Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Nebraska Mega Show & Share!


With a series of 6 workshops and 4 guild presentation events there is BOUND to be a plethora of wonderful eye candy urging you to get in there and FINISH YOUR PROJECTS!  Or start a new one! HA!

I was so impressed by the productivity of these fabulous quilters, willing to take on everything from large mystery quilts to even larger leader & ender projects – bringing blocks, tops in progress, quilts waiting for binding, all the way to bound and labeled.


String Spider Web finishes from workshops in Iowa -

Pattern from the Free Patterns tab!


And Mystery quilts in a variety of color themes and schemes -

Isn’t this Grand Illusion just GREAT?


Tumelo Trail from Scraps & Shirttails II!


Be still my pumpkin loving heart!

Punkin’ Patch from Quiltmaker Magazine Sept/Oct 2017!

This pattern has been revised and streamlined and is featured in my new book coming out in December – String Frenzy!  Be watching for it!


En Provence in Elkhorn!


Celtic Solstice stopped everyone in their tracks!

And there is more, so much more.

There are close to 70 quilts shown in the video below.  Grab a cup of your morning favorite and sit a spell!  Click to play -

If these colors and quilts don't inspire you to head straight for your machine, nothing will!


Beautiful Nebraska below!

My flights home were easy – Omaha to Atlanta, Atlanta to Greensboro and I was happy to settle in with some simple English Paper Piecing. The guy at the aisle and I in the window seat agreed that it was nice that no arm rest wars would ensue – there was an empty seat between us.  

And while he softly snored, I listened to my audio book (turned up load to block out the snoring!) and completed ONE more for the done pile:


Love this combo!


And found THIS waiting for me at home!

Don’t worry, she is not ours – but son Jeff agreed to watch his boss’s puppy while they are out of town through the weekend.

Her name is Kodi, and she is only a few months old, already as big as Sadie (Sadie knows NOT what to do with her!) and is just the sweetest German Shepherd pup I’ve ever seen – silky soft hair, puppy breath, sharp teeth and all.


And because a girl can’t be away from the machine for long -

I’ve got an idea – ooohhh!  Of course I do, but it is SO close to Halloween and I don’t have enough Halloween fabric on hand so there may be some shopping today while out to the chiropractor, the massage, the errands.

I’m meeting up with my friend Lisa to pass off several of the Quiltville Mystery Quilts to her – they will be hanging in the Forsyth Piecers and Quilters show coming up.

October 15, 2018 at 11_55PM

Meanwhile at the Iowa Quilt Museum!

Pineapple Crazy is now hanging in an exhibit of scrap quilts entitled “Waste Not, Want Not!”  and will be there through the 27th of January.

If you find yourself anywhere near Winterset, Iowa – this is a DO NOT MISS exhibit!


Scott Flanagan sent a selfie from the exhibit!

Thanks, Scott!

And with that, I’m off to tackle a boat load of book orders and get this Thursday that feels like a Monday rolling -


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Quilt shared during our Nebraska trip – Beautiful En Provence!

No one can be you better than you can!

So go do it!


  1. What a beautiful display of quilts. I love Kodi...Home again hoorah

  2. Is the green/white quilt at the top of this blog one of your patterns? If so, what's the name of it? Thanks.

  3. Puppy breath !! What's not to love about that ???

  4. A Thursday that feels like Monday. Sometimes it's Monday all week,lol Quilting makes all things better! I've missed stopping by your Blog. Love that you start a new project in October for Pumpkin season. Have fun and get in all those Puppy kisses.

  5. awesome slide show...what i like best is when somebody takes the pattern and does something different with it that shows their own creativity at work

  6. Kodi is a cutie! The blue and silver star is lovely!

  7. Loved the quilt show Bonnie, I hope it brings you a lot of pride on just how many of us you inspire! I am just finishing up a 105" square double delight for our quilt guild raffle. I love it and thank you again for allowing us to use this pattern.

  8. I attended your workshops in New Hampshire in May. Jamestown Landing is finished and quilted, just needs to binding. I just passed in Box Kite to longarmer Violet. I so enjoyed your workshop and look forward to the mystery quilt. I just want to thank you for all you do for us fellow quilters. You are the best.

  9. Such beautiful quilts, and Kodi is beautiful.
    I’m off to a workshop this weekend with Jennie Rayment so looking forward to this, just need to get my leader and Enders prepped and I’m sorted.
    So pleased you got home safely.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  10. Favorite part is the slide show of everyone's work and interpretation. Such inspiration. En Provence with the framing border was best of show. Great anticipation for the mystery coming out shortly. Thanks again for your dedication to the quilting community.

  11. Oh my goodness! Loved the video! I saw so many of my friends and their beautiful work. (I even managed to see myself a couple of times) Thanks again for bringing some excitement to our area of the quilting world!

  12. I'm not sure what made me swoon more, the quilts, or the adorable puppy ears!!!! I think I'd have a hard time giving him back! This post confirmed it - I do need to make a Tumelo Trail quilt. Definitely going to be the next up for my Leaders and Enders project. Thank you for being so generous with your time, talents, and life we us. Your posts always brighten my day.

  13. What a treat this morning to see some awesome quilts! It's been a longgg week at work and these made my day.

  14. What a wonderful slide show of QV interpretations! As i watched I thought, "I remember that one! And that one!"

  15. I just LOVE En Provence, but still have to finish assembling ORL. Sigh. And another MQ soon to start....


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