Saturday, October 20, 2018

Quilt-Cam 10/19/2018!


There are days when you just HAVE to sew for the holiday at hand!

I’ve never been one to be able to sew Christmas in July, or Halloween in March – the season has to land on me for me to feel like sewing with it.

Maybe you are like this too? 

That said, I’ve got several “holiday” things that only come out to be worked on when that holiday is in close range.  And that’s okay.  They will get done eventually.

This is my Chain & Hourglass block from the July/Aug ‘18 Addicted to Scraps column in Quiltmaker.  Though it may not be on news stands any longer – if you can’t find a paper copy online, I know for a fact you can get a DIGITAL COPY and sew along with me!

I’m not sure how I’m going to set my blocks yet – I’m just going to make a bunch and play with them.  Perhaps a table runner is all that I need to tickle my Halloween fancy?

I was so tickled by the number of folks who joined me in last night’s Quilt-Cam via Facebook live!


Dorothy W’s On Ringo Lake!

I just love how she added the 4 patch border to the outside!  She writes:

“I got my quilt back from the Long arm quilter last Friday. I decided to make it king size...a LOT of pieces! Ready for binding.”

Beautiful job, Dorothy!

This email came in from Elizabeth who writes:

"Hi Bonnie! My name is Elizabeth.
I made two quilts of your Patches and Pinwheels pattern for my two nephews that share a room. They will be Christmas presents. I’m thinking books and flashlights to add to the package. I’m hoping they use the quilts as forts and sneak some late night reading under them!"


"Both tops are super scrappy, but the backs are in each boys favorite color-one red and one blue. I’m watching you while binding the blue one."


Beautiful quilts, Elizabeth!
I love the backing on this one!

Patches & Pinwheels is found under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.

Tis the season to get cranking on all of those gift-quilts!  I am sure these will be so very much loved!

Naomi B sent in a photo of her recent Boxy Stars finish!


Get a load of those sashings!

(Small PNG image file – sorry if it is blurry!)

She simply says “Bonnie, I just finished my  Boxy Stars quilt top this week.  I love it!”  And I do to, Naomi!

The scrap happiness was palpable last night – so much fun to see what you are working on!


From Lynda in Forest, Ontario, Canada!

Great Diamond Tile quilt, Lynda!

“Just finished making this top waiting to load on my hand quilting frame. Thank you for the great pattern.” Lynda K.

Diamond Tile was an Addicted to Scraps block from earlier in the year – it’s been a fun one to watch come together in oh, so many variations!  Have you made one?

It was just a fun fun evening!  Click to play:

I'm headed off to Virginia this morning – stopping for lunch in West Jefferson to meet up with Mona and Rick who are going to help get the new china cabinet from the antique mall up to Quiltville Inn – Carrie’s beautiful Magnolia china will have a HOME by evening time!

Somewhere in there I’m going to have to stop for groceries because I just KNOW there is nothing but condiments in the fridge. 

My Halloween fabric to go with my Chain & Hourglass project is going with me – I’ll be getting all the blocks kitted up and ready to go to West Virginia with me at the end of the month!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage quilt found in Nebraska -

Thinking you can is more than half the battle!

Welcome to the weekend, everyone!


  1. I just watched quiltcam this morning, and I love your Halloween quilt! I'm working on a Halloween Haberdashery quilt. I have eight more blocks to go! Also nearing the finish line is a gray and white boxy stars for my youngest daughter. We fondly call it The Almost Fifty Shades of Gray quilt. I'll send you a pic when it's finished! It's very scrappy despite the limited palette!

  2. Enjoyed Quilt cam! I so appreciate you. I needed a reminder in spinning seams. Had forgotten a few tips. Thanks! I hope you have a lovely day! I to tend to want to sew whats in season! Working on pumpkins today!!

  3. Hi Bonnie. I will be joining in the fun in West Virginia in November. Can't wait although it is a little intimidating to be cutting out for 4 quilts at a time! Can't wait to share in all the fun! P.S. If you are coming from Mouth of Wilson and need something hauled, I will be leaving the 31st and spending the night in Charleston WV. Just thought I would mention it.

  4. i like to work on seasonal quilts, but ironically I find myself with a Fourth of July quilt and a St. Patrick’s day quilt ready for quilting at this moment. Perhaps it’s because I’m just slow. I like to think I’ll be ahead of the holiday if I actually get them done now!

  5. Enjoyed watching quiltcam this morning and your funeral plans! Had to replay it for hubby and we both had a good laugh, love the fat quarters on the way out the door!!! Good idea ;) I am itching to start on your pumpkin patch when the new book is ready !

  6. I was on a Busload of Fellow Quilters on the way home from Spokane Quilt Show. I saw 4 versions of Quiltville quilts. 3 were last year's Mystery. Fun Halloween blocks. Love the Ooo!

  7. Having a QuiltCam episode to watch is kind of like having my favourite treat/chocolate bar ...
    it's a big decision of when I will be able to enjoy it...
    anticipation is part of the fun, so I'm thinking of saving it until Sunday when I do my hand stitching.
    So exciting... looking forward to watching :)

  8. I've really been missing quilt cam! Thanks for doing another, however the date on the blog for it is last month! oops.

  9. Oh, and EXCELLENT demo on spinning the back seams and why. Thank you!

  10. Really love the sashing on that Boxy Stars quilt. I can never get into sewing for a season or holiday until it is almost here. Thank you so much for Quilt Cam, I really enjoyed it.

  11. I forgot to mention that I went to a local quilt show on Saturday, and there was an On Ringo Lake in bright batiks! It was gorgeous!


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