Thursday, October 25, 2018

Antiquing for the Greatest Catch!


And the “Weird Thing of the Day” award during yesterday’s antique mall hop goes to ---- The huge tin catfish in the cradle found in Bedford, VA!  (Thinking of rewriting the famous Harry Chapin song to be "Catfish in the Cradle...")

It even comes sporting a bit of rustic Americana with the wooden flag behind it.


Okay, tin fish – you give me the creeps!

Just WHERE would you put this?!

As always, it’s fun to be on the look out for the weird and unusual. It’s those unexpected random things that catch you off guard that bring the spice to life, right?

And that is what I love about hitting antique malls.  There is always something different – some collectible that I don’t understand, but I’m sure it is someone’s passion – somewhere?  Maybe?


With a full afternoon ahead of me – this brings me happiness!

I love to wander from booth to booth in search of ---well, I’m not sure really.  Just something to catch my eye.  It’s the thrill of the hunt.  The feeling of completely possibly finding the ONE COOL THING you didn’t know you were looking for.

Of course there are quilts and more quilts and fun machines -


Displays like this bring a sigh – instant comfort.

Baskets, quilts, beat up hutches and chairs.

But what about this?


Lamps made with old plumbing pipe and a plethora of gauges!


Now I don’t know what I’d do with these, but imagine they would be fun in a man-cave (Or Dr Frankenstein’s laboratory!) somewhere.  And I cracked up at the TP holders for the man cave executive wash room:


Just silly and fun and unusual!

You are not going to find this stuff at Target!

(And they won't be at Quiltville Inn! LOL!)


A bit of local memorabilia – county or city car tags.


Oh pie safe!  I think I love you!

(But I have no place for you!)


But oh goodness.

Wouldn’t this be pretty as a hand quilting design?


Oooooh!  Jack-in-the-Pulpit!


Wonderful fabrics!


Quadruple Irish chain – and check out that homespun backing!


Too sad to purchase!

While I loved the 1950s machine in the back – here is something to always be aware of -


The needle homes at left position for straight stitching.

Many of these import machines that first did zig-zag did not straight stitch in center needle position – so if you try to sew a 1/4’’ seam – you are running on one feed dog.  Just watch out before you buy any fun looking mid-century model.  Make sure you can straight stitch in center or even right needle position so you can have the fabric on both feed dogs.


Revisiting my junior prom, 1979 Gunnie Sax dress!


No room to lay anything out – but isn’t this pretty?  1960s!

Take a closer look:


It looks like Goldie Hawn’s closet from Laugh In!

But I love the bright colors – someone did an excellent job on the piecing.


And I made a purchase.

The tea kettle is for Quiltville Inn.  The enamel measuring cups are for here at the cabin because I can’t read the markings on my other ones – THESE I can see!  (And I think the aren’t real vintage but I don’t care – I can read them.)


2 rolling pins, a chamber pot and a couple of signs are also headed to the Inn.

The clear plate set is my same plate set from home that we’ve been using for the past 20+ years and over time pieces have broken or just up and disappeared. (Meaning that no one will fess up that they broke it!) I can’t believe I found a whole set of four place settings to add to what I’ve still got.  It’s not “THAT” vintage, but they are my favorite every day dishes at home – so $15.00 for 12 pieces was the deal of the day. (No charge for the dust, either!)

There were more finds – but I can’t stick them all in this post.  I may share a thing or two a bit at a time in future posts.

Tomorrow – It’s Quilty Box Time!  I’ve got two super prizes to gift-away.  You don’t want to miss that.

October 24, 2018 at 09_35PM

And this in my inbox-

Well done lovely ladies!
" I am sending along this picture taken today at the Cherokee Crazy  Quilters guild in Canton GA.  We had a grand time participating in your On Ringo Lake mystery. Thanks for your generosity and we look forward to the next mystery.
Lots of love, Julie"
Thanks for sending the pic, Julie!  What a wonderful array of On Ringo Lake quilts!

Are you getting anxious for this year’s colors to be released Halloween??  It’s coming up soon! 


Morning color and a sunrise peeking through.

Enough running around for me for a few days.  

I’ve got to knuckle down and get the rest of the cutting out for my West Virginia project DONE and baggied up.  

