Saturday, March 27, 2021

Tractors, Patchwork & Quilt-Cam!

Friday afternoon tractor fun!

The Hubsters grapple for the front of his bright red birthday tractor arrived yesterday - and in true tractor lover's fashion, he took the afternoon off for this big delivery, as he couldn't wait to put it to good use.

I am always on the lookout for photo ops, but the big one I missed happened with chainsaws a week or so ago.

Jason and Dave OBLITERATED the nasty stickery bug infested always way over grown hedge that lines the side of our east drive entrance/exit.  

Like - one minute it was, there - and the next - it was ALL to the ground.

We've been dealing with massive piles of brush along the drive waiting for the grapple to arrive.

Yesterday it did!

All of this wide open space now!

I know I posted photos of this huge hedge when it was in bloom last year. (Or was it the year before?!) But to show you just how much was pulled out I tried to find the photo. No luck.

But look at this brush!  And wild trees had sprung up in the however many decades this hedge had been there.

This is the attachment that requires giving this tractor a suitable name.

Just look at those jaws!

Red Devil comes to mind - or Seymour - as in "FEED ME, SEYMOUR!" from Little Shop of Horrors.

According to the menfolk I missed the biggest load and first dumping of the brush on the other side of the old dilapidated Field's General Store, but I did catch a couple of clips.  Click to Play:

This thing is a beast!

And the second clip:

Go, Dave Go!

For those wondering - yes - we own the old General Store property too, but it is too far gone to save.  We'll have to take it down at some point.  It's sad, I know, but there is nothing that can be done to save it. It needs to be razed.

In the mean time - the brush we dumped behind will decay, and eventually disintegrate it's way back into the soil.

Our property does not include the old Field's Woolen Mill buildings behind - we just go up to the fence.

It's amazing to think that this used to be the hub of a thriving community.  Now we are just a crossroads in the middle of nowhere.

Something ELSE exciting happened yesterday!

I got a new laptop.  I wanted to try and see if Quilt-Cam Live on Facebook  would work.  It had been more than a year since I had gone live.

For many reasons - but the biggest one was the primitive internet we have out here. I had experienced bandwidth problems before.

And then there was that whole thing of "We are in a global pandemic and I have no words that I can speak without either breaking down into sobs or laughing hysterically -" because what else can you do in times like these?

Anyway - No hair do, no make up - just me in my place, saying hi to you in yours.  If you missed it on Facebook yesterday - here you go!

It has been a long time!

Please remember that I have no control over the video quality on your end or how the sound comes in or out - this is not a professional production.  I don't have a producer, a camera man, an engineer with a soundboard. No special lighting, no sound effects, no dual cameras  - and I can't stop the traffic behind me from distracting you.

This is just me - in my place - as real as it gets.

And I'm happy to say that I was able to get ALL of my Snail's Trail blocks finished yesterday - so the next big job is laying out this king-sized monstrosity and getting the top together.

Yesterday's IG Quiltfest Day 26 Prompt: BINDING!

There are so many ways to bind a quilt!

However you choose to do it - just do it!  These are only the things that I do to achieve the finish I want.

Okay - on with Saturday we go!

You did sign up for the BlockBase+ Gift-Away, right? Read about it and enter ON THAT POST.

These Tulip Time blocks are Tasha's!

"My Tulip Time flower garden is still growing!"

Beautiful blocks, Tasha!

The printable PDF pattern for Tulip Time is currently marked 25% off in the in the Quiltville Store, no coupon required. 

This sale is good through Wednesday, March 31st, 2021.  The pattern will revert back to full price on Thursday, April 1st, 2021.  That's right around the corner!

This morning the sun is shining through a hazy cloud streaked sky.

I have some mail order to go out before the USPS closes at 11am (Saturday hours) and then we will see what we can get up to while Jason is still here for a handful of days left of his visit.

How about your own weekend plans?  Anything fun in store?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage sampler quilt photo shared by Allison

Happy weekend, Quiltvillians! 

I hope you find some time in all that you are doing to stitch some threads of joy into whatever you are creating!

I'll catch you back here on Monday -



  1. QuiltCam yesterday was a welcome surprise! Came through very well. No stopping and starting or buffering. I hope you can get back in the groove with it!

