Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Stringing Time!

This is what’s going on over here!

FINALLY!  Time to sew in my own studio space on a project of my own choosing with all of my fabric and tools at hand.

Can you see the VARIETY in these grey strings?  I am loving them SO much!

I love the little pops of color that are appearing here and there.  I am avoiding sewing just tone-on-tone to tone-on-tone or solids.  I want TEXTURE. I want lots of different things of interest going on.

I don’t want toe strips blending into each other, I want every string to be able to stand up on its own and say “Here I am! Look at me!”

This project is making me smile!


Last night’s batch of progress.

I finished up Longmire on Netflix and wanted something lighter.  Do you remember the show Scrubs?  It aired from 2001 to 2010 and I never really watched it then.  I’m not much of a sit-com girl, and shows with canned laughter drive me a bit insane.  If the part is funny, I will laugh on my own without the addition of laugh-tracks.  Well, this is FUNNY!  And I’m enjoying it.  And because there are 9 seasons I an binge a bit if I want.


Trimming up!

I am so loving your fabrics, each and every one!

How can I thank you all??


Goodness, these are fun!


Last night was a rough one.  We had a storm roll through at about 4am.  I only knew about it because Sadie left Jeff’s room to come to mine, jumped on ME when jumping up onto the bed and I couldn’t settle her down.  She was shaking SO hard the whole bed was vibrating.

Even the Thunder Shirt doesn’t help her much and I’m wondering what to do about her.  We’ve tried herbal doggie treats that are supposed to have a calming effect.  We’ve tried distraction, loads of love, wrapping her in quilts, hugging, talking, soothing…and she shakes SO hard long after the storm is gone and things are quiet, she can’t seem to calm down.

This has intensified as she has gotten older.

Any ideas on what we can try?

In other good news:

My Online workshop with Craft U is going full bore!  My students are turning out awesome projects and I am enjoying chatting with each of them on the message board provided with each class.  Their photos are amazing! 

There is still time to join in if you want.  You can also register for the next round of this series if the timing isn’t right for you.  It will be airing at different times throughout the year.
Click HERE to register, and remember to use code BHSCRAP at checkout to save $30.00 off the course price!

And best news of all – QUILT-CAM tonight at 9pm Eastern!  It’s been too long.  I can’t wait to sew with you tonight!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Brian Andreas wrote " I once had a garden filled with flowers that grew only on dark thoughts. But they need constant attention. And one day I decided I had better things to do."

Antique sweet pea quilt from the collection of my friend Sandra, found in Canton Texas.

Cultivate happy thoughts today, and I’ll see you tonight!

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  1. This web site has some ideas. You may already have tried a lot of what's recommended. Interestingly this and other sites do not recommend consoling your dog during the episodes as it reinforces the behavior. That would be a tough call for me.


    Dr. Fox, renowned vet and newspaper columnist, is also in favor of lavender oil. Good luck with Sadie.

  2. We've tried everything for Luna too. Nothing works.
    Yesterday all I could feel was rain but she must have sensed something more....well, she shook and shook. The whole couch was shaking. My husband wrapped her in a quilt, petted her, hugged her....nothing.
    (I wish the people that post about big bad dangerous Pit Bulls could see our baby shaking :)
    Luna is only 4 so we have a long way to go.....
    Hoping Sadie gets relief!
    Peggy in NJ

  3. What about trying some weights in the thundershirt? I've heard that disabled children respond to weighted blankets. Might be worth a try.

  4. Our border collie Bailey is the same and we purchased Rescue Remedy, it is a herbal spray. It works to stop the shaking; she still stays very close but seems to chill out. She also terrified of fireworks but if we know they are coming we turn the tv or music up loud so she can't hear it, that's a little hard to do when a storm breaks but it helps. The rescue remedy comes in a small yellow bottle.
    Love the grey strings, trying to finish projects not start more strings but it is tempting.

