Friday, March 26, 2021

The Gas Men Cometh! (And 3 more blocks to go!)

Two friendly masked helpers came for the new range install yesterday!

The moved right into position, started up with conversion kits and attachments, hoses and nozzles - 

They were even so great they peeled the sticky film (That was NOT easy to remove!) from the sides of the range before sliding it into place, connected to the gas and ready to go!

Okay, it is kind of like Christmas.

Even if I didn't want a new one!

Playing the flame game!

How high?  How low?

For anyone who asked - this new range is a Z-line.  I do not know the model number. It's somewhere. But not here where I am typing.

We obtained this beauty from Lowes, who had it in stock (Which was a miracle in itself! I was so worried the old one would die before we could get a new one installed!) and miracle of miracles, it was delivered on Wednesday by the Lowe's folks - and installed yesterday by the gas folks.

I NEVER have things run that smoothly in my life.

This new-to-me gadget is a simmer ring!

Have you used one?  I have never seen one.  But evidently it raises the pot off the flame enough to just keep things warm. It sits on top of whichever burner you wish to use it on.

Will we use it?  Who knows.  I'm certainly game to try!

We have now replaced in the appliance department: the dishwasher, the fridge, wood stove was replaced with a gas one, now the range - and the two 50 gallon gas water heaters, the installation of the 500 gallon propane tank - and 4 Mitsubishi split units on the main level and garage. Oh, and the washer and dryer too.

Can we be DONE with this stuff now??

It's Spring PUT IT OUT season!

What is PUT IT OUT?  The first week of April is our BIG PICK UP trash opportunity.  The time when we can put out furniture, mattresses, bulky items for pick up.

I learned the first year we were here (4 years ago now!) that the key is to start putting stuff out a couple of weeks early.

We are allowed something like 10 items at the curb.

If you put them out early, they have a tendency to find new homes by drive by, so you can keep putting out MORE big items to a total of 10 all the way up until big item pick up actually happens.

So far this week I started with one folding rocking chair, and while I was back in to grab something else - I saw a car pull to the curb. (Imagine me as Mrs. Kravitz peeking through the blinds!)

The lady got out, opened and closed the chair to see if it was broken or not, and determining that it was whole and functional, threw it in her trunk quick as a flash and went on up the highway.

Oh, this is fun!  What else can I send on its way to a new life?

I tried a few old sewing machine carcasses - the good parts having been stripped and saved.  The next morning, all 3 of them were gone.

What else can I put out?

A couple of beat up chairs, a few lamps (Two are left, both shades AND the bulbs are gone! LOL!) a rocking chair with broken caning in the seat, and an old stand up clock that I couldn't get repaired.

Oh, and a subwoofer from some random stereo that we don't have anymore.

Yesterday morning? This is all that remains!  I'll see if they are still there today.

This is the time that the junk is popping up as quickly as the tulips and daffodils!

I'm wondering if we put the old commodes (We replaced those with comfort height ones at the inn) at the curb if they would go too?

Remember - the game is no more than 10 items at a time, and you want to end up with the stuff that no one wants to be left on pick up day for haul away.  Put out the good stuff first so it can go on down the highway.

Yes - this is how we entertain ourselves in these parts.

Yesterday's IG Quiltfest Day 25 prompt:

All about the WHOOPS!

As I said in the post - sometimes it gets fixed. Sometimes it gets tossed, and sometimes - it just stays because I can't be bothered!

How about you?

And yes, I did get some work done on these yesterday - setting the Rocky Road to Kansas blocks aside in favor of pushing this one forward.

Yesterday's round of sewing gave me 5 more.

There are only 3 block quarters left to make - and if I can get that done today, I can sew them into big blocks, and hopefully over the weekend start to assemble the top.

King sized!  I need a bigger design floor.

And still?  The piles of odd sized scraps have not gone down - not really.

All of those cut off corners from joining borders on the diagonal - or stitch and flip from other projects - all of those short rectangles from the ends of strip sets - 

There will be MORE of this kind of project to use the little leavings in my future.  And I've sure had a kick putting in all the random weird fabrics that just "don't go."  You can't get this from a jelly roll or layer cake. You can't get this mix with one fabric line, one designer, one manufacturer.