I’ll be heading home Saturday or Sunday so I can get some stuff done before I have to head out for that long driving trip.  (ie: More Fun On the Road!)


Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage Pyramids quilt found in Salem, Virginia.

If your creativity is not fun, why are you doing it?

It should inspire you and fulfill you, not have you frustrated over falling short of perfection.

Readjust your sails – and go after it for the fun of it!

Have a wonderful Thursday, friends!


  1. great post....thinking that jack in the pulpit should be done in poison green and pinks...and a chamber pot...how fun! i would love to find an old china chamber pot someplace...passing on the catfish was the right thing to do for sure...

  2. That fish!! OH my. How can I unsee that?

  3. I'm recovering from foot surgery on my couch this week, and it reminds me of what a true blessing it is to be able to sew almost every day. I have some handwork, and I'm designing a quilt on graph paper. But...boy am I missing my machine and my longarm!

  4. Those lamps made from the old plumbing pipes are too funny! Cracking me up!!����������

  5. The metal catfish would probably look great in a bait shop or a fish-restaurant....not something I would want hanging in my kitchen.
    Love the metal measuring spoons. I put a bunch of old Tupperware ones in the recycle bin because they didn't have markings on them. Things just wear out.

    1. Tupperware has a life time warranty; you could have exchanged them for new.

  6. We just gotta enjoy the Journey! You had a fun time browsing that shop. Quilting is my happy place. Going downstairs to play. Have fun kitting up your take-along blocks.

  7. I was thinking that a weather vane could be fashioned out of that fish and might look pretty good.

  8. Love the pie safe.Wish I could get it to Iowa because I have a place for it. You are a bright spot in my every day. Hope your day is as wonderful as you want. Thanks

  9. The pie Safe to store quilts or use at the Mailing Center to hold supplies!

  10. Love browsing the antique shops with you. You always point out some detail that I miss that is found interesting. You are a spark of life for me every day!! Thank you Bonnie!!

  11. Looks like you had such a good time browsing the mall. Makes me want to hit one up today.
    Thanks for sharing the fun finds.
    I have to say, I once found a box of my stoneware in a thrift store, and it was so exciting to be able to add to my discontinued pattern without paying online prices. I know it made my day, so I understand your excitement at finding your dishes. :)

  12. I had that blue Singer machine for many years and sewed lotsf clothing with it. I made my first quilt on it. One day its motor started smoking and it died an unspectacular death. After a short time with a small cheap machine, I bought a used Bernina 1130 that is still my favorite machine. I do have a treadle that I got while I still had the blue machine. But you can't take a treadle to classes, so I now have 2 featherweights as well.

  13. Love all of the wonderful antique quilts... and household items. But really... the fish should go to Quiltville Inn for the guys that are coming! LoL... Don't you think?

  14. That fish would be fun as yard art. In a garden or tucked in flowers a long a pond or creek bank!

  15. While caravaning with my husband in Australia, I would go into op shops/antique shops. He often asked "what are you looking for?" My answer "I'll know it when I see it".
    It was often a walk down memory lane.
    Thank you so much Bonnie for everything you teach me. �� Kerryn

  16. What fabulous quilts such a lot of happy memories must have been sewn into them. Loving your antique mall finds, even the weird and wonderful catfish lol.
    Quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  17. I would definitely have grabbed those measuring cups! I love that kind of antique place to shop, too, especially if there's not an impatient person with me.

    I don't know if you ever hit the thrift stores (we have Goodwill and Savers in my area), but I see those dishes all the time there.

    Thanks for your blog; I really enjoy it.

  18. I can definitely second the comment about left needle position sewing machines. My old White machine was like that and sewing with only one feed dog was nigh on impossible. You couldn't sew a 1/4" seam accurately. It was fine for 5/8" seams on dressmaking. Also, you couldn't put a seam guide on the side for 1/4" seams because it contacted the right feed dog. Thanks for the reminder.

  19. If you find out who is absconding with your china, let me know. That crook has been here, too. I just realized my set of twelve soup bowls is down to about five and NOBODY in this house knows what happened to them.

  20. Chamber pot? Ha, I was so sure you had indoor plumbing at Quiltville Inn ^)*


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