Tuesday, October 02, 2018

If it Fits, it Ships!


It seems I’ve been doing a lot of “over the rail” photos lately!

This is the favorite spot in my neighborhood for photos – a short walk around the corner from my house. 

Why am I taking a picture of Pineapple Crazy from String Fling?? 

Because I boxed it up yesterday and sent it off to the Iowa Quilt Museum in Winterset, IA!  It’s being shown in an upcoming exhibit called “Waste Not, Want Not” and it starts here in a few weeks!

When they asked me if they could have the quilt for a period of time I said “Yes! Of Course!”  and then I headed to Kentucky, to England, to Arizona, to Pennsylvania and back to Arizona – and my form filling and quilt mailing got lost in the shuffle of life.

I scanned and emailed the forms, and I shipped yesterday.  I hope those of you who are in the area will go see this exhibit and get photos for me!  Exciting!

I need to find another paper piecing project like this that will use up all of those little bits and snips that can’t be saved as strings.  The desire to paper piece is STRONG!


And while I was there --

C&T also wanted my cover quilt from the upcoming String Frenzy for Quilt Market coming up!  If I’m going to mail one box, I may as well mail two.


Going to PRINT so very soon!!

This is my Serpentine Web quilt – and you are going to love making it.  I’d love to make ANOTHER in Halloween colors!  Oh, I’ve got the ideas flowing now!

Every day I am answering emails in regards to “Why can’t I place a pre-order now?!”  and the answer is simple with a couple of reasons.

My store does not have a Pre-Order status.  It only has “available” or unavailable.”  I’m not Amazon and I don’t have their fulfillment capabilities.  

But to encourage you to wait and to order directly from me (Where I get a good chunk of the retail price rather than a 90 cent commission if you purchase my book anywhere else – it really helps me, believe me!) I am offering a free pattern download not available anywhere else.  Hopefully that is a big enough incentive to get you to wait.

I am a very small one person (with occasional help) business.  I have to do things in a way that works for me and my family – especially with this being a December release.

I can’t expect to have 5,000 orders all needing to be filled for “Must be delivered by Christmas”  and please everyone, though heaven knows it is my nature to try!

I want to enjoy the holidays with my family too.

When the books are shipped from the warehouse and on the truck to me I will open up orders (Likely the end of November).  I have planned on putting 500 in the store at a time.  When those 500 are spoken for, I will add more when those 500 have shipped out to those who got in on that round.  I’m going to have to work in waves just to keep my head above water.  And it’s all good.  All very, very good!

We are counting on the sales of books and merchandise from my store to fund the electrical upgrades, heat/ac upgrades, bathroom remodels at Quiltville Inn, and window replacement and set up of the Quiltville Post Office so I can move my order fulfillment into a space that is better for me to work rather than continuing to do everything at my dining room table.

Every purchase you make from the Quiltville Store is a huge help!!  And I thank you!

Rather than purchasing for a bit of a discount from a big conglomerate like Amazon, you are helping the little folk like me reach their dream goals.  

If you are buying on Amazon, you are not buying from me.

And the sooner these remodels are done – the sooner we can open Quiltville Inn for YOU!


THANK YOU for the overwhelming response to the Irish Courthouse release yesterday.

There have been several times where the store was so busy that folks couldn’t complete their transactions.  This is a GOOD SIGN!  If this happens to you, just give it 30 minutes and come back.

If you missed the announcement of this new digital pattern, you can find it in yesterday’s post.


Quilt Detail!  I love this one so much!

The pattern is up and ready for you in the Quiltville Store in the Digital Patterns category (Also found in the NEW Category!)

And to celebrate I’ve put ALL DIGITAL PATTERNS at 25% off using coupon code DIGITAL25 at purchase. Coupon good through October 7th, 2018.  Yesterday’s post also showed how to put the coupon code into your order so you get the discount.  Check that out if you aren’t sure how.

Also – for those who don’t have a Paypal account (And you don’t need one!) Please read the front page of the Quiltville Store to see how you can use your regular credit card as a Paypal “guest” or use an echeck to complete your purchase.


It was a busy day at FedEx!

One to California, one to Iowa -



I passed these guys not far from my house as I was driving to FedEx – hay bale art!  I love it!


And wouldn’t you know it?  A bit of sewing DID happen!

This block is called Chain & Hourglass and is found in my Addicted to Scraps Column with Quiltmaker Magazine – in the July/August 2018 issue.  I’ve got plans for this one, yes I do!

What’s not to love?  It’s Scrap User’s System friendly, and is perfect when paired with the Essential Triangle Tool!

Today – the last of the mail order from my week away will be out the door.

And I have a lunch date with my friend Prudence who I haven’t seen in a while – and she doesn’t live that far!

Some sewing time tonight, maybe?

What’s up for your Tuesday?

October 02, 2018 at 07_59AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day.

Vintage quilt found in West Jefferson, NC.

Smoke and mirrors and pretty photos!

Life is more than what we see in our news feed. Look deeper!

