Sunday, October 14, 2018

In Search of the Lovely, and the Strange!


Adventures in Treasure Hunting!

I’ve had a couple of opportunities to hit some area Antiquing hubs while on this whirlwind 10 days in Nebraska tour – One in Grand Island on my way in from Lincoln, and yesterday afternoon after being passed off from the Grand Island group into the hands of the Elkhorn group.

The changing of the guard.

The passing of the package.

Much like the pigskin being passed during yesterday’s Husker’s game that we listened to on our way to Elkhorn.

I LOVE college spirit.  I LOVE seeing folks behind their teams and wearing colors and athletic wear even on an “away-game” day.

I went from one car full of red wearing quilting fans into another big truck of red wearing quilting fans!

Kay is quite experienced when it comes to knowing which antique mall may provide the best unearthing of interesting stuff.  Stacy was just about to get her feet wet when it came to digging through a myriad of booths in an antique mall looking not only for the wonderfully cool – but also in search of the whacky and weird.

It was an antiquing adventure she isn’t likely to forget any time soon!

Do you notice the machine display in the top photo above?  It had me laughing right away.

The only thing “frontwards” about this machine is the drawers.  LOL.  It’s billed as a “left handed” machine. Things that make you go “ummmmm!”


Yes, there were quilts, loads of quilts!

I love the pink background – but notice how all the yellow ones go across the center. Design choice!


Oh my!  Carolina Lily!


Check out the stuffed wreaths.

This was a master piece – but like so many of the quilts made with these red calicoes – the black design on top of the red ate away at the red fabric underneath – all of those oles are where fabric has disintegrated – but this quilt was gorgeous!


This one is so fun!

It has me re-thinking of what I want to do with my 60 degree diamond stars -

(Maybe next go-round)


Wonderful album block – fabrics also weaering through -

But isn’t it lovely? 


Whirly gig quilt top – bright – happy.

So many of these were made during the depression era, and never completed as folks thought they too closely resembled swastikas by the time WWII rolled around.


Things that make you go WHAT?!

These items were from Grand Island.

I just don’t understand  the re-doing of a treadle table this way.  If you want to use it as a desk, fine – but you can’t put your knees under if you’ve mounted the drawers in the center.  *shaking my head*

And while we are on the subject if the WEIRD things – are you ready?


Can anyone say dust catching fire hazard??

No, there will NOT be any lace doll lamps at Quiltville Inn! LOL!


Beer can hat!!

I do suppose that if you wore your beer can hat to the tea party on the front porch we’d get a good laugh out of it.

I never understood why these were a popular thing at the time, but I do remember them at the beach when I was a little kid.


String spitting wall hanging ceramic head.

I know that folks tied EVERYTHING up with string before there were zip lock bags – but this still looks disturbing to me.  Like a Chucky head on the kitchen wall. Circa 1930s or 40s I guess – and very popular in the day.

But to top the Grand Island Discoveries – check out this lovely Omaha collectible:


Oh. My. Trolls!

No.  Just no!


There were some fun quilts -

I love the big wide sashing on this one – those huge red cornerstones are great!


Mama said there’d be days like this!


This was so INTERESTING!

I’ve never seen this flower pot variation before – have you?


And this one stole our hearts -

Look closely – can you see how one half is lighter?

Was that due to a sunny window?


Much darker on the left!


Atomic iron.

Such a cool shape!

I have one treasure coming home with me – it has to be light enough to not put myj luggage overweight.  I found a white enamel water pitcher with a black rim that is going to sit on the kitchen counter at Quiltville Inn and hold slotted spoons and spatulas.  It’s chippy and very vintage looking and I’m excited about it.

I loved the time spent wandering and poking around with these fun quilters – a perfect way to kill a couple of hours while getting to know them!

Today, tomorrow and Tuesday I’m with the Cottonwood Quilt Guild.  Today’s workshop is Roll Roll Cotton Boll from String Fling followed by Jared Takes a Wife from the free patterns tab tomorrow.

