Friday, October 12, 2018

A Cathedral Stars Day to Play!


Grand Island has been Grand in every sense of the word!

Where else can you get the whole QUILT ROOM at the state fair grounds to host a workshop for 46?

And then have your evening presentation held to maximum capacity at the beautifully renovated Grand Theater downtown??

They’ve pulled out ALL the stops, and there is no stopping!


Yes, the whole quilt room!


This space is MASSIVE!

And bright, and white and so much fun!

Cathedral Stars is found under the Free Patterns tab at the top of the blog – have you made one?  If not, print out the pattern and jump right on in!


We got right down to making four-patches from strip sets,

Cutting them in already matched pairs ready to sew!


And if you are part of the pink ladies, you sew on a pink featherweight!


And wear pink sewing PJs because we can!

(love these ladies – they are such a joy to be around!)


Nell’s fun polka dots steal the show!

Before long – there were alternate blocks happening with the addition of half square triangle units.


Of course, there is always good food!

We had a lovely catered lunch – mmmmmm!


And oh, my stars -

The stars came out!


End of day and the quilt layout game!


WOW!  A whole mass of gorgeousness is happening right here!

The rest of our workshop day is found in the video below.  Click to play:

Thanks for the wonderful day, everyone!


It was an awesome day all around – and it wasn’t over yet.


Setting up at the Grand!


It’s not every day I get my name on a marquee!


Oh my goodness, the quilters are excited, and so am I!

It was an amazing day all around, in much contrast to what was going on at home as Hurricane Michael roared over the Carolinas – including my small town of Wallburg, NC.

Our little creek at the back of the property turned into a raging river – I have never seen it like this before. 

This is a couple of combined clips The Hubster did of our back yard, and the water crossing the street just 2 doors down from our house yesterday afternoon.

As of last night the power was still out.  It could be a couple of days before power is restored – there were over 40,000 folks without power in my immediate area when I last checked.

Maybe I’m glad I’m in Nebraska after all!

Today we’ve got a Virginia Bound workshop up on deck – bring on the string piecing.  We’ll be back at the fair grounds again, and I’m looking forward to a great day in the quilt mines!


Quiltville Quote of the Day.

As much as we are what we eat, we are also what we speak.

Choose your words carefully today, just be aware!

Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. prayers for the safety of you and yours, another storm to weather! Thanks always for your contribution(s) to my life, Cats in Carlsbad CA

  2. Glad your house is up high! Prayers for all effected by the storm. Safe journeys always.

  3. Right now if I am what I eat - I am candy corn!!!!!!

  4. So glad that, even though your home has no power, it has no flooding!! Your little creek has turned into a raging river!! Hope all the chickens were removed from the chicken coop!! Great stars yesterday...today will be just as grand!

  5. It is scary what water can do and how fast it can do it! Glad you’re safe in Nebraska and the hubs is home with all the critters. What a magnificent venue at the theater! It looks like everyone is on a giant roller coaster ride!!! What fun!

  6. Hi Bonnie,
    When does the mystery quilt announcement come out? I am hoping not to have missed it. Thanks Annie

  7. I have to share this story with you. My best friend and I are on a trip to Iceland and are lounging in the hotel. We live in Illinois but she grew up in Grand Island. I just showed her your blog pics and she went to high school with a lady pictured. She hasn’t seen her since they walked out as seniors, 45 years ago. What are the chances???? I told her you are a quilting mega star!!!

    1. Who was it??? That is so cool! I'd love to tell her this story:)

  8. Did I miss the link for your husband clips of the raging little creek? I don't see a link. Glad everyone was safe.

  9. Loved, loved, loved every minute of our time with you!!! It was well worth the 3+ year wait to have you come to Grand Island! Thanks, so much, and safe travels to your next adventure!

  10. Theresa Lillibr....

    1. Sure! I know her! I will have to tell her :)

    2. What is your friends name? I sent Terry a message telling her that your friend recognized her! Crazy!

  11. Leslie Zilles Croxell


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