  5. Bonnie, you asked how can you thank us for the gray strings? We were all trying to thank YOU just a tiny little bit for all you do for us! Quiltcam? Thank you! Free patterns? Thank you! Travelogues of exotic places? Thank you! So much information and inspiration every single day? Thank you! Thank you! You have changed my quilting life so much for the better. You want a few gray strings? You got it!

  6. I'm sorry it bothers Sadie so much. My little guy got worse as the years went by too and all you can too is stay close and comfort them. Love the strings.

  7. while it sounds cruel, it seems like ignoration might be the key, perhaps, maybe, you ARE reinforcing the shakes by loving her up and paying so much attention... if she is 'crate' trained, perhaps putting her in her "safe" place with a favorite blankie (read quilt) and ignoring her or playing some soothing music for her might be the answer... sigh...

  8. We have an anxious dog. Beginnings of senility. Our vet suggested Benedryl caplets. It makes them sleepy.
    Might be worth a try. You can ask your vet.

  9. One of our dogs won't come out from under the dining room table and we didn't even have thunder. We did get 1.5 inches of rain overnight with extremely strong winds. She thought about going out to potty at one point and decided... NOPE... not going to go out in that!! I am diffusing a good quality lavender oil and I do think it helps a bit. I am about to rub some diluted lavender oil on her fur. It has helped in the past with fireworks.

  10. Anonymous12:37 PM EST

    I don't need thanks for sending gray strips - I got my thanks by seeing my strips used! That's a nice compliment, and the fabric seems happier in your hands than collecting dust in my stash. :)

    I have the same noise problem with one of my cats & storms - fireworks - trash truck banging - tree trimming crews - whatever. He runs thru the house looking for a place to hide, and even when he finds one, he won't stay there. It's heartbreaking to watch, and I don't know how to stop it. I've tried physically calming him, but it doesn't work. He's a happy, fun-loving cat otherwise. But one bang... :(

    My friend's dog need Benadryl whenever there's a storm. The things we have to do for our babies. Sigh.

  11. My Strips and Papers are ready for the someday were I have time to Treadle. Loving the Greys you got. You are truly loved! Yea for Quilt Cam night.

  12. You might want to try ear plugs for Sadie. I recently heard that because of a dogs ability to hear so well, loud noises might actually be painful. Not sure if she will keep them in, but maybe a combination of ear plugs, Benadryl and love will make her more comfortable. I did a Google search for "dog rain ear pain" and found several sites with suggestions. If cotton works for Sadie, you might want to invest in dog ear muffs. Mixed reviews on Amazon and they are $60.00. I hope the storms end soon!

  13. Our previous dog was frightened of storms and we always tried to calm her by saying, "That's ok, everything will be all right." I should have known better (I was a school psychologist). We were only reinforcing her scared behavior. New dog now, when we have storms, fireworks or during hunting season with the guns, we get excited and happy with all the noise. Our current dog gets so happy with noise. I know, kind of counter-intuitive but it works. Good luck, maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks.

  14. We had the same problem with our retriever and tried all sorts, bu nothing much worked until Daisy started to naturally lose her hearing. Now she doesn't notice storms or fireworks at all. This doesn't help you, sorry!

  15. Hey - had the same problem with 2 of my dog/kids. We bought a thunder shirt, wth limited success. Then tried Pet-Ease from the pet store. It worked ! The dosage is on the bottle, by weight. It is mostly valerian root, I think, with some other herbs and fillers. It calmed them down so they were not hyper, but were awake and relaxed. Also, one of them liked having a "cave" to go in. We put a blanket over a large crate and kept it dark so she felt safe. The vet said he could prescribe something if we needed it, and a friend did use prescribed med for her sensitive dog. Hope something helps. It's so hard to be unable to help them.

  16. Sadly we have the same issue with our 1 yr. old rescue. Even is terrorized by car rides. . . which blew my, "let's get a small dog it will be easier to travel with"! Will keep reading for more suggestions. I like the idea of NOT making a big deal out of it though. Wish us luck!

  17. Most of the herbal remedys contain lavender oil. I'd just use a drop or two of lavender oil on the thunder shirt or quilt that is near Sadie's face so she can smell it. it will help to calm everyone down and that will help her the most.

