Wednesday, October 03, 2018

New Found Antique Malls and Friends -


I got out to do something I’ve wanted to do with my friend Prudence for a long time – a lunch date at a fabulous Greek place, and a round of antiquing fun in a new to me antique mall, not far from me at all!

How could I not know about this place?

You might remember Prudence from when I sneakily crashed her quilt retreat during the winter snows of 2018 – Click HERE if you’ve forgotten or missed it!

She lives maybe 8 miles from me?  Not far at all.  But I am always on the go, she is always on the go, and our home spots have missed each other.  Every time we’ve tried to plan a get together one or the other if not both of us are gone.  How does that happen?

This get together plan started back in April when Prudence let me know she had two wicker tables that would be perfect for the porch at Quiltville Inn.  She wasn’t in a hurry to get rid of them, but “Just Whenever” turned out to be several months down the road for all of the above reasons mentioned.


Aren’t these going to be great??

(For those worrying and wondering – all porch furniture at the inn will be wintering in the garage/shop until fair weather returns again in the spring.  SIGH.)

Kernersville, North Carolina is the cutest town, but my regular route tends to pull me the other direction to Winston Salem, and I just don’t get there often enough.  But guess what?  Now I will!  Because the antique mall wandering beckons to me quite regularly just to see what we can find.  And we found!


Probably the BEST find of all!

And it was only marked $18.00

This is going to hang SOMEWHERE in the Inn!


There were machines to be seen -

If someone in the area is looking for a good vintage straight stitch machine, this is one I wouldn’t pass by - except I have more than one of this model with varying decals already.

 It’s a Singer 66 (missing bobbin cover plate but those are easily replaced) and I didn’t notice if there was a foot pedal in the cabinet or not – but the cabinet is lovely mahogany and the whole thing, cabinet and machine – on sale for $28.00.

SOMEONE go adopt this machine!!  I just have no more room for machines, especially machines that come with furniture intact.


This one was promising on the outside -

Disappointing on the inside -

But what a lovely cabinet.

The machine was rusted, decals silvered or completely worn off, missing bobbin slide plates and all around in an ugly state.  On sale for $295??  Nope.  I’m still on the lookout for the perfect china cabinet!


Cute idea!

Framed quilt blocks!

The blue/red ones really caught my eye – I don’t need them, but how cute would those be in a country farmhouse kitchen?  Perhaps it was the polka dots that drew me in?



We found this wonderful mahogany night stand – perfect for a small space and in wonderful shape for $35.00.  Even IKEA can’t beat that.  I love it and it will find a place in one of the bedrooms at the Inn -


As will this one!  Another $18.00 find!

Bedroom #5 is the room with the 3 white wrought iron beds.  This table can hold some quilt magazines and books and work as a night table between two beds.  A cute table cloth on top, a lamp and we are all set!

As for now – these items are hanging out at my house until I get back from Nebraska – and then I’ll take the load up.


Thank you, friend!

It was just a couple hours of fun – and then we were on our way, but it made for such a great afternoon!

Tomorrow a road trip has gelled.  Jeanette is on her way down from New Jersey, visiting family in Front Royal, Virginia.  She is bringing a pair of old twin beds with (pineapple finials!) for bedroom #4 – the only room with NO BEDS in it yet.  When she asked if I could come meet her part way, some brain storming happened and I contacted Carol in Bedford, Virginia about the pair of sleigh beds that she is gifting to bedroom #3.

I’m heading out early tomorrow morning to pick up the beds in Bedford (how apropos!) and then will wander my way up toward the Shenandoah Valley where I’ll stay Thursday night – meet up with Jeanette on Friday to add her two bed frames to the mix – and swing by Mouth of Wilson to drop the FOUR bed frames off before bee-lining it home -

I leave for my 10 days in Nebraska on SUNDAY so this will be a QUICK TRIP.

I’d love to pack a project to work on Thursday night while on the road.  Not even sure where I’m staying yet – I love spontaneity!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Keep doing what you love!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. I think the generosity of quilters to you and your new venture shows just how much you have done for the quilting world! Kudos to you for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm with others. I hope to visit Quiltville Inn some day!

  2. Love your finds...….and hoping to catch you at one or two of your stops in Nebraska!!!!!!!!

  3. I know I am very far away but I was wondering if either of the two China cabinets I sent pictures of are what you are looking for?
    Love the sneak peek again when you crashed the Retreat at Prudence's house. It also reminded me of yet another Bonnie quilt I just "have to" make the Zuckerwatte from String Fling.

  4. You really do inspire us all. I am catching the bug of"doing what I love" even if everyone around me doesn't understand!

  5. I love and collect pineapples. I know which bedroom I would like to stay in!

  6. I was going to say something similar to what Wendy said above. So much great old furniture is being gifted to the Inn, where it will have a new life and be enjoyed by many, and your Inn is filling up with gifted and donated antiques almost faster than you can post about them. It's your own generosity and enthusiasm being