Monday, March 08, 2021

Diamond Tiles on Day Three!

Friday flew faster than Fridays should!

(Say that three times fast!)

And then the weekend went by in rapid succession - Happy Monday everyone!

Somme of you have asked where MY Diamond Tiles quilt went - it's currently in the closet waiting!

This one is Monas - and her quilt is a lovely large couch sized, so on Friday morning we were able to finish up her Unity quilt  (Shared in Saturday's Post) and quickly load her Diamond Tiles.

The clock was running so she could make a late-afternoon exit toward her own home.

And at the time, we didn't KNOW that Jason would be arriving in short succession.

We chose a "nearly spider webby" design called Gossamer to quilt it edge to edge and used a sand colored thread that blended well through everything including that gorgeous batik she used for the sashings and borders.

So many fun combinations!

Mona was feeling a bit shy over the fact that some of her cornerstones were nipped off when she squared the blocks before adding sashing.

There is NOTHING to be ashamed of!  She has had this one pieced for a few years. (The pattern was in a previous issue of Quiltmaker, in my Addicted to Scraps column.)

She has learned so much since then about seam allowance and squaring down - but this quilt still deserves to be quilted!

How many of you have an unquilted top that you were so proud of at the time, but as you learned more you let your own judgement make you just a bit less than thrilled with it as time marched on?


The kids and family members who receive these quilts are not quilters, nor quilt judges and they will love it for all the love you put into it.

Once quilted, no one focuses on any cut off corners - and if you do, that's your problem!

I do love this quilt - I need to pull mine out and do something with it!

Saturday's IGquiltfest prompt:

When was the last time you used solids in a quilt?

Did you combine them with other printed fabrics?  (No, Grunge does not count!)

I used to sew with solids quite a bit, but haven't in a few years.  There is a bin of solid scraps calling my name and this prompt had me thinking of ways that I could use those gorgeous solids that would spark my happiness with working with them once again - like an old friend.

We shall see!

Sunday's photo prompt:

Lesson Learned!

This one lesson is probably the most important lesson that I have learned in my entirety of quiltmaking.

Get the line you are measuring by up off the mat and on to the fabric.  

In other words, we need to INCLUDE the thickness of the line within the strip or unit measurement.

You won't find yourself fighting with your presser foot anymore.

Often times it's not the presser foot's fault for taking up to much, it's the strip width's fault for giving to narrow of a piece to begin with.  

Cutting and seaming have to work together, hand-in-hand.  And they can only do that if we start with the right cut.

Our weekend flew by - as I mentioned.

Small disasters like door knobs that fell off, a toilet that became plugged, a computer that needed its hard drive switched out - all of these little things seam to happen when Jason is here to fix them.

I'm counting my blessings.

We've enjoyed good food, some good movies - but the weather has been so frigid with strong winds that there has been no getting out on the hiking trails yet.

Even Round House Road was a no-go with the strength of the winds coming off the river.  

Not yet.  But soon.

The sun is doing its job and has been shining brightly for days - but that WIND!  March roars in like a Lion, and out like a Lamb, so the saying goes and I guess we are right up to par.

I'm heading in to the QPO a bit early today so I can get the "must do's" done and have more time to play this afternoon.

Anything fun happen over your weekend?

Did you get your copy yet?

You'll find the printable PDF pattern for Rough & Tumble in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store. 

And the price is already marked 25% off through March 14th. No coupon code needed for this one!

The price will revert back to the full price of $12.00 on March 15th, 2021.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Don't search for kindness.
BE the kindness!
Vintage double -knit quilt found in North Carolina
Have a terrific Monday, everyone!



  1. Hi Bonnie! I'm the gal with hubby and family that met you (and Zoey) at Grayson Highlands last August! I do use solids in my quilts regularly, but I haven't made an all solids quilt in about 4-5 years. That one was a snails trail baby quilt with bright solids and white background. Before it was gifted, I took it outdoors for it's beauty shot, draped it over a brick wall, and Lizzy, my photo-bomber cat, jumped up and I got the most precious picture of her on that quilt. It's a cherished memory of my Lizzy girl, she was my quilting buddy. Thank you for all you do for us!

  2. I can't wait to dig into your "Rough & Tumble". I have the pattern, the jeans, the fabric and the "WANNA". However, I have a STRICT rule these days to finish up at least a few UFO sewing tasks (usually not quilting related) before I start another project/quilt. My GRANDS have torn things that need a stitch or two and I have small projects that are cut and semi-sewn and just need a few minutes time to get them out of my house and back where they belong. Thank you for all of your inspiration, guidance, and pet, nature, and quilt pictures. I truly appreciate it! You are a bright spot in my day!