  18. I had a dog that was like that, the thunder shirt helped but wasn't always enough. The vet ended up giving us some medication to use during the really bad times (ie 4th of July, bad storms), we would give it to him and he would basically sleep through it all.

  19. I've tried a suggestion from Animal Planet with my dog. I keep the treats she absolutely loves just for storms. Then when the storm comes we have a thunder party. I laugh and dance around and sing and Rosi (dog) gets her special treats. It's important that the humans look and act carefree. They also said whatever you do don't comfort or console the dog, just act like the thunder party is the most fun you've had all year. This has actually helped Rosi a lot.

  20. Anonymous5:51 PM EST

    Our vet prescribed medication. Which works well if we give it in advance. So unless storm comes unexpectedly we do good. She is a 60 pound golden retriever and would try to hide from storms. I have wondered about kenneling her but we don't have one anymore. We use the meds at 4th if July also. Drhodes@atcox.net

  21. DAP - dog appeasing pheromones. I've been through the fear of loud noises etc with 2 dogs. DAP helps. It is not something that is ingested. It is a liquid spray - spray on a pieces of cloth/scarf and put it around Sadie's neck so it is close to her nose. There is also a diffuser that plugs into the outlet and emits the pheromones; that works best if the dog stays in one isolated area. DAP is a replication of the pheromones of lactating female dogs. The theory is that the pheromones emitted by a dog after giving birth and that give puppy comfort while nursing and being close to mom can be used to help calm anxious dogs. With my dog, giving her exposure to DAP before the storm or noise starts is the most effective. With the right timing it can help put her to sleep and she has been known to sleep right through the storm. That would never happen without the DAP. Sue J.

  22. Poor Sadie. Our dog we lost last year started this same thing at about 10 years old. The vet had prescribed valium for her, but it just made her stagger...she still shook like crazy and I was afraid she would fall down the stairs while staggering around. The only things that worked a little was giving her either a dramamine or a Benadryl about an hour before hand because they made her sleepy and just a little calmer. I hope you find something that helps Sadie.

  23. We have a new puppy that we rescued that is quite hyperactive. We use a product called Calm K9 that is made here in Wichita. The have a website that you can order from. The treats are all natural. They have made a huge difference. People who have dogs that have problems with thunderstorms and fireworks say they work well for them also. If you use them occasionally they need to be refrigerated as they don't have a lot of preservatives in them. We use them daily with our dog. Good luck with Sadie.

  24. Bonnie, years ago I had a golden retriever who was so fearful of storms just like Sadie. I tried everything to calm her and it just got worse as she aged and I finally, with the vets supervision, had to sedate her with meds when a storm came through. So you might talk to your vet and see what he has to say.

  25. Hi Bonnie, try the Rescue Remedy I use it with my cats when they go to the vet and it helps calm them down, so that my big male Maine Coon (all 8kg of him) stops panting in fear and calms somewhat. It may take the edge off. There is an animal & a human formalation, the animal one doesn't have any alchol in it. My daughters used it when they had very stressful situations and it helped. Good luck. I hope something someone suggests helps.

  26. I know this isn't likely to be a popular response but most of the people I've seen who have dogs that are fearful of thunder tell them once there's a little rumble that "you're OK" and cuddle them and comfort them like they're a child. Dogs do not find comfort from that reaction, but become more and more concerned. Also if anyone in your household is nervous about thunderstorms, maybe even because you know your poor dog is going to be so upset, your dog could be responding to that. I've owned 5 dogs and have never had a dog that was more than slightly concerned if the thunder got really loud. But I currently have a dog that would freak out every time my cellphone went off. I tried a bunch of different ring tones to no avail. Finally my husband pointed out that I must hate my phone because I'm often upset when I use it. Turns out my dog was reacting to the emotional state I'm in around my phone. I started taking deep breaths whenever my phone rang and she's gotten MUCH better. I wish you and your dog the best and hope you are able to find a solution.

