Tuesday, October 16, 2018

That Jared Gets Around!


Jared may get around (Can’t count the number of times we’ve had fun with this workshop!) but so do these Iowa girls!

So glad to have them come visit and stay with Jill, who lives near Ohama so we could all have several days of playing crazy in the scraps together.

It’s been a wonderful whirlwind trip to “The Good Life” state, and yesterday was workshop number 6 of this long run!

And we haven’t run out of gas yet!


From miles of chain piecing of block corners,


Chain chain chaining all of the units!

Stacy and Marguerite have taken very good care of me while I've been with the Cottonwood Quilters of Elkhorn. 


To finding that one LOVELY piece of Sparkly Y2K 2000 Millennium fabric!

(Yes, Charnette got a prize for USING IT!)


Oooohhh…the colors!


And ALL the fun fabrics in ALL of their varieties!

It was just an awesome day every which way around.  I can’t get over how quickly the time flies when we are sewing together. 

One second it’s the start of the day and we have it all stretched before us.  Before we know it we are breaking for lunch, and then it feels like it picks up speed until it’s 4pm and time to pack up and head out and set up for last evening’s guild presentation at a different location.


Oh so lovely!!

And there is much more in the video below!  Click to play:

At the end of the day we had fun with the "laying down of the blocks” and it is always such a great end of the day – seeing how everyone’s blocks turned out and how they play off of each other.  

All of the colors.  All of the fabrics.  

All of the personal touches that are going to make each quilt a reflection of each maker.


Getting them all in place.


Wow!  So very well done!

I posted this little block in the round video to Instagram yesterday – boy, did we have a great time!  Click to play:


Thanks again ladies!  It was wonderful to spend the day with you!


Seats are filling for last night’s presentation in Elkhorn.

Today is the LAST lecture.  My book signing table is down to the dregs!  I only have a handful of String Fling books left – after sending 17 cases to Nebraska.  There are some Quilters Date Keepers and some Essential Triangle Tools – but really, that’s it.  

They cleaned me out.  Which means there is less to ship home.

My apologies to today’s meeting attendees – but there was no way to foresee everything being gone.

The plan for this afternoon?  A drive out to the bluffs to see the countryside.  The sun is shining and the sky is a brilliant blue.  It’s a bit nippy – but I don’t care!  We will fill this day full with everything we can shove into it and tomorrow I’ll be on my way, North Carolina bound.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Charnette’s Jared Takes a Wife shared in yesterday’s class.

(Finished after a previous workshop!)

Free pattern from the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.  Have you made one?

Today is day 10 in Nebraska.  That’s 9 days of hotel breakfast – as fun as it has been, as wonderful as it has been to reconnect with friends from afar, and make new friends along the way, this girl is definitely ready to get HOME for a bit!

Have a terrific Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Safe travels home Bonnie! And oh my, I have a YARD of that sparkly 2000 fabric in my stash! Maybe it's time to cut it up!?!

  2. council bluffs? nice spot...get to see the muddy mo...missouri river...from up high...

  3. You are awesome! 10 days away from home, all those workshops and lectures and still you're positive and upbeat and seemingly full of energy. Amazing!

  4. Bet the critters will be glad to see you. 4 legged and 2 legged!

  5. Loved your lecture this morning. Safe travels home.

  6. I have not made that pattern yet, but it includes two of my favorite quilt ideas...stars and an Irish chain. So hope to make it soon!

  7. I like Jared takes a wife. Maybe I will take advantage and download the free pattern, thin figure out where when and how!
    Looks like you had a blast in Nebraska! But no matter where you roam, I know your are happy to be heading home!

  8. Love my guild ladies... oodles of talent in Cottonwood. JTAW is my favorite!! Nel from Nebraska


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