  3. Bonnie....what ruler are you using on that great pic? Well...I’ve always struggled hitting that 1/4” seam but now I know it’s not my presser foot but my cutting!!! Thanks so muchπŸ₯°πŸ₯°

    1. Olfa frosted. She mentions it in the small print.

  4. I do sometimes like to add a little bit of solid with scraps, especially recycled shirts. A light, soft gray solid is often my go-to choice to give the stripes and plaids some breathing space.

    I'm just about to bind a 96" square "Bricks in the Barnyard" for my father-in-law. It's all recycled shirts except for a dark solid green on one side of the HST - Packers Green, for a Packers Fan. ;) I love how it's turning out.

    THANK YOU for the light bulb moment of where to put the ruler line when cutting. When you first put that idea out there several years ago, it revolutionized my accuracy. Huge difference. Huge!

  5. I saw your ruler post. You have taught me so much. Those spinning 4-patches was and making Chevrons are my igquiltfest memes for the prompts I've not made. Gotta catch up. Weekend was full of making other things and Church.

  6. Oh, Bonnie, I've learned so much from you. One of the most important (and something I repeat to myself everytime I cut) is "Don't leave the line on the mat." I do include bits of solids with the prints in my scrappy quilts. So happy you had a few days with a good friend, and now time with your son.

  7. As to your Sat. post about piecing that lets your think. I am into string piecing big time now. I lost a younger brother ( one of six there are 9 of us) Feb. 17 suddenly to a massive heart attack while recovering from throat cancer surgery. I need to do this mindless piecing so I don't sit and cry all the time. Thanks for all you great string piecing patterns.

    1. Gardenwitch, so sorry for you and your family's loss of your dearest brother. I know that your sewing will help you. Prayers.

  8. I am not a solids person! They do absolutely nothing for me. I can handle tone on tone. I know this because when COVID hit, my husband wanted solid colored masks, and I had 1 fat quarter of solid blue/gray.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Guess there won’t be any solid quilts in my future. We’ve been having beautiful sunny days too, but the clouds are creeping in today, and supposed to take up residence until Sunday..😩. The wind hardly ever goes away. Have fun with Jason!

  9. Mona's quilt is just beautiful. A few nipped off corners are nothing to worry about. That quilt will still keep someone warm. I've been quilting for years and nipped off corners still happen now and then.

  10. Oh my gosh, I LOVE Mona’s quilt! It’s gorgeous!

    Solids, last time was making Amish quilts when I first started quilting. Tomorrow’s Heirlooms, Lewisville, TX, two patterns I have, “Amish Quilts” finished sizes 6”x9”, and Little Heirlooms 1930s Collection, both 1985 copyright. It was the thing back then in our Guild (Cabin Fever Quilter’s Guild, Fairbanks, AK) for a few years. The Amish were amazing with color.

    Enjoy having Jason home! Can’t wait to see those van curtains. πŸ˜„

  11. I want to add more solids to my stash, but the prints just reign me in when I go into the quilt shop. Which I did yesterday with my BFF, Diane's sister. Diane passed last summer so Mary and I carried on the tradition of quilt shop hopping. We drove to a neighboring state and hit two shops, would have been three but one was on restricted Covid hours... LUnch at a Mexican rtestaurant and an enjoyable time on a day full of sunshine. And I even stayed under budget... But picked up a few things I need for a few projects in the que.

  12. Do denim blue jeans count as solids?! I have only a small tub of solids and like the idea to put with the plaid shirt material. Thanks for your fun posts every day.

  13. There is a company operating now in the United States that produces 100% American made cotton solids. They are so easy to work with and sew up beautifully. I am not a 'solids' person, but my granddaughter picked out a pattern with blacks, grays and rainbow colors that could only use solids. It is the most stunning, eye-catching quilt I have ever done.

  14. Guilty, guilty, guilty... I have been putting the measurement line on the mat! Then always off "just a bit"! Thank you for the lesson ☺️ just taught this "old dog" a new trick!

  15. I love Mona's border fabric! Really complements the entire quilt top.

  16. OMG - no one has ever told me where that little line was supposed to be - or was I just not listening. Thank you!

  17. I never realized how important it is to place the ruler line on the edge of the fabric until I started my Grassy Creek quilt. None of my units came out right until I changed the way I cut the fabric. Now they are spot on. Thanks.

  18. I read your hint about leaving the ruler line ON the fabric and I think of it (and your help) every time I cut fabric (which is really quite often)

    Thanks, Bonnie!

  19. I use solids mixed in with my scraps all the time. I even throw in a little plaid sometimes. How true about the cutting. I learned that lesson years ago. The blue bin? My greens never seem to be any less no matter how much I use. I have had to divide them into blue-green, yellow-green and true-green.


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