Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Tumbling at the Bunkhouse!

Of COURSE we are going to include a Texas Tumbleweed workshop in Texas!

And of course we are going to  make it an extra fun day with friends and fabric, loads of chatter and laughter, making memories as we go!

Some have been friends for years and years, some have met some new friends over this past week through these workshops, and they are already planning to meet up in Houston for Festival in the fall.

No matter how much we love our machines and quilt stuff – the friends are the best reason of all to keep doing what we keep doing!

I had a wonderful time out at the Bunkhouse in Quitman, such a memorable time for me since I first retreated at the bunk house in 1999 upon moving to Sulphur Springs.  Such great memories!

And I owe all of this past week to this lady:

Deb Lutrell, owner of Stitchin’ Heaven Quilt Shop!

There was a whole lot of “Remember when?!” conversation between us.  And while I wish I could just say, “Yes, hasn’t life been kind, haven’t we been so blessed?” ((and we have!))  I think it’s also true to say that the path to  any wonderful blessing is ALWAYS paved with a foundation of hard hard work.

And my quilters worked so hard!

And they played hard, too!

Show off that chain, Charlotte!

Way to be PURPLE, Tami!

Laurie & Irene, stitching away!

You will find the pattern for Texas Tumbleweed in my book MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders.  Signed copies are available in the Quiltville Store.

And it wasn’t all just quilting going on!

This is Sandra’s hubby, Mickey.  He is a very accomplished artist specializing in watercolors.  And since the day was so beautiful ((And because he had golfed himself silly the 3 previous days before!)) he set up his watercolors and began painting scenery from around the bunk house, enjoying the day outside while we sewed merrily away inside.


Mickey gifted me two of the watercolors!

I’m bringing them home, going to have them framed and they will hang at the cabin to remind me of the wonderful weekend I spent in Quitman Texas with this group!

Tumble on, Tumbleweeds!

Sew Much Fun!

There is more to see!  Click the image below if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device, you’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing.

Texas Tumbleweeds, Stitchin Heaven, TX 2016


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Teach. Encourage. Instruct. Mentor. Praise. Influence. Guide. Inspire!

We all have so much to give each other!

Vintage 1940s periwinkle star quilt from my collection. I love that it is machine quilted from long ago.

Happy Wednesday from a stormy, thundery Gulf Shores Alabama! I'm gearing up to head out and meet up with the Island Quilt Guild for a Roll Roll Cotton Boll workshop today.

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  1. I keep thinking there should be n 'l' in the name of that town to make it Quiltman. Thanks for the earworm this AM. My Mother used to sing "Tumbling Tumbleweeds". I think it was Roy Rogers who sang it best? Be safe through those crazy storms.

  2. My husband David, who is just about to complete his first quilt top, took one look at the ladies showing their blocks on their "racks" and said "a man couldn't do that". I had to laugh and tell him that he could rack his on his stomach.

  3. Those ladies that quilt there are the best & fun. So glad you enjoyed your visit. I'll make it one of the times you visit. I guess I need to get your books. Then my sister & I can really argue about the fabric mix! You always make me smile, Bonnie. Sew those blocks. Got my own copy of the new Quiltmaker. Next, do I let my hubby take me to Mineola or do I get laundry done so I can play this weekend. Glad you enjoyed your Texas visit.

  4. I love seeing all the vintage machines. Babies that were saved and given a new life. I especially love to see Irene with hers. She is such a lovely lady and makes wonderful "Bonnie Quilts" Way to go Irene!

  5. Looks so fun. Is there anything better than someone caring enough to gift a self created item to you? How nice! We all give pieces of ourselves to our world and are better for it. Miss Bonnie I do believe you foster an awareness in others to be in the moment but stay connected to the world. Showing off the antique quilts brings others from another time into our "today" world Thanks.


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