Thursday, March 25, 2021

Bloom, Baby, Bloom!

The forsythia are exploding!

Yesterday's trip down to the North Carolina piedmont was a wonderful sight!

You know how folks oooh and ahhh at fireworks on 4th of July?

I'm the same way when spring arrives and trees and bushes are blooming.

It was like descending into OZ.

The fog was thick all of the way between the cabin and just below the Blue Ridge Parkway - but as I got closer to Wilkesboro, the fog dissipated and and left me with a clear view of blooming loveliness that has not reached our higher elevations yet.

Oh goodness, I wish they could stay in bloom ALWAYS!

One of my favorites - there is no way to pull over and get a photo - but it looks like a 'pink waterfall tree" and I'm so glad no one was in the car with me as I was shouting and cheering "Yes!  Bloom!  Spring!" all the way down to Winston Salem.

It was a day of many things.

I got my car inspected (It had to be done by the end of the month.)

I went to the Wallburg house and loaded up MORE stuff.  I find it impossible to believe that there is still stuff in this house, but what can I say? It's getting there. One trip at a time.

Which means I can deal with small loads, and where to put the stuff, or toss the stuff, or donate the stuff.


I had a mid afternoon appointment, and then made my way back to the mountains.

Ready to install!

While I was gone, The Hubster disconnected the old range, and moved it aside so it could be hauled away and the new one brought in.

This is a Z-Line.  And I just might like it as much or more as the old one.

The only problem is - it was 1/4'' bigger than the other stove, some some removal of molding had to happen.  I don't think it will be noticeable.  

But WHY in the heck would someone change the standard size of a range? Because if that doesn't stay consistent, it's never going to fit between the cabinets! Evidently this one is 36'' and the old one was 34 3/4'' which you wouldn't think would be a problem but...

It's not like quilting!  You just can't "Ease it in to fit!"

The gas company will come install today and then we'll learn how to run it so we can tell the retreaters how to run it - 

It's never a dull moment around here!

As I was gone most of the day, once again - NO SEWING HAPPENED!  But I do have this -

IG Quiltfest Day 24: Organize!

Please notice that I didn't share a photo of the top of my cutting table at the moment!

The most important thing for me is that I can find the things I need to find - and I know where they are. Mostly. HA!

I try, but I am in a constant cycle of clean/mess/clean/mess/clean. You just have to hit me on the right day.

And TODAY is the right day.  I have ZERO errands today.  And there WILL be sewing.

The question is - will it be the Rocky Road to Kansas blocks yet to be a quilt?  Or continue on the ever languishing Snail's Trail that really wants to be a quilt at some time THIS YEAR.

Entries are still coming in fast and furious on our BlockBase+ Gift-Away!  Did you get your entry in ON THAT POST?  I'll be drawing for our winner on Monday - and it could be you!

Cyndi's Tulip Time in progress!

"This is taking way long then I thought it would...but I can see the light and I think this is going to be one of my favorites!"

Beautiful job, Cyndi!

Have you started your own Tulip Time quilt yet? The introductory sale price continues through March 31st, and then reverts to full price on April 1st. That's ONE WEEK from today!

Okay - I'm out of here to go wait for the gas company.  Like yesterday's window of stove delivery: Sometime between 8 and 5.  AUGH!

How is Thursday shaping up in your world?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Today I will spend time doing something that feeds my soul and puts things right in my world!
Background cutter quilt photo shared by Allison.. She sent me a whole load of photos she had taken of cutter quilt pieces that had been given to her, hoping I could use them for our quotes.

This one stopped me with a smile. I've been working on Rocky Road to Kansas string blocks - with yellow backgrounds! And this setting is similar to what I've been thinking.

I'd love to know who this maker was - my thoughts are of her today, and our similar choices!

Have a lovely Thursday, folks!



  1. My sewing room organization is similar to yours. The key is knowing yourself where things are. One of my friends describes my sewing room as *organized disorganization*!!!