Everyone has something going on that we may not know about - just outside of the camera's viewpoint.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. I got my Irish Courthouse pattern yesterday :) and SO happy !!! Now counting down the days for your new String Frenzy book - looking forward to making that snakey looking serpentine cover quilt, LOL. Thank you!

  2. Oh, you sound good this morning! Keep it up!! One foot in front of the other. Love the hay bales! xoxox

  3. I enjoy "Hay Bale Art season". Some wonderful examples throughout the Carolinas in fall and they make me feel happy! Looking forward to your new book and really like the cover quilt. Figure I can wait until it comes into the Quiltville store--it's not like I need another project immediately. LOL

  4. I, too, got my Irish Courthouse pattern! and yes, hoping by the time I read, ready to order String Frenzy, you're not sold out! And yes, dear, Bonnie, i shall be patient and wait if i miss the first few go rounds... I especially keen to see the Irish strip block... i have been collecting greens...so, i'm ready! mayhap that's where my quilting mojo went? silly girl, there's lots to do while i wait!!! xo Cats in Carlsbad, CA

  5. My husband's grandfather used to start each day by announcing "Glorious Day!" And it is! Celebrate every day... even the smallest things.

  6. Thank you Bonnie Hunter for wisdom, goodness and quiltmaking! I love a world with Octobers too! Today is a good day for a good day and all good days include a bit of stitching!

  7. Sitting here with my fractured foot propped up reading your post and glad that you are going forward. I will have no pedal to the sewing machine pedal or the car for at least another week and a half so reading your activities cheers me up. This would be a good time to sit and maybe do some scrap sorting getting ready for better things.

  8. I am grateful for your "bit of sewing" Bonnie! I had a bucket with all the patches done for these blocks but couldn't for the life of me remember what I was doing or where the pattern had come from!

    1. LOL! You just described my life as I know it!

  9. Happily working on my Irish Courthouse blocks from the August workshop! What a fun block to make and goes together so easily. Not fond of working with 1.5 inch strips, but every row gives me a chance to check my accuracy and I am loving the pattern. You may convert me yet.

  10. Got my Irish Courthouse pattern yesterday. I love the immediacy of PDF patterns! And so much scrappy goodness in this one. I am definitely going to get my copy of String Frenzy directly from you, and it's so nice to know that I'll be helping Quiltville Inn too.

  11. Achhh! I went through Winterset and the museum on my way home from dropping my youngest at college in August—too bad your quilt wasn’t there yet....I would’ve loved to see it in person. It’s a quaint town and I went to see the local quilt shop and John Wayne too.
    Looking forward to the new book and doing another “stringer”....they’re addictive!

  12. Wow, Bonnie, I really appreciate you sharing the somewhat personal detail that you receive only 90 cents if we purchase from Amazon. Obviously, it is less expensive for us, but that just doesn't seem right to me. 90 cents is not enough reimbursement to you for the effort you put into each book. For crying out loud, I *save* more than that if I buy from Amazon! Which goes to tell you, how much must go directly into the pocket of the world's richest man? Not that I have anything against him, but he doesn't need to profit from your books, too. I'll make my purchases from you.

  13. I have been on a self imposed buying ban no more books or fabric. Then you posted about String Frenzy, and well that ban got thrown out the window. I am busy making quilt tops from fabric on hand, so that I can build my stash of scraps. I am so glad that you explained what "buying from you vs. buying from Amazon" means. I'm looking forward to ordering your book. I and many others appreciate all of your hard work. Thank you

  14. Do you remember the Windows screen saver from several years ago - 3D Pipes, I think it was called? And how the graphics of the day did a little octagon angle thing whenever the pipes had to turn a corner? That's what your lovely Serpentine Web quilt has reminded me of since you started showing us the layout. Cool!! I always found that screen saver oddly mesmerizing, and it's fun when a quilt makes us think of something unexpected from everyday life.

    I'm a longish but doable drive from Winterset, and just might make the trek for the chance to see Pineapple Crazy up close and in person. Looking forward to ordering the new book when you're ready, and hoping to catch you in Omaha next week.

  15. I need you to come up with another paper pieced pattern to use up all of those very small bits and pieces!! I find working on pineapple crazy very relaxing- which surprised me.

    Thank you for your grace and compassion for your little quilting problems in the Wanderlust class in Bedford, PA on Aug. 31st. Our hearts all ached for you but we were respectful of the wise instructions of Mary K. to keep our conversations centered on quilting. Happy Quilting. Mary

  16. Thanks for your posts I enjoy reading what you have to say
    And your sayings are great
    It's good to be reminded that everyone has a behind the scenes life smile and be kind and gentle
    It's also good to remind us (all your readers and fans) that you get more from the sale of your books when we buy directly from you.

    I find it sad really that publishers want you to write books but that your return per book is so little.

    Oh and on a happy Halloween note our neighbors have their yearly pirate ship set up in their front yarn it is fun and festive

  17. Can't wait for the String Frenzy book. I'm taking that class from you in Feb. in AZ. I am so looking forward to it.


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