Monday, March 29, 2021

Weird Wild Weekend!

First - let me start with the Quilty Stuff.

I pinned and pinned and pinned some more!

SO many points to match, but it really makes it worth it.

All the while I loved seeing all of the fabrics come together like this.

Truth be told - there have been many Snail's Trail variations I have seen that just didn't float my boat.  I could never put my finger on it.

Maybe it was the size of the pieces, or the fact that the quilt was just made in two fabrics ONLY. (That's a hard one for me to swallow! LOL!)

But this one - oh I have had so much fun!

Hello, Mr. Potato Head!

The only problem was -

Even as big as this is -

It's not quite wide enough to go over the rails.

It ALMOST is - but I know when it is quilted, it will shrink up a bit.  When it is washed, it will shrink up a bit more and give that snuggly quilty texture we all love so much.

Did you know that king sized bedspreads are wider than they are tall?  I have plenty of length, but not enough width -

So the only thing I can do is make one more row of blocks to add to the side giving me room for that shrinkage to happen and not leave my sheets hanging below the quilt.

And I'm not sad about it - there are plenty of scraps to still find a place in this monstrosity.

Free Curbside Pick Up at Quiltville Inn continues!

Table saw, stand, toilet, 2  fertilizer spreaders, an old BBQ, another chair, some blinds - and this guy pulled right up!

Yesterday morning - this was all that remained!

Someone better take that commode!  I'm not going to be planting flowers in it.

Still, this has been great fun to see just what would go.

And when you can't beat them - join them!

Just down the street from me - I pulled over.

Jeff and Ashlyn are moving into their new house in just a few days.  When talking to him he said "That old kitchen sink needs to go - it's horrible, chipped, ugly -"

And the next day I saw this one in someone's yard in their "Put it Out" pile.  It will clean up nicely.

He was so excited when I sent him the pic.

And then there was this OTHER sink!

The skink is broken, but that faucet set looks awesome and will go in the stainless one.

Again, he was so excited.  And so am I.

New house, new sink, new faucets - and a happy son starting a new life making memories in their new place.

I'm glad I got a picture of these on the hillside Saturday morning -

By Saturday afternoon we had THIS!!!!!

Marble sized hail, and loads of it.

Click to Play:

it was absolutely insane! 

This second clip was the second round, about 20 minutes later:

It was so wild.  The temps dropped at least 20 degrees in about 20 minutes.  The rain came and came and came - thunder, lightning, the works.

It continued  through yesterday and last night the wind was just HOWLING like nobody's business. Luckily, no vehicles were damaged or dimpled.

Today, the sun is shining and the birds are singing.

Still, I'm afraid that the daffodils will have been pounded and blown apart - so we will see on my way to work today what happened there.

Satuday's IG Quiltfest post:

Of course it would be about the Snail's Trail blocks!

I'm afraid of the next step beyond completing the extra row for the width - this backing is going to be MASSIVE!

Yesterday's IG Quiltfest photo:

This quilt is out on my chair to stitch on.

But I've been so worn out by night time I tend to just snuggle under it - hoop and all!

BlockBase+ Drawing Time!!

I am SO excited about this drawing!

Block Base+ is the perfect stand alone or companion software for your EQ8!  And it is a $120.00 value!

Find out more about Block Base+ HERE.

Who is entry 1205 of 6007??

Kris Jacobson!!

You are going to love this software, Kris!

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There is more Gift-Away fun to happen - just check back here tomorrow and see what we've got going on!

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And this is a very very long blog post (That happens when taking Sundays off!) and I need to get a move on.  

What did you get up to over your weekend?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage quilt found in La Salle, Illinois. 

At the end of the day I often wonder: ⁣

Am I spending my time chasing all the busy insignificant things, or focusing on what really matters?

⁣Perfect for a Monday reminder! 



  1. Holy cow!!! That was some hale storm. Better than a tornado, though.

  2. I love the scrap-fabulous snails trail quilt! I'm sure the fur children will enjoy your hard work. We are on the lookout for a new toilet to replace one of the 3 we have. May try to talk hubby into replacing all 1987 vintage, why pay a plumber to replace one at a time as they fail? I like the new ones you put in the Inn - do you by chance have a link??

