Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Whole Lotta THIS!

Busy Busy in the Quiltville Mail Room!

Aka…My dining room table!  And I am so excited with how Wonky Wishes has been received.  Quilt-Con happened this past weekend in Southern California, just after I left for Phoenix, and all weekend long I was receiving texts and emails from folks telling me they had seen Wonky Wishes on display in the C&T publishing booth.

Some messages included PHOTOS!  I loved seeing you taking selfies while holding my new release!

I set right in yesterday filling the orders and getting as many to the post office as I could up until the time that they closed for the day.  Those orders that came before I left for California and were left waiting because the FedEx truck arrived after I was off the ground and headed west are now on their way to you!

See the tissue paper in this photo?  They come between the patterns to protect them, and my inner frugal quilter is telling me that I should try some string piecing on these!  I’m nearly giddy with anticipation of putting the throw away tissues to good use.  Am I sick or what?

There is still so much more going out today, and by tomorrow we should be all caught up.  So be looking for QUILT-CAM to happen TOMORROW evening at 9pm Eastern!  This girl is raring to sew and spend some time in her own studio.

But today you will find me here:


The glamorous Quiltville Dining Mail Room!

It’s not just Wonky Wishes going out, there is a whole lot of EVERYTHING going out.  And exciting things coming in, too.  I’m adding several new titles to the Quiltville Store as I retire several old favorites. I should have those added by the end of the week.

The last copy of Tonya Ricucci’s Word Play Quilts went to its new owner yesterday and has been retired from the store.  It’s out of print.  I hope you have a copy you can keep of your own. 

I found ONE last copy of Devoted to Scraps that has my quilt Lady of Lake Erie in it.  If you checked last week to see the website said Sold Out, it’s listed once again, but just one copy remains at the sale price of $14.00.  First come, first serve!


The after dinner batch got this far!

I don’t think anything has ever tasted as good as the peanut butter and strawberry jam on toast that I had for dinner last night. Two weeks of eating out.  Fun, but  much too much, and toast and tea was perfect for me!



These are “odd weight” packages waiting for net stamps to be printed so they can go out too.


Grey strings of happiness!

I also opened several gifty squishy envelopes that had accumulated while I was gone.  I can’t thank you enough!  I love all of these little snips and bits so much!  And the variety is off the charts amazing.  There would have been no way to shop for this much varied grey-ness!  Can Quilt-Cam come soon enough? 


Uhoh.  Someone is not so happy!

Emmy Lou says " So...you expect me to be cuddly and purring on demand after you've been gone two weeks?" Yup, looks like I'm in the dog house again.  I was going to say cat house, but as that’s a whole nuther kind of thing, dog house it is! LOL!

And just to make this a bit quilty:


I did a whole lot of THIS while gone.

This is usually just worked on when on planes and in airports, but I had extended evening time with my dad, greatly enjoyed.  There is no machine at dad’s, and I like it that way.  I would rather sit next to him on the couch and quietly stitch while watching movies and talking, than be completely self absorbed at a machine.  I made GOBS of progress!


Laid out with the Mother Ship!

That neutral section now has 136 hexies in it.  It doesn’t look like it, but it does.


These sections complete two opposite corners!

Two mirror image corners will finish the job.  I am being realistic here.  There is more than a year’s worth of hexies left to piece, but it isn’t a race and I love working on this.  This weekend I hope to get the one completed corner added to the upper left while at the cabin – evening tv stitching.

The lower right corner won’t likely be touched again until I fly off to Cincinnati Early March.  There are also 3 venues in Michigan in March and it will travel with me there as well.

In this fast paced life that we are living, I love the slow progress I’m making on this project.  Not everything needs to be finished in weeks or months.

Just one hexie at a time!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Since the quilt was out for photography, I decided to use it as the backdrop for today’s quote by H Jackson Brown Jr.

I love this quote so much. May we all be too busy working on ourselves that we have no time to criticize or compare ourselves to others. Putting other people down does not elevate us higher.

And with that, I’m off to the dining room to start stuffing more envelopes.