  27. We have a very timid, now 10 years old, cocker spaniel. He shakes when it storms, when there's a loud noise, during fireworks, etc. The trick with the Thundershirt is to put it on her BEFORE she needs it. It is supposed to be tight & hug her so she feels safe. (But, I understand cuz it doesn't usually work for our dog either tho it does help a bit.) The other thing you can do is get anti-anxiety meds from your vet for the dog. The one we use is called acepromazine. Again, the trick is to give the medicine before your dog starts to shake. Our dog weighs about 20lbs & I think his dosage is 1/4-1/2 pill to start. So far, the meds haven't knocked him out but it does make him a bit sleep & thus calmer. Good luck. Trust me, I know exactly what you're going thru as our dog shakes bad enough to vibrate the entire bed, too!

  28. Valium. For Sadie, not you. Well... Lol. No, our ver gave us some for our little Yorker years ago and it helped tremendously. Just give her a teeny pill asap and it calms them down. Why not? Better than suffering. Talk to your vet.

    Such a fun quilt this will be.

  29. We talked to the Vet and got drugs. They made our Jack drowsy. I would also go to the lower level, pull the shades, or nail a quilt over the windows, turn on all the lights to keep him from seeing the lightening. Crank up the TV or radio so that the thunder was somewhat muted. This worked, even in the middle of the night. Not so good on work days, though.

  30. There is an Bach's Essential oil called Rescue Remedy. You can get it at Whole Foods. I used to use it on my show dogs. It helped some, but not others. Keep trying, Paula in Omaha

  31. Anonymous12:51 AM EST

    Here in Africa I had not heard of the Thunder Shirt before a post from you earlier. We have a phobic Labrador, who has got worse with age. Medication really doesn't help, but I have fashioned a Thundershirt from a length of mutton cloth and give him Rescue Remedy. White noise like a fridge or overhead fan seems to help too, he finds a spot to settle.

  32. Hi Bonnie,
    I have the same problem with my beagle. My vet recommended the product vertical Science pro line.it is a natural chew treat type. It is for cats or dogs. It goes by weight.

    I am from the Amoskeag Quilters Guild in Manchester, NH. I follow you on Facebook.
    My name is Sarah Bloom.
    Email: sarahsews@ Aol.com
    Or gmail:
    Good luck.

  33. I agree with Karen's advice! All our dogs were fearful of thunder, fireworks and gunshots. Squirrel hunting?? That's different! Bring it on!! Or trainer says not to pet or speak, trying to soothe. That reinforces that WE think simmering is wrong, and makes it worse for them. Guess against how we analyze it... But! I grab some stitching it watch TV. I sit calmly and do my own thing. If our dog goes off into a corner, I leave her alone. If she places and leans up against me, I treat her as I always would in fair weather. I invite her up on the couch and just try to keep MYSELF calm. They will take on our demeanor and take their lead from us! It takes time, but this has worked the best for us. Good luck,Sadie! Mom will take care of you!

  34. There are knock out drops, but our Standard Poodle is the same as Sadie. Our power went out for a bit in last night's storm, and he went cuckoo. We hold him tight, and dh who is calm, pets him which seems soothing. He loves to go in our closet, a dark cave to him.

    I know my anxiety level goes up in proportion to the chance of power outages, which happen during almost every storm here in MD. I wonder if Cole picks up on my vibes to go along with his own worry.
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  35. My very anxious German Shepherd responds very well to Rescue Remedy (a flower essence that's available at Whole Foods, or more co-op type places). Nothing worked for my Golden Retriever, and I've had to go more the medication route with him. I felt bad about medicating him, but it's worth it not to have to go through hours of shaking, panting and pacing any time it rains!

  36. I like the inspirational posts from yours! You are right indeed! We are watering weeds in our lives! There is too little constructive work on our side!

  37. Sorry I can't help. Nothing works with Zeus. I think he must feel barometric pressure changes because he trembles and drools even before there is any rain, thunder or lightening. Maybe it is in the next county!


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