  2. I will miss my favorite Walla Walla Dogwoods blooming once again. The many Tulips we planted are just about to bloom, I'm waiting for them like Christmas Day. IGQUILTFEST2021 has been fun! Thanks for your Quilty inspiration.

  3. I am like you Bonnie I love those beautiful Spring Blossoms on the trees and bushes. Things are beginning to green up and sprout out here in my neck of the wood too. I have seen a few daffodils and my trees are just beginning to have small amounts of green. We have had lots of rain and next week it supposed to be in the 70's a few days. I wish I could say I have been sewing all these nice rainy days; but only yesterday did I get in about 6 hours. I decided before I make anything new I have about 6 projects that need to get finished, Twinkling Stars, Silver Linings, a table runner, a knitting project and my 20 years or more languishing Dear Jane which I am making two of each block. What a crazy idea that was- my sister wanted one so I thought I would make her one too. I have probably 75% of the duplicate blocks completed. I just need to finish the rest of those so I been trying to get a least 4 blocks a week done. Enjoy your day of sewing and waiting on the gas company.

  4. I think clean,mess, clean, mess, is every quilter's pattern. Some are quicker and better organized
    So.e wait roll their all done. Me i fall in the middle.
    I had the distinct privilege of fling to Charlotte N.c. then up to Maryland. Flew over your head but didn't get to see anything but clouds. Hopefully when I head home the skis will be clear. Loved the blossoming trees I go crazy in the spring with seeing smelling and hollering.

  5. Thanks for the smile to start the day ad=nd the pictures of spring blooming! Have a great day of sewing.

  6. I’m waiting for fellow hand quilters to come over this morning to put a vintage quilt into the big floor frame, and then we’ll start quilting!

  7. I have so many quilts that I want to make but I think I need to download the tulip quilt pattern because I just love it :-) Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilt creations! I look forward to reading your blog every day.

  8. I commiserate, you'd think service providers could at least give a "before/after noon" wait time... Oh well, you'll be stitching happily, i am SO itchy to start Tulip Time... I am considering putting compilation of Grassy Creek on hold, while I kit up some Tulips to get into starter/ender mode and get 'em BOTH done! LOL, thank you for your contribution to my life... Cats in Carlsbad CA

  9. Waiting on scary spring storms today and sewing when it seems safe. I work best in my nest! Marilyn Marks

  10. I love seeing all the blooming shrubs /trees. I especially miss forsythia which surrounded my childhood home. But overnight we had 3” of snow, and it’s still coming down. Sigh. Temperature is right at freezing, so the snow is much wet and heavier than we had a week ago. Not getting much quilting done as I’m cleaning out my husband's things.

  11. Love spring too....but if we had the blossoms year around I don’t think they would bring us the same joy that they do. It’s the, we don’t appreciate what we have so it’s god’s way of reminding us to enjoy the journey. I broke out a kit yesterday, it was a panel quilt but didn’t realize it when I bought it...so I had to change the design, of course. So I am in the midst of half square triangles hundreds of them for a king size bed....call me crazy. Enjoy Friday Eve.

  12. is it just me who sees the blue mouse in the 4th blue box from the left, 3rd shelf from bottom? in the instagram pic?

    1. Fabric pattern definitely looks like a face peering out of the box. Quite funny actually - something/one is watching over Bonnie as she works.

    2. LOL! You made me look and I am not sure what that is but it does look like a face !!

  13. In New Zealand refridgerators have changed height so the only way i can buy a new one is to change my main cabinetry or buy one of a much lower volumethan my current one. Unfortunately it is also much narrower so is going to have a big gap at the sides!

  14. Ok, forget all the quilty stuff and blooming stuff...you had me cackling about ‘easing the stove in to fit’!😂😂😂😂😂. I just had my oven and cooktop replaced last fall, and we had the same problem. My cooktop was just a smidge too tight on one side...so out comes the hand planer. Good thing I still have the ugly 1974 yellow laminate counter tops! Spring has finally sprung here in Texas too! The bluebonnets have already popped up and are looking beautiful!