Evening guild presentation tomorrow night, and a morning presentation on Tuesday will round out the last days of this 10 day tour – and I’ll be heading on home Wednesday.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Do what brings you joy, and share it with those around you!

Have a lovely Sunday, folks!


  1. Bonnie, the Stacey that picked you up is the younger sister of my best friend in high school! NE is a small world, for sure! As to the Husker spirit, now you know why the phrase, "There is no place like Nebraska." has been running around our state and representing Nebraska practically forever. I hope when you go home that you will honestly be able to tell others that, "There is no place like Nebraska!" Sandi Griepenstroh

  2. Bonnie I'm left handed and that machine is confusing! I'm sitting here scratching my head...feels so backwards

    1. I agree with you Renee. I am lefthanded also and I can't see how I would be comfortable using this one!

  3. It's (almost) entirely backwards! The drawers were turned around to face the customer, but what you're looking at is the back of the machine. Shame on the vendor for either being THAT ignorant, or for trying to scam the unwary.

  4. It's cute how not all of those flowerpots are tipped at quite the same angle. Some wobbly ones!

    I'll bet it was fun to see the vintage prints in that one, the one above w the big red cornerstones, and the half-faded one below up close. Are you willing to share what antique mall you were at? I'm close enough to Omaha to drive there, and wouldn't mind driving to see those in person.

  5. If you shop Ebay you see a lot of listings where the photo only shows the BACK of the machine. There are lots of folks out there who have no idea which way a machine faces!

  6. The quilt that's half faded would make a great leader/ender quilt. Simple, but effective design.

  7. When I first saw that flower pot quilt I thought it was lobsters!!!!

  8. The string holder would be even more disturbing if the string were ciming out of the nose.

    1. bahaha! That would be hilarious. I would almost want to buy that and sneakily hang it in someone's house as a joke.

  9. Oh, Bonnie, I think Troll fans would think that wreath is AWESOME!!! Personally, I'm in your "Just, NO!" camp. LOL!!

  10. Thank you Bonnie for the wonderful trunk show in Grand Island. I wasn't able to attend one of the classes but thoroughly enjoyed the trunk show. Thank you for coming to Nebraska.

  11. My 7 year old grandaughter is using two pieces of luggage similar to the one you show in the first photo. The smaller of the two pieces is tear drop shaped which is very interesting. They belonged to her great great grandmother. I think it's awesome how much she loves them and loves to use them. Love your antique mall journeys! They are inspiring!

  12. I wonder, the string dispenser looks like the "dutch maid girl" i remember from childhood in PA.:)

  13. That left handed sewing machine was a hoot the drawers were just slid in from the wrong side. Also I "heard" the sewing machine design was done by a left handed man so there is a school of thought that our modern sewing machines are all left handed.
    I don't know if handcranks were used before treadles but if that were the case doesn't it make since you would use your dominant hand to guide the fabric?
    I don't know but it is interesting to think about

    1. I feel the same they just have the drawers in wrong

  14. All the quilts are beautiful I love the one with the red and white those wreaths are gorgeous. Such a shame the fabric is degrading. I’d never thought about the whirligigs looking like swasstickers but now you mention it I can see it.
    There are still lots of reminders of WW2 here on Guernsey as we were occupied by the German forces during the war, and the islanders left behind faced many hardships.
    Hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy your classes .
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  15. At first glance I thought the quilt with the very different vases of flowers was a torch!

  16. Bonnie -
    Did you notice the "Singer" on the bottom of the machine is also backwards? I do not know but it looks to me like the entire thing is just displayed backwards. Could it be??

  17. I’m in New Hampshire...the “flower pots” definitely hit me that they were our great upper northeastern lobsters! Too bad you didn’t know who made it....maybe she longed for home or hubby was a lobster fanatic as most of us are! Lol

  18. Hi Bonnie - the flower pot mystery block is from Old Chelsea Needlecraft Station, who published patterns under the names Alice Brooks, Laura Wheeler and Carol Curtis. The flower pot is block 763 in Brackman’s Enclyclopedia of Pieced Patterns. Wonderful to see it made up - thanks for sharing this quilt.


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