  2. quilt cam was a wonderful surprise. loved it. tractor looks awesome too get the work done faster and saves the back. hope to do a tulip table runner soon. love the snails trails too. thanks

  3. I thought about Quiltcam the other day and was hoping you would give it another try. So glad I caught it!! I had no problems on my end of it at all. Loved watching all the activities going on outside thru the window. Loved the kitty photobombs, too. pam

  4. Such a happy surprise to find Quilt Cam! Thank you!

  5. Oh I'm so happy to see you again! This will be the highlight of my day when I sit down this afternoon to do some hand binding and watch you on quiltcam! Thanks so much for giving it a try!

  6. So good to see and hear you! I went out and did retail therapy for the first time in almost a year. Did my heart and soul good and today I get to sew my treasures. Spring has sprung! Marilyn Marks

  7. I bind my quilts almost exactly like you do. I cut mine on the bias though. I have tried to use straight of grains strips, and I struggle more with the sewing it down, so bias it has been for the last 30 years or so from a binding class at Quilting in the Tetons.

  8. Grapple. I had used it as a verb, but never knew that it was also a noun. Learn something every day. Thanks.

  9. So cool to see my quilt blocks here!! After much procrastination, that top finally got sent to the longarmer, and now just needs its binding. I’d like to get it done for Easter. Looking forward to watching your quiltcam replay.

    1. Tasha, your quilt is so pretty!!!!!!

  10. YAY quiltcam! Didn't get to watch in real time but after the fact it came through just fine. As you can tell, your visits have been missed.
    And that tractor!!! I can think of a few guys who would LOVE one of those! It's a monster and I can tell it will be well used doing what it was built to do♥

  11. Muy feliz de poder ver Quilt calm. Me parece increíble la belleza del lugar donde vive, es un privilegio y mas en estos días de COVID. Me siento afortunada de poder seguir su blog cada día.
    Ojalá en un futuro cercano pueda asistir a un retiro en Quiltviinn.
    Y algún viaje le traiga a España .Muchas gracias por todo el tiempo que nos dedica. Cristina

  12. Thanks for posting Quiltcam here. I enjoyed watching and listening.
    I do my binding the same as you but I do use a couple of clips at the corner to hold the miter while I sew it down.

  13. Wow! Loved your new Quilt Cam on new lap top!
    I missed you and the quilt shows at retreats.
    Maybe you could do one with a friend of all your quilts, please.

  14. i wouldn;t be surprised but that Lola's human (Jason) being home has caused her to decide Zoey is once again an interloper!!! LOL, loved quilt cam and watching you sew, you make it seem so easy, experience shows...happy tractor... did we come up with a name for it??? Thanks... Cats in Carlsbad CA

  15. So happy to see that you have the capability to resume Quilt-Cam! Inching into the 21st century.
    May the rest of your year go as smoothly. Love the Tulip Time quilt and the snail blocks, springtime excitement! Thank you!

    1. I was just thinking that Lola, after being the underling to Dresden in the first part of her life, has decided she wants to be Queen of her own castle for the rest of her life, no sharing. Who knows what our fur babies are thinking but we can make up whatever we want>LOL. I just know Bonnie's babies are the luckiest!

  16. I was able to watch quilt cam last night. What a wonderful surprise. I've missed you and it was so nice to "see" you.

  17. I saw that you were doibg quilt cam yesterday, but I was having an errand, shoveling day. I hope to watch later this weekend. I am loving all the tulip quilts. I badly want to start one (bought the pattern) but i have checkerboard L&E blocks to put together, and I've started some Grassy Creek blocks, so tulips will have to wait. I have not quilted much since summer of 2019. My husband was ill, and died in early December that year. I was able to attend 2 local retreats in January and February, and was scheduled to go to Asilomar (for a class with Bonnie) in March. Well that didn’t happen. It’s been a struggle to sew at home, and there I was in a year when we couldn’t gather in groups. Now that all of my Wednesday quilting friends - 8 of us - have been fully vaccinated we have met twice in a large room at church and enjoyed a day of quilting. Now I need to attack my sewing room (I never stopped buying fabric!) and make it a place I want to sew in. All that to tell you that the tulip quilt makes my heat sing.

  18. Hi Bonnie!! I'm watching Saturday morning from California, and yeah!! I having zero issues. So glad you followed your instincts and took us a chance!!!

    Take Care!

  19. Thank you so much for doing a Quiltcam. I look forward to watching it later.

  20. WooHoo! So good to see QuiltCam again!!! Worked well, everything in synch. It always amazes me how you can quilt perfectly while keeping up a running patter. I don't know how you do it, but I love it. I even enjoyed the window views with the traffic running by in the background. I so miss VA that every glimpse of it is a treat. And, of course, the kitty activities were a bonus. What's not to love? Thank you for the wonderful surprise.

