Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Blogger Difficulties -

I have been trying for hours to get a post to upload to blogger - 

Even the blogger interface itself will not upload photos - so this one photo is from a URL.  After more than 3 hours of trying I'm amazed this works.

The problem?  The dreaded 503 error.

It usually sorts itself out with some time - so in the mean time I'm going to spend this lovely October day at the sewing machine.  You do the same!

And we will catch up when things are back to "normal!"


  1. I am quilting with 3 of my close quilting buddy at our clubhouse (we live in a 55 and older community)...much laughing is going on and a few choice words too...I just had to unsew to blocks and it was black thread on black fabric!! Enjoy your afternoon...I know I am enjoying mine!!!

  2. I am laughing at your post. There was almost a full moon last night...either that or Mars is in retrograde! Enjoy your sewing day!

  3. and once again you have come to my rescue!
    I ran into problems also today with my communications, and could not figure out for the life of me why something that always works is suddenly out of order, or worse yet, silent!

    So I'm off to my quilting room to sew together 5 more blocks of a queen sized quilt. Thank You again, Bonnie.
    So after reading your reassuring blog, I'm off to my sewing machine to

  4. I hope you had a wonderful time sewing today! Computer issues are always the worst thing, and I never know how to fix mine.

  5. This is the last day of our quilt retreat - it's been a blast! I chose to do my version of "Floribunda" and managed to do 6 x 6 blocks - plenty of fabric to carry on a little more at home but it was nice to see how it would look all laid out on the floor.
    Hoping to see "Service will be resumed as soon as possible" at some stage and the 503 goes away. Enjoy the sewing session. :D


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