And long live Mrs. Potato Head - upper right corner. I dare you not to smile at the whimsy!

Other things to remember. (I'm feeling ultra wordy this morning - it must be the sun shining after all the rain we had last night.)

You did sign up for the BlockBase+ Gift-Away, right? Read about it and enter ON THAT POST.

Tulip Time blocks by Sofie Taylor!

"I cut intending to be a leader/ender but admit have gotten a little carried away...Have been twirling all my seams so adds a little time, the grouping cutting takes a bit of effort too but once batched...they go pretty quick."

What a great idea to build the blocks as Leaders & Enders, Sofie!

When I was making my blocks I would designate a couple of hours to just cutting out and kitting up, so when I was ready to be at the machine, everything was in baggies ready to go.

Your fabrics are so whimsical and fun!

The printable PDF pattern for Tulip Time is currently marked 25% off in the in the Quiltville Store, no coupon required. 

This sale is good through Wednesday, March 31st, 2021.  The pattern will revert back to full price on Thursday, April 1st, 2021.

We are under wind advisory until afternoon - so I'm playing today by ear, but really hoping to get those Snail's Trail block quarters done so I can move on to big block assembly.

How about things in your neck of the woods?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Believe you can and you are headed in the right direction! 

There is much much to have faith in. There is so much to hope for.

Vintage feathered star quilt found in North Carolina! 

(And maybe I need a paper pieced feathered-something to use up those small hunks and chunks?!)

Have an awesome Friday, everyone!



  1. I cannot see the piecing error, even with the arrow. Gone back to look at it 5 times, nope, can't see it. Oh well, now I need to go vacuum!

    1. Anna you are not alone. I can't see it either and I looked until I was cross-eyed!

    2. I saw it but only after I looked at a couple other 4 patches. LOL It is well hidden. When the whole quilt is put together no one will no where it is except maybe Bonnie. Down the road a few years and Bonnie wont be able to find it. LOL

  2. We put stuff to the curb all the time and it is fun to check and see if it is gone. But I think it is more fun to drive around and see if we can use anything someone else puts out. Got a bakers rack one time and we were walking that day and I had to stop and hubby had to go and get truck so we could get it home.

  3. We left our two old toilets curbside, went to the grocery store and they were both gone when we returned. Try it๐Ÿ˜Š

  4. i call that sidewalk shopping...LOL

  5. Lady if you don’t come up with a block or quilt named “hoses and nozzles” you have missed an opportunity!! Lol!

  6. Hey-I could use that dish rack.

    1. It's the same as my NEW dish drainer & I'm in Australia

    2. look at the centre 4 patch with attached triangle. Now rotate it. The two half triangle should match up. No a triangle and a 4 patch. But it is still beautiful.

  7. Hi Bonnie

    I haven't heard of a summer ring. I need to get one for my stove. The front burners don't go low enough to simmer and have burned the food. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I think the simmer ring is a nice addition to your new stove. I wouldn't have minded if my new stove had come with a simmer ring.

  8. Will you be putting a sashing unit between your snail trails? I am doing them too and havent made up my mind yet. Just doing the 4 units together into blocks for now and at a MUCH slower pace then you, Bonnie. Not even sure of the size I am aiming for....just enjoying digging thru my fabric pieces. Love the scrappy feel but using more subtle dark prints with the lights. My bad trashcan aim has resulted in LOTS OF PAPER pcs falling on my sewing room floor rather then the garbage. LOL. (PS those pc errors are easy to do with the snail...I have to lay it out before sewing to make sure my brain and eyes are doing it right)

  9. The curb thing is so fun. I'm afraid I would adopt more than I put out. I bet the toilets will go fast.

  10. My daughters in Portland, OR use a BuyNothing group to find new homes for still usable stuff, you post what you have & no longer need, potential adoptees respond, questions get answered. When a match is made, you send the address privately & put t it out on the porch. The city version of what you describe.

  11. Not a simmer ring, but I have a steel plate that serves the same function. I think it's called a simmer mat on Amazon. I use mine a lot for low heat, like for simmering rice or keep soup on low.

  12. I’m with Anna in the above comment... I don’t see the error in the snails trail block. I feel real dense! But I have “color choice” insecurities so is this what is wrong with this block? Please let us know!

