Tuesday, March 09, 2021

It's Here! Bonnie K. Hunter's Quilter's Tech Set!

Some fun things have been long in the "behind the scenes" column, playing the waiting game to get things manufactured and released - it's been that whole supply chain back up, you know?

I was waiting for these to be ready for the holiday season - because they make such GREAT gifts!  But March is good too!

These are things I use EVERY DAY in my travel life as well as my personal life – and I know you are going to love them as much as I do.

I have worn glasses since I was 3 years old – something I don’t often have the chance to admit, and while I hated being called “four eyes” in school, and switched to contacts in high school (oh the vanity, and desire to fit in!) I gave up on that in college and have had glasses perched on top of my nose all day, every day since!

Now that I have reached the “middle age” zone – I’m finding that glasses wearing is more the norm for nearly everyone – whether they use simple readers to see closer when stitching or while working at the computer, or those of us who need our glasses every day, and are grateful for the ability to see what we are doing, whatever we are doing, more clearly.

If you had asked me back in my high school days how I would feel about having my own designs on a microfiber pouch featuring my Serpentine Web quilt - perfect for keeping my glasses scratch free, or on a beautiful mouse pad featuring my Straits of Mackinac quilt, and actually seeing my friends and fellow quilters using such a fun microfiber cleaning cloth printed with my Xing quilt to remove the sewing dust and lint from their OWN glasses – I would have said “WHAT?!”

Oh, the things I wish I could tell that much younger version of myself.“ Just keep sewing. It is going to take you places you have never dreamed possible!”

The designs on these items are from my book String Frenzy.

And the quotes make a statement, reconfirming to us why we do what we do - always!

Quilting is not just a hobby! It’s an obsession, occupation, fascination, addiction, self-expression – and most importantly for me, a way of life!

Do you feel the same way?

Enjoy this tech pack and share with friends and family! It makes the perfect gift. 

I've added it to the Gifty Items section of the Quiltville Store. I've given it a bit of a discount.  I'm limited to stock on hand, but can get more if we sell out.

With sunglasses season upon us, it will be GREAT to have a glasses pouch that shouts out my string quilting passion to the world!

For more string-enhanced fun - check out yesterday's post for IGquiltfest:

The prompt was "Scrappy Finish" and there are a lot of them happening around here as you know.

Be watching for the printable PDF pattern for my Tulip Time (Renamed from Blossom Time as everyone kept calling them Tulips anyway) to hit the Digital patterns section of the Quiltville Store on March 15th!

For those asking about "the shirt" Here you go:

And you can find it in the Quilt Wear section of the  Quiltville Amazon Affiliate Store.

Direct Link to shirt HERE.

(Many colors available)

Yesterday was full of bright sunshine - temps hit about 50, but it felt warmer.  That wind finally died!

I want to take some time and drive to where there is an interesting fence or something to display the quilt for photography (I'm still in the pattern writing phase, but I need more photos.)

On the "to do" list today is to take some more step-out photos and incorporate those.

So much to do!

Do you have anything planned for your Tuesday ahead?

Don't forget:  You'll find the printable PDF pattern for Rough & Tumble in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store. 

And the price is already marked 25% off through March 14th. No coupon code needed for this one!

The price will revert back to the full price of $12.00 on March 15th, 2021.Time is running out to save 25% on this one!

Son Jason is headed to Wallburg this morning with the trailer to pick up a couple of book cases that I am moving up to Quiltville Inn, and a few other things.

It's a flurry of activity over here, but I hope by the weekend I'll have time (and some warmer weather) to get out and get that hiking going in earnest!

Quiltville's Quote of the Day -

Vintage quilt found in North Carolina.

While things may look perfect online, everyone has a different life behind their monitors and phone screens.
People tend to heighten the positives and down play the negatives. It's human nature. ⁣
They are only showing us their A sides, not their B sides. Smoke and mirrors. Just remember that.
Most of what we see online is only what people want us to see.
Search for those who are genuine.

Have a lovely Tuesday, friends!



  1. What a beautiful Tulip Time quilt! I have been watching it evolve over time. I love the saying you mentioned on your tshirt about using scraps. Where can one find a shirt like that? I’ve slowly become a scrappy quilter vs using fabric specifically purchased for a pattern-and I am hooked! My quilting friends are very happy to hand over their fabric ends/pieces that they don’t know what to do with! Love it! I’m very grateful to them for supplying my scrap habitšŸ¤£. Thank you for helping me the real fun in turning scraps into beautiful and interesting quiltsšŸ¤—
    Bonnie in Georgia

  2. Here you go! It comes in several colors! https://amzn.to/3viGYca

  3. Thanks Bonnie, I had to go order me one too. In Purple of course. Love the Blossom time of the year. What a pretty Quilt for Spring. Glad Jeff was willing to make the trip to Wallburg for you. He's a good son! The quilts in the Iowa Quilt Museum were Awesome. I had a fun time seeing them up-close. Bought their T-Shirt too.

  4. Congratulations on another beautiful quilt finish, Bonnie! This one is SEW calling my name. LOUDLY!! :o))

  5. I'm looking forward to finishing the quilting of my Grassy Creek quilt today, it will be on my bed tomorrow. The Tulip time quilt is so pretty, I think it is going to go on the top of my to-do list. So Excited!

  6. Hello Bonnie,
    Your Rough & Tumble quilt inspires me to make it in cool, crisp linnen in a pastel colorscheme. It is going to become a wonderful summer quilt.
    Thanks for your daily cheerful and uplifting blog to which I have become 'addicted' to, never missing a day...
    Best regards,

  7. Oh, Bonnie, I generally at least like all your quilts, if not love all your quilts...but Tulip Time? That literally made my heart go pitter-patter. Truly. Pitter-patter, pitter-patter. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

  8. Love your new quilt!!

  9. It is funny you mentioned wearing glasses since you were 3. That is when I started wearing them. Then a few years ago had cataract surgery and was able to have lasik correction at the same time. Now no glasses and I feel naked! Fast forward 3 years and I now need readers and prescription for distance. Crazy!

  10. i'm seeing a new book come down the road in a few? (6 months) all your "partial" projects-- snails tail the scrappy rainbow from Oct.2020, you fooled me w/Tulips, another PDF to purchase... and the shirt? I needs that shirt!!! Repetitive I know, but hope you do not tire hearing my gratitude for your constribution to my life... Cats in Carlsbad, CA

  11. Wow! Your Tulip Time quilt is gorgeous!

  12. I had plans for today but the gods just laughed.

  13. What a neat gift idea. Of course I had to jump over to Amazon and rescue one of those shirts!! Too cute! Love the tulip quilt. Hope you are enjoying your time with your son. I have 3 more alarm clocks and then it's Spring Break!! Lots of quilting being planned next week. Have a good evening!

  14. Hi Bonnie: I Love your "?Tulip Time" quilt, Your Techi stuff and of course the T Shirt. I wore glasses from the time I was 8, then contacts (started hard, then gas permeable, then soft). Then I went to mono vision contacts before I had my eye surgery (mono vision laser PRK), But, 16 years later I wear readers for all sewing, most computer work and the cell phone too. I used to only do controlled scrappy, but when it came to "En Provence" I became more "Scrappy"

    Thank You for all the wonderful ideas you have and share with us!! You are the BEST!

    Kasilof, AK
    Where it is snowing again, and is to snow all day tomorrow!

  15. Oh that quilt!!! Beautiful. Ordered a tshirt in orange, love it! Thanks Bonnie for keeping us inspired, you are truly a blessing!


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