  3. Snail’s Trail quilt is beautiful, as for spring...March came in like a lion and is going out with a roar!

  4. Your hail storm reminds me of Opening Night at Churchill Downs several years ago. The hail was so thick, it looked like 2 inches of snow, and the races were delayed for a period of time while the grounds crew scrapped the hail off the track! Nature is amazing & awesome, all at the same time! Glad your vehicles were not damaged also!

    Catherine in SW Indiana

  5. That Mr. Potato Head fabric!!

  6. I love the texture of hand quilting as well...and am currently hand quilting Good Fortune. No longarm here, I'm terrible at quilting with a domestic machine, so everything gets hand quilted.

  7. Love the snails trail top!
    I was waiting this week to order block base, maybe I'd win through you. Darn, didn't win but congrats to Kris who did win!!!

  8. Lovin' Snail Trail. One of your prettiest.

  9. We had very strong winds yesterday afternoon and evening here in Oregon, but thankfully no hail.
    Love your Snails Trails...can't wait to get other ufo's out of the way to start this one..
    Keep up the great work,

  10. Hail is a fact of life but no one likes it. I'm glad that nothing hot damaged at your place. The snail trail quilt is a beauty. I'm working on a simple California king. You are so right about massive size. I havee joed the challenge of it.

  11. The quilt is absolutely gorgeous - you just can't beat scrappy. Also I wish daffodils grew wild here, they are so beautiful, and lastly, I am SO glad to hear you are not going to use the toilet as a planter!!!! :D

  12. I laughed at the thought of you planting flowers in the toilet!! Can't wait for the snail trail release - one more paper piecing project to add to the list. Like you, just give me a bucket of scraps, some foundation paper and I'm a happy girl.

  13. The weather is wild all over. On Sunday afternoon in southern Alberta we had wild fires racing across the prairie fields being pushed by 74 miles/hour forcing the evacuation of a town called Carmangay. Which had already had a fire that burnt down their historical hotel on Saturday night. Monday morning we woke up to blizzard. Go figure?

  14. Today here in N E Ohio its 50, tomorrow supposed to be 70 and snow Thursday. It is a crazy spring! !

  15. I am loving your Snails!! It is on my list of projects! I also just love the Pile exchange. That is so cool. The comment about having to plant flowers in the leftover commode made me chuckle!! It sounds like you have Texas weather, you know, "If you don't like it, wait 5 minutes! It will change!!" So glad to hear no damage from the hail. I can't tell you the last time we had a good thunderstorm. It's been a while. Oh well. Have a good evening!

  16. tornado warning here sunday afternoon....wind blew so bad all the tulips have lost their petals...lots of naked ones around...lol

  17. I much prefer scrappy snail trails - I think it is the multitude of colours.
    And ohmygosh! That hail and how high it was bouncing! I hope the vehicles aren't dented as happened some years ago to my daughter's car - and that was in England!
    What a great sink spot and taps too! I'd have been thrilled if I was just starting out and my folks had found that for me too. Cheers Bonnie!

  18. never been a snails tail fan until I saw your scrapy version. I may have to try this one. Not much sewing around here this past weekend. Worked the "Ugh" shift noon to 6 pm and that just takes too big a bite out of my day. But I did get my Janome home from the repair shop and she is purring like a kitten. so good things are about to happen in that sewing spoace.

  19. Your snail trail is quite fabulous! I am looking forward to purchasing your pattern for my next personal challenge in my ongoing quilting adventuresšŸ¤©. As always, my eternal gratitude for your inspiration and generosity, Bonnie!

  20. I really enjoyed reading this. Sweet life, Bonnie

  21. Hi Bonnie - I have replaced many a toilet in my rentals with nice tall commodes for our aging legs and back. I just take a small sledgehammer to the old one and put the pieces out in the trash. I'm remembering the scene from "The Help" with the front lawn of that nasty woman littered with old commodes! LOL

  22. Actually I do have a toilet in my backyard, come growing season it will have flowers and other things, just cause. As for the not wide enough quilt, I have been known to turn a quilt so that it is wider than long. I have a hubby that likes to steal the covers as he rolls around. I once woke up and he had turned the blanket 180 degrees.


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