Thursday, October 04, 2018

Nov/Dec ‘18 Quiltmaker Gift-Away!


It’s a Gift-Away kind of day!

I am headed out the door early this morning on a whirlwind trip around Virginia to pick up not just one matching pair of twin bedframes for Quiltville Inn, but TWO!  One set is coming from Carol in Bedford VIRGINIA (Not Pennsylvania, though I taught in both places this year!) and then Jeanette happens to have driven a separate matching pair of bed frames down on a visit to family and I’ll be meeting up with her in the Shenandoah Valley area on Friday morning.

There will likely be loads of antiquing happening in the hours in between – the van is empty and I’m ready to roll on out the door.

But first – a bit of this!


Have you seen this on news stands yet?

It’s the November/December 2018 issue of Quiltmaker, and one flip through its pages – you will find yourself running for the rotary cutter and pulling out the holiday fabrics!  There are some amazing projects in here.

Just a couple peeks at my favorites:


A full 5-page spread on Table Treats!

Trivets and mats mug rugs you can make – perfect for gift giving!

The supplies are easy – scraps are plentiful and even those old "vintage"1980s Christmas prints that have been languishing in your deep stash can come out to play for this method.  It’s awesome! This tutorial is written by Penny Wolf of North Dakota.


Christmas Crackers by Rachel Hayes.


Who would guess this fabulous “One Block Wonder/Stack & Whack” style quilt was made from several children’s panels? 

If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at this kind of kaleidoscope quilt – full color photos are included in this expanded 5 page pattern to get you started!  It’s like magic!


Good Tidings of Zagzags – dancing in my head!

I love traditional blocks with a modern twist to them, and this one calls to the scrap lover within! This one was made by Peggy Gelbrich of Oregon. The colors and fabrics are so yummy – you could be cutting and sewing for this one right away!

There are many more quilts and projects – and of course, my Addicted to Scraps column!


Aunt Addie’s Star!

You know I love star blocks in all of their varieties.  This block is related to the traditional Missouri Star quilt block with the addition of half-square triangle corners that become GREAT connector units when set with alternate blocks or on point with plain setting squares.  Add sashing and cornerstones and they also connect to make a fun shoo-fly design.

I call these “Action Corners” because they make things happen.

If you are familiar with my Essential Triangle Tool, you KNOW that I used it to do the pieced flying geese/star point units and half-square triangle corners using scraps in pre-cut widths directly from my Scrap User’s System.  Think about pull out your stack of charm squares to play the center role in these fun blocks.

You’ll find the pattern on page 85 of the Nov/Dec ‘18 issue!


What a great Gift-Away Bundle!

I’ll be drawing ONE winner to receive everything you see here, along with the Nov/Dec ‘18 Quiltmaker issue.

Quiltmaker’s 100 blocks, Vol 8 features my Scrap Crystals block and sample quilt layout on page 66!

Super cute kitchen apron and oven mitt panel.

Paper piecing seam roller by Violet Craft.

Wonderfil thread

Bonnie Hunter playing cards (I’m the joker in the deck!)

Sherbet Delight Quilt Pattern by Nan Baker

Quiltville Ruler by Creative Grids (Perfect 2 1/2’’ x 6 1/2’’ size!)

“Stash On!” pin by Connecting Threads.

Whew!!  Are you ready to throw your name into the ring?

Our Give-Away closes at 7pm Eastern time on Wednesday, Oct 10, 2018! Good luck, everyone!

And while I have all the new visitors here for the Gift-Away – this is a reminder that ALL Digital patterns in the Quiltville Store are currently 25% off through Oct 7th using code DIGITAL25 at purchase -

This is in celebration of our newest pattern release – Irish Courthouse!


I had so much fun pulling my scraps and pairing them to make this quilt!

Easy strip piecing directions, full color photos and pressing directions will walk you through these blocks step by step.  I can’t wait to see what you make!


Quiltville Quote of the Day -

I’ve been going through Quiltville Quotes that I’ve posted over the past several years.  Did you know there is a Quiltville Quote tab at the top of the blog?  It will open up in my Pinterest folder where I’ve done my best to save them all!

I’ve been thinking a lot about REAL happiness since returning from my brother’s funeral.

I think there is a lot of truth in this one, don’t you?

Have a wonderful Thursday, friends!


  1. Thanks for sharing today's quote. Having worked at Hancock Fabric's years ago, my stash had alll sorts of fabric's in it. Not just quilting fabrics either. I decided that I needed to share the wealth with one of the local Junior High schools. So I called and spoke to one of the drama teachers (who does tons of sewing for their yearly musical). Long story short, she came by last night and picked up two huge boxes of fabric to be used for this years musical Cinderella. She was so excited to get the fabric. She said it was like Christmas! Lol... sure made me feel good to be able to get it to someone who would use it and put it to good use. Thank you again, for your words of inspiration each day. Hugs Jean

  2. Wonderful--and true--quote today. Thank you once again for the give-away. Amazing how the panels were used to make the "one block wonder" quilt. I would never have thought to use them for that purpose. That is why it is so good to see other quilters creations and insights!
    Quiltville Inn is coming along so beautifully and made more so by all the love that is being sent in furniture, quilts, sayings, etc. It is so special to see your dream come true. You truly deserve it!

  3. Hugs. Just want you to know I read your blog first thing every morning. Along with a cup of coffee it starts the day out right. Thank you.

  4. I got my copy of Quiltmaker and found Addie's Block on the very last page. Should have started from the back. Have a fun ride today. It's a Basement sew day on the chilly PNW.

  5. Just finished a Jelly Roll Rug and the Hot Pads would be fantastic to make with scraps. So many wonderful ideas.

  6. I wish your travels would bring you to the Eastern Michigan thumb area as I have enough older quilt books to fill a book case I would love to donate to Quiltville Inn. I have way to many and am trying to do some weeding out to make room for other things.

  7. I enjoy your blog so much and appreciate your generous tips, patterns and great column in Quiltmaker each month. I am hoping that you will travel one day in the near future to castal Maine. And I am hoping to be able to visit you in your amazing Quiltville Inn. Thank you for all you do for all of us in the quilting community.

  8. Years and year ago, I met Christopher Reeves in person. He brought his son to a 4H Fair. We closed the exhibit hall so he could spend 15 minutes to enjoy the small town fair with his son. I can so imagine this was his statement.

    He gave of himself long before his accident that required folks to give to him. What a wonderful world we could live in if everyone gave just a little bit more.
    I work at it most every day, hoping it catches on! Give Back!

  9. I always enjoy your blog. I haven't seen the new issue of Quiltmaker but I'll look for it this weekend.
    xx, Carol

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  11. Your blog makes my world just a little bit brighter each day. Thanks so much! :)

  12. I enjoy your blog and your travel adventures. I love that so many people are giving treasures to you for the Quiltville Inn. It is so exciting to hear about the progress. I love your humour-you are the joker in the cards! How funny. Thank you for brightening my day


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