  13. We put out a broken dining room chair one year. Someone picked it up. About 3 years later I was with my son and daughter at a monthly flea market. We saw a chair and I remarked to my son that looks like the chair we put out a few years ago. Upon looking we found where the break had been repaired. It was our chair. The estimate for a furniture repairperson was $60 plus. The dealer sold it to us for $30. Win win - saved money and got the chair back with the set. LOL

    1. Now your dinning furniture is once again a whole set.

  14. LOVE Mrs Potato Head in the Snails Trail blocks! Sooooooooooo fun1

    1. I love Mrs. Potato Head too. She will help me use up a lot of pieces of fabric meant to be for children or babies.

  15. I use the "buy nothing" group on Facebook in my neighborhood, too. It's fun and works well, but curbside is easier. I love the simmer ring! Our very old gas stove converted to propane still works well and we just bought an inexpensive metal heat "diffuser" to use under pans for simmering soups and stuff like that. Keeps food from burning or sticking. OK back to quilting! Thanks Bonnie!

  16. Love that you put ads in your blog and highlight your patterns to keep the inn going. We also get your mystery quilts and other good stuff. The difference between you and so many others is that blog consistently and share so much including encouragement. The discussion about getting rid of stuff made me laugh because February is our time and they pick up weekly. My husband is cleaning out the storage shed so he put stuff out every Tuesday for Wednesday pickup. Very little was left on Wednesday. He forgot one week and went I went out to get the mail the Garbage man asked if we had anything. He was selling it and supplementing his income. Hooray for him. He came by our house on Tuesday night because he saw "good stuff" the first week. One man's trash...

  17. Something I heard on TV today:"If it comes from your stash, it's free!" That's what I'm telling my husband. Doesn't count if I have to buy new fabric for borders.

  18. In the little town where I lived before, we had this wonderful opportunity twice a year. I put out all sorts of "stuff" including two toilets, a water heater, and a rusted burn barrel - all of them were gone in a flash. On my drive around one year I scored an iron bed(complete) - just needed cleaning up a bit. It is an entertaining endeavor - yay for rural living.

  19. I love your Snails Trail quilt. Kids would have fun playing eye spy with the blocks in it. The cows, foxes, bees, Dr. Seuss fabric, Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head, etc., make it a fun quilt.

  20. I adore drive by shopping! When I lived in Herndon, VA spring clean-up day was the best. I got a brand new rice cooker!

  21. What a neat idea to do the curbside thing! Such a cute story you had and it made me chuckle. Glad you are seeing the end of the Snail Trail blocks. Not much going on this weekend. SUpposed to be rainy on Sunday which is perfect. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  22. I grew up in Missouri and we had a wood cook stove that was moved outside to the side yard in the summertime to can on. We had a clivershaped heat diffuser that we set pans on to simmer. There was a restaurant in Denver that had all this stuff on the walls like Cracker Barrel. They were giving away dinner to whomever could tell them the name that was used for it. As much as I used it for all those years. I could not remember the common name and still can't. Must have been a regional thing. And as many shops, flea markets, and sales barns across the country, I have never seen another one.

  23. Your Spring "Put It Out" sounds like a brilliant idea!
    No sewing happening here, I'm too busy in the garden at the moment - got to make the most of the good weather! Love keeping up with your daily happenings :)

  24. We used to live in Arkansas. We put old pulled up carpet, taken down cabinets and much more on the curb to have it all disappear. Toilets would have gone too. People used such at their "dear camps" where they were not concerned about quality, just a place to come in out of cold or rain with dirty, muddy boots and clothes. I bet your toilets would go too, bound to be various crude type hunting cabins around.

  25. In the area I used to live in people put 'free' stuff out on the curb all the time. I got a few things I needed and I always got rid of the stuff I couldn't put in the trash because it was too big. :-)

    I sure miss that here, but maybe I will try it and see if people play along....

  26. I didn't look to see if anyone else has written this.

    The "round thing" that came with your new gas range ( a beauty) is a Wok Ring. It is shaped to support a wok on the burners, so that it has stability. I enjoy your daily post, and love the Mystery Quilts!


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