  21. Loved, loved Quiltcam!!! Will be watching for the next one! Working hard to get my scraps under control and into some semblance of a system!! Thank you for your sunny attitude!

  22. Missed quiltcam! Will have to watch it later today. Would also love to see how you do your binding. I’m trying to picture it from the description, but the brain isn’t processing it.😂. Thanks for all you do. It’s a shame the old general store can’t be saved...what a great location for a quilt shop!

  23. It was so good to see you on quilt cam yesterday, Bonnie! I really enjoyed it and look forward to all that you share with us. I'm not feeling up to sewing right now myself, but it lifts my spirits to watch you.

  24. This is wonderful seeing you live again!!!

  25. Was so happy with Quilt Cam! Thank you! Really missed.

  26. Quilt Cam was great. I really missed spending time with you this past year. Excited for the next Quilt Cam. Thank you!

  27. It sounds like your hubby has a big job ahead of him and can break in that new toy properly! I am trying to get everything done today so tomorrow can be a lazy sew day. Enjoy the warm sunshine!

  28. Watched the rest of Quiltcam while waiting for hubby to wash off his Muck Boots. It was a clean up day at the Kanesville Tabernacle. I know all about the Big Boys and their Toys. He's gonna miss some big Toys here when we go home. Thanks for trying Quiltcam again, you've been missed. The Snail's Trail Blocks are so fun and scrappy. I may need some of those Magic Pins.

  29. Hello Bonnie:
    Great clips of the tractor and the grappler; and of course the men folk! RED Devil is a Great name for the tractor/ grappler set up!

    I learned how to put on binding w/ the long arm while attending the university/academy at Handi Quilter. BUT, You brought a great point, about quilts are not squared up prior to being quilter; and that you have never seen one yet on the quilter. That is a very valid point and reason to do your binding on the domestic machine instead of the long arm. Nothing like the experience of a professional to make sure we do things the correct way.

    We have a little sun again today, snow is melting a little ea day/ or sumbliming anyway. I am still trying to make paths to important places, like the compost pile, the whole house generator, etc. I am now working on opening up the path to the double french doors of my greenhouse. It is almost time to get it ready for when the baby plants will come live in it.

    Then I hope to spend time working on my "Trellis" quilt in Purples, teals, and greens. Happy Palm Sunday weekend!

    Kasilof, AK
    Where the sun is shining, it gets above freezing during the day, but it was 8 above this morning.

  30. I cut my binding using your essential triangle ruler. No more overlaping & diagonal sewing required.

  31. I just fell in love with your Tulip quilt! I ordered the pattern and can't wait to start it when I get home. I think it will look awesome on my guest bed. Thank you so much!!!

  32. Quilt Cam?! I've been missing it when you weren't recording (wondered if with your wifi there it would no longer happen) -- so I missed it yesterday...but I'll watch it today -- a Sunday afternoon treat. Thanks for all you do!

  33. Watch the pile of brush now and then for wasp's nests. This is one of their favorite places to build nests. Be on the lookout for those particularly huge Asian hornets...worse than the killer bees we had to watch out for a few years back. Be safe!

  34. Seymour seems like just the right name for the tractor because now you can "See More". LOL

  35. Bonnie, great to see you on Quilt Cam. Enjoyed it tremendously. Closed-captioning really helped. Loved seeing you up close. That helped also. Hopefully, I'll get my mojo back so I can enjoy piecing. That's my fave. So great to see your hubster and son helping you out around Quiltville Inn and the post office...

  36. I bind left to right, since I am left handed. lol The quilt back facing me, not folded from the top..

  37. What a nice surprise to open my email this Monday morning and read that you were able to have a Quilt Cam. I've missed those! I've already made an appt with myself to watch it on the 10th when I'll have at least a few hours, and maybe most of the day, to myself for working on Winter Blues.

  38. It was so nice to see you on Quiltcam. Hopefully it can happen again soon. We have missed you. Stay safe

  39. Great to see QuiltCam and I hope we can do it again on a somewhat regular basis.

    I think you need to call Hubby's tractor "Audrey", as that was the name of the plant in Little Shop Of Horrors.

  40. Was busy so I missed quilt cam live, watched it Tuesday afternoon. Love it. Definitely hope to see more.

  41. Thank you for the surprise Quiltcam. It's perfect just the way it is. It's like sewing with a friend.

  42. Welcome back to my home!


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