Saturday, February 13, 2016

Scrappy Mountain Majesties at Quilt in a Day!

THIS is one happy quilter!

This is a happy quilter who has reached her dream of not only visiting Quilt in a Day in San Marcos, California – home of her ultimate quilting idol, Eleanor Burns, but of actually having the opportunity to TEACH in this wonderful facility!

No, I don’t look too excited at all, do I?

As we were driving over to Quilt in a Day, my friend Jill was daring me to guess which building was Eleanors – because you see, this is not in a regular shopping center kind of area.  You don’t expect retail out here in the midst of industrial park surroundings.  But Quilt in a Day is BIG. And it has been Big here since 1984 when Eleanor bought it.

How do you know you have the right building? 

You round a corner and find this:

Barn Quilt Blocks!!

I so love it!

Oh yes, and blooming trees.

Be jealous.  Be very jealous!

My quilt next to Eleanors in her studio area!

This is where Eleanor shoots her video series and there are many sample quilts folded and covered and set aside so that I could use the design wall space for our class sample.

We got right in to making blocks!

Look at all the wonderful quilts!

Eleanor and Jade!

Jade is 9 years old.  She brought her quilt in to show Eleanor what she had made by watching a youtube video of Eleanor and her daughter Ellie making Ellie’s first quilt.  THIS was such a highlight of my day.  This sweet little girl so proud of the quilt she made by following the video and learning as she went.  Her mama was quite proud too.


And I was just as star struck too!

What a day full of giggles, and a whole lot of progress!

Thanks for the great time ladies!

There was so much going on, so many blocks, so many quilters, the slide show is long!  I also stuck in some photos of the Quilt in a Day shop so you can see what it is like to visit here as well.

Click the image below if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing.

Scrappy Mountain Majesties at Quilt in a Day! 2016

You will find the pattern for Scrappy Mountain Majesties under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.

Today is a day to move on.

We’ve got a hike planned at Torrey Pines, and then Jill and I are headed north to Los Angeles.  We are double dating with her daughter and her boyfriend for a visit to the Getty museum.  From there I’ll be dropped off in Thousand Oaks for my time with the guild there over the next couple of days.


Quiltville Quote of the Day

The immortal words of Michelangelo. Nothing else needs to be added to what he said. Aim higher.

Vintage quilt found in North Carolina

However you spend your Saturday, enjoy it!  Make it count!

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  1. Fantastic day at QIAD! Thank you, Bonnie. We had a ton of fun!

  2. What a wonderful slide show! Love of Quilt in a Day for me started back in the late 70's as a new wife & mother, on a farm where PBS was one of the only channels my Black and white TV would get on a Saturday morning. My children didn't appreciate her squeaky voice. I had to turn it down or send them outside. Oh how I Love my days watching her throw her Strips over her shoulder. My dream to meet her came true at Sew Expo in Puyallup, Washington. I dragged a tote with all of my books and she signed every one. I met her son Orion- even got his autograph. Quilter's are the most gracious of any people I've met. Thanks for being one of my mentors, teachers and fellow Quilter. I feel a Kindred spirit when I see your pictures of all the happy, smiling quilters who have learned a trick from you!

  3. Eleanor Burns is so funny and brilliant...in my opinion she revolutionized and revived quilting. She is in good company with you, Bonnie! You have built your own legacy that thousands of us are grateful to be a part of. Enjoy!

  4. Scrappy Mountain Majesties was my introduction to Bonnie Hunter. It took me two years to finish it(I don't sew everyday). I used all different reds that I had collected plus a constant cream batik with uneven red dots. It was gorgeous. Then I discovered your web site (I have been a follower ever since).

  5. Oh, my! Teaching at Quilt-in-a-Day AND meeting Eleanor Burns!! What a treat!!
    Great envy is here! Oh, and even flowering trees!
    Snow, snow, snow here.
    Thank you for all the great pictures, you all surely had fun!
    Best wishes!

  6. She didn't have the big barn quilts when I was there, but she had everything else you could dream of inside that HUGE shop! I adore her classroom. Eleanor is looking terrific too. What a great experience to teach there...what a blast just to visit. 🎉

  7. Everything about your day there looks like a 'win'. And you've got me itching to start a Scrappy Mountains quilt. I made one with Eleanor Burns' technique, so I'd love to make another and compare. Does she have spare time for sale in that shop?!?

  8. Had a wonderful time.

  9. Oh my stars what a grand time you are having.
    I just had to save the picture of you and Elenor Burns.
    Because she was on TV in 1992 .
    I made my first scrappy quilt with paper piecing my favorite strippen way in all sizes.
    She was a Riot when I saw her in Penducah in 2002. Such a funny lady.
    Of course you are now my favorite so to have both of you in a picture is just awesome.
    Thanks for sharing this.
    Happy teaching Bonnie.
    Yoka Bazilewich.😍

  10. OMG Elenor is so awesome, I totally geeked out, and you are the one that met her!

    I did her wedding ring version 18 months ago. It turned out great.

  11. I don't see the usual slide show "play" anywhere. Am I too late or was it too long?

  12. Bonnie, I saw a flowering tree in Mineola, TX yesterday. Right on the road to Stitchin' Heaven. Very quiet Saturday. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I love all the blocks so far.

  13. Loved your class Bonnie. Thanks so much for your talk and guild and for the class.

  14. I was star struck when I met Elenor. I was star struck when I met Jenny Doan. I was star struck when I met you , Bonnie, in St Louis at the library. I would rather shake hands with a quilting star than anyone in Hollywood. You are all such wonderful inspirations. Thank you for your kindness and openness to your followers.

  15. Do I see an Ohio Quilt Chick T-shirt?!?! Howdy Neighbor!
    I see some lovely quilting!!


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