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Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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  1. Emmy will get over it after she makes sure you know how she feels 😊. Was fun to see your grey scraps as I see in the picture that mine got there safely. Can't wait to see grey string projects when it is their turn. Have fun relaxing at the cabin before you hit the road again.

  2. great progress....have to say there is something about these little hexies, one does not feel rushed at all, just plod along and it gets done whenever....am loving my 1861 healy quilt project...

  3. Wow so much work waiting for you! Emmy will warm up in time. She sure does have the 'look'! Love seeing the progress of the hexie quilt. So gorgeous!

  4. Old quilter11:01 AM EST

    All your quotes of the day have been good, but I'm thinking today's ought to be mounted and framed. Maybe I could hang it directly opposite the head of my bed, so I would see it first thing every morning when I open my eyes. Thank you.

  5. I got home from 2 weeks away on Saturday. I know when my cats act like i was just gone for an afternoon that i had a good housesitter! I,m only going to make the first half hour of quilt-cam, and finish it up on You Tube later.

  6. LOVE THE QUOTE! Thanks for sharing bits of goodness, I am really enjoying the quotes, along with your adventures!

  7. Loved your photo of a very fed-up Emmy! Reminded me of my late MIL's cat called Tinker. He did not like it when she went away and when she arrived home he would signal his displeasure by smacking her on the back of her leg with his paw. Aren't cats wonderful?

  8. Love seeing the progress on your hexie quilt. It really is coming together great. So much planning and counting. Haven't been able to tackle that yet. How big do you think it will end up being, any idea? Looking forward to Quilt Cam tomorrow night. Now that I'm retired, I can stay up and watch. Always enjoy your adventures.
    Patty E in Monroe, NC

  9. Love seeing the progress on your hexie quilt. It really is coming together great. So much planning and counting. Haven't been able to tackle that yet. How big do you think it will end up being, any idea? Looking forward to Quilt Cam tomorrow night. Now that I'm retired, I can stay up and watch. Always enjoy your adventures.
    Patty E in Monroe, NC

  10. Your hexie quilt is so beautiful. I have never seen a layout like yours. I just love it! Speaking of the tissue papers, I think you were born in the wrong era. You are so resourceful and have this never ending energy. You have the spirit and fortitude of a pioneer woman! I get tired just thinking of your itinerary. The Energizer Bunny would be eating your dust!

  11. Nice to see Wonky Wishes at Quilt Con. Bought a copy!

  12. That hexie quilt is one beautiful project. Awesome!
    I started a hexie years ago to match my bedroom (orange and white) so in those days choices of fabric weren't great in our area. But a little local shop of all sorts had some bolts of odds and ends so I picked a brushed cotton yellow and orange with white background floral to go with brown corduroy - horrible!!! I don't remember what made me pick up the needle to start patchwork because my mother and grandmother were knitters. I never completed it but 37 years later I still have it in a bag! It comes out only for me to go YUK! But then I can't get rid of it either!

  13. I love your "thrifty Quilter" line... YOU BET use the tissue paper. What were you thinking? We Hunter-ites are a VERY thrifty bunch. I know of a woman who was at a local thrift shop She saw a few boxes of the paper butcher's use between slices of deli meat --- 25 cents a box... she whipped them up and used them for string piecing. It is either a disease or something... but we have it!

    I bet Sadie Jane didn't give you the cold shoulder...he probably was all wagging tail and doggies kisses. Pets are funny... and we love them.

    Can't wait to see what you will show us about the grey string project!

    Happy you are safe and back home

  14. Anonymous1:49 PM EST

    Bonnie, As much as I enjoy reading your blog, I absolutely love your addition of the quotes! Today's quote really spoke to me. Emmy Lou reminds me of our last cat, eerily so. That look really says it all!

  15. Oh, boy, you're quote for today was exactly what I needed to hear, my workplace was in a tizzy and as I left I said almost the same words!! You seem to know the perfect quote to share with us every day! You rock, Bonnie!!!

    And I LOVE how Emmy Lou matches your strings! Haha
    Lyn from Michigan

  16. not sure what you mean , add your link, sorry


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