  15. I have purchased Tulip Time but have not started it yet. It is a gorgeous pattern and like others I am sure once completed it will be one of my favorites!

  16. I love your excitement for seeing things blooming!! I also love seeing and hearing the descriptions of your surroundings. I feel your pain on the size of the new stove. That's crazy how things change like that. Glad to hear that you are getting some sewing time in. Looking forward to a good couple of days like that this weekend. Have a good evening!

  17. That pink waterfall tree might be a weeping cherry. They are fabulous - you should plant one !!!

  18. Thursday turned out to be a day I'd rather not have seen. My follow up to orthopeedic dr. to confirm and release me from care for the healed shoulder. Turned into another problem. The knee xray showed I am very close to a knee replacement. I am hoping I die before that becmes a necessary procedure. Anyway NOthing on the schedule for Friday so I hope to get into some serious sewing. MY one favorite tip for my sewing room which is usually a mess,... is this. I have several little circles of sticky velcrow attached to my machine. These hold my seam ripper, and a pair of tweezers which I use to pull up the bobbin threa and other threads I can't grab easily. I used to spend so much time looking for those two items, now they are always at hand.. IF I REMEMBER TO PUT THEM BACK IN THEIR PLACE.

    1. I've had both knees replaced, the last about five years ago. Don't dread it. Sure, there is pain in the beginning and you have to go through rehab. Just keep thinking it gets better every day and one day you are recovered and have a brand new working knee. We hit a certain age and parts wear out. I just consider myself lucky that modern medicine can provide us with remedies our mothers or grandmothers could not get. Of course, now I really need a pep talk to get me through the shoulder surgery I need for torn rotator cup, badly torn ligaments and a bone spur.
      The only light side in this is that the surgeon asked me if I skied or played tennis - that one kept my kids laughing for days. Love your hint for attaching the velcro to the machine. I seem to lose things so easily on my sewing table. Good luck with your surgery - you won't regret it. Just remember, every day it gets better and you will get through rehab.

  19. The size of the stove would've sent me over the edge!! Recently I had to replace my front load washer and the one I picked out wouldn't fit down my basement stairs! Seriously?? And don't get me started on replacing my kitchen sink. The home shows on TV want you to completely redo your kitchen, I just want a sink that I don't need to rip out the kitchen to work. Good grief! I'm glad in sewing I can say close enough to most things.

  20. I love seeing how you organize your space - more pictures please. I have that same shelving (Lowes) and you are correct, they carry an inferior brand, Bello, of shoeboxes now. (Go to Walmart or Target.) Now I want to go rearrange my shelves!! (again!) And I am loving the Tulip quilts more and more. So light & Springy!!!! Things are blooming now in my area - NC piedmont. Just Lovely!!!!

  21. No quilting today or tomorrow. Keeping my 7 year old grandson.

  22. In the past few years, we had to replace both our refrigerator and our upright freezer. The old refrigerator was 24.5 cubic feet and the freezer was about the same. We shopped all over because the new refrigerators were taller and the new freezers were wider. We were forced to replace both with much smaller models so they would fit under the cabinet in the kitchen and through the basement door (even with that had to remove molding). I keep praying the dishwasher lasts until we move some day because I'm sure that will have changed. Living with the smaller fridge and freezer is constantly annoying.

  23. I share everyone's frustration about appliance sizes changing. We have a closet in the kitchen for the washer and dryer. When the dryer died 2 years ago we had to search endlessly to find a dryer that would fit the space. Just praying the washer doesnt die! Ive asked around the neighborhood, everone has the same problem and have been forced to put new washers and dryers in the basement. Not fun if you are older living in a 2 story house.

  24. Thank you Bonnie for sharing your fabric storage ideas with us. I really enjoy your blog everyday. I was just thinking of a better way to store my fat quarters, your idea is very much like the one I had decided to do. This is my first time to share with you. Love your tulip quilt.

  25. A beautiful drive so glad for Spring and it’s beauty.


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