaning no fog or rain) there was a sunset in the evening, without fail. I didn't know that wasn't the case rverywhere. In Sac, we have sunsets, occassionally. Not daily though. Huge disappointment. The other disappointment has been remedied. When we first moved here we could not find good Mexican food. I didn't know this was possible anywhere in CA. It happened in Sacramento. So sad. But, happy to say that this has changed and now there are a number of very good Mexican food, traditional, authenic Mexican food as well as American style Mextcan. If only God would change the frequency of sunsets here, all would be well. Still would miss the sounds and smells of the salt water though. Time to get quilting!

  2. Great idea to parade those Charity quilts around the room. Our Lotto Blocks are going to Charity this year. I share the NEW Block Lotto each month. There were 16 blocks returned last night at our meeting. They will make a fun kids quilt. OH, the Ocean Waves!!!! be still, my heart. Such tiny pieces and stitching. I wonder if it might be one of me Great, Great, Great Grandma's. She made many of them in her lifetime- all by hand.

  3. it was 11 degrees when i woke up this morning. thanks for reminding me there will be warmer weather eventually in illinois! love that antique quilt.

  4. Thank you for the beautiful sunset video and your lovely new Ocean Waves. I may have
    to watch that video again...and again. From very gray WA state.
    I like gray (in fabric!)

  5. Anonymous5:21 PM EST

    Are the wonky stars the same as maverick stars?

  6. Wonderful to see so many quilts being donated for charity. I was able to donate 3 children's quilts at my Guild meeting Saturday. These will be given to children in difficult situations. All the while these quilts were being "stitched," I had such a good feeling knowing they would make a child's day a little brighter. By the way, I am about 80 miles or so from where you are in the San Bernardino mountains, where we still have remnants from a recent snow. Only in California.

  7. Am so glad you are having such a great time in California.
    Your video was beautiful I see that here too living in Florida by the beach.
    The quilts are awesome but I could never make that am having a hard time just seeing not double.
    Our Guilt also donates to Hospice and the vets.
    We even made quilts for the caskets that would arrivé all in red,white and blue.
    At every meeting we see quilts for donation.
    Enjoy California I lived for 20 months in Sacramento and we drive all THE way back to Texas.
    Thank you for sharing all your beautiful pictures with us. Looking forward to more.
    Enjoy.Yoka Bazilewich

  8. Anonymous9:57 AM EST

    Bonnie, I love your blog but dislike all the pop up advertisements. Way to many.

  9. I also enjoyed the sunset video,thank you. I do love the sunset on the water-those seconds as the glow spreads across the water are always memorable. Is it possible that each one is prettier than the last???


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