Sunday, October 07, 2018

Nebraska Bound!


Guess what I found last night?

Hidden in NEARLY plain sight?

My missing *put away for safe keeping* Hexie Star blocks.

Where were they?  On my vanity table with a quilt on top.  Oh, brother!

And if I hadn’t been searching for something else during my round of packing for Nebraska – I never would have found them.  Isn’t that the way it always goes?

I’m packed and ready for the Nebraska quilters – I hope THEY are ready for ME!

On my way home from “the great bed run of 2018” on Friday, I was able to stop at a couple of places I had passed before – and with enough advance warning knowing I was coming this way – was on the look out for!

This is Sarah’s Fox Creek General Store.  The building has been here since 1934!

When I had driven past before, it was either after hours or I didn’t have time to stop, or was in the car with other folks – but Friday was MINE an I stopped in.


You can’t see her, but Sarah is behind the counter somewhere!

Do you feel like you walked right into Ike Godsey’s store from The Waltons?  I sure did!

Not only does Sarah provide a vast number of every day grocery items and sundries, there are snacks and beverages for those hiking and camping in the nearby state park, or hiking on the Appalachian trail.

There is a deli/cafe that serves up wonderful homemade baked goods and meals – this is the spot where the local gals meet on the Third Thursday of the month for morning coffee.  Yes.  Those ladies that I’ve yet to meet in person, but can’t wait to – if I am ever in town on the Third Thursday of the month!


Love the overalls hanging from the ceiling!

You can get your needed grocery items, take your lunch to eat in or to go, get a smattering of local chit chat and even gas up your car out front.  But I knew I liked Sarah the moment I saw this sign hanging by the cash register:

Oh, yes!

When I introduced myself as new to the area, and the new owner of “The Field’s House” I was met with a huge smile and a “Oh, YOU are the quilter who bought Aaron Floyd’s place!”  Yes.  Yes I am!

We talked of catering possibilities – she does a wonderful BBQ amongst other things, and I believe I’ll keep her info on hand so that retreaters can pre-arrange a meal delivered should they wish to go that route. 

Sarah’s Fox Creek General Store is within 5 miles of Quiltville Inn.  I have a feeling my retreaters will be spending quite a bit of time here, stocking up on quilt-fuel snacks and soaking up as much as they can of our Virginia back roads.

On my way home I stopped to take photos of a couple more interesting buildings that had previously caught my eye:


I’d only seen it from the back before – but it is massive!

What is this place?

I turned a side road of the highway to find -


It’s still massive!  What is it?

A boarding house?


Evidently it was a “hotel” in its day!

I found this out during lunch with Martha yesterday – where I met her friend Toni and a quick Mexican lunch turned into 2 hours as we talked and talked and talked.

I would love to know MORE about this place – if I find out anything I’ll let you know.


Beautiful highway over the mountain – leaves turning color just a bit.


This little cabin!

I had noticed it tucked under a huge pine tree on a couple of other trips.  Isn’t it darling!  What is the story here?


Was it just a little hunting cabin?

Or did someone LIVE HERE way back when?

These mountains are full of wonderful sights and stories that beckon me to learn more about the people who lived here.  We are going to have fun discovering it all!


Through the bug spattered windshield as I work my way to Quiltville Inn.

I’m ready to throw myself into Omaha Sweater Weather where temps are ranging from 40s to 50s as the HIGH.  I’m not sure I’m ready for this!

Warm socks!  Hoodie!  Jacket – but I think I left my favorite one at the cabin from last winter -

Did I mention it was 90 in Virginia on Thursday and Friday? Yesterday not much cooler?

Two quilt weather, here we come!

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Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Close up of Straits of Mackinac – coming soon in String Frenzy!
(I love the crab!)

After a month off for emotional slow down and healing – it feels great to be running off and surrounding myself with quilters and abundant creativity.

This ALSO fills my soul!

Have a wonderful Sunday, my friends!


  1. Several years ago I saw old houses which have become covered with vines called 'feral houses'. I love that term.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Breakfast at Sarah's includes men too. What I learned at the breakfast gathering was that the big old building you're wondering about was once a first-class restaurant. People came from near and far to eat there.

  4. Your so right that wonderful general store straight out of the Waltons or little house on the prairie such fun and the sign is perfect.
    So pleased you for doing your stars brilliant, always when you least expect it lol
    Have a safe journey to Nebraska and a fun filled week
    Love and quilty hugs

  5. Sadie Jane will miss you! Lucky Nebraska quilters! Are you going to be close to the Quilt Museum? I would love to shop in Sarah's store.
    It is a step into Waltons Mountain. Stars found, Yahoo!!

  6. That house/hotel you are puzzling about reminds me of a stagecoach lay-over place that used to stand in a small town here in Iowa.

  7. Received a copy of the Quilter's Datekeeper/Perpetual Calendar yesterday. Spent the evening looking at all the lovely quilts and great info included. And adding birthdays and anniversaries to the appropriate spaces. Love it and have a few people in mind who I just might cross off the Christmas list with a copy. Thanks Bonnie.

  8. I think you would enjoy the International Quilt Museum in Lincoln. It wouldn't be out of your way to make a stop there.

  9. I have you beat, I found my missing fabric to finish my hexie table topper in plain site pined to my project sitting on my machine. I was waiting for my half hexies to arrive so I could finish and pinned the fabric to the topper. Talk about opening eyes and looking. Have safe travels.

  10. Hey would the old hotel be a quiltville Inn extension?

  11. I am so envious of your back road excursions and finds, you always seem to find such neat places to explore. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful findings.

  12. I’m thinking the old hotel building would make a great quilt store!! Wish I could uproot my hubs!

  13. You're making it harder and harder to stay away! Can't wait till the Quiltville Inn is open and we can come.

  14. She is scheduled to stop there!

  15. Oh my gosh. I had a beloved neighbor, Vera, who was in her 80's and used to tell me stories about when her daddy ran the general store and she would take his lunch to him--in a bucket--every day. I loved sitting with her on her porch in rickety old chairs, hearing about the olden days. She was still proud of having been chosen for such an important role. And if you're wondering why a man who ran a general store needed lunch brought to him, I was told that Vera's mother was an outstanding cook and her father was not satisfied with anything other than her home cooking. (Sigh. I miss those conversations.)

  16. In the general store picture, did anyone else see the quilt block in the right upper corner? This picture reminds me of those pictures where you find the different items hiding in plain sight. Fun place.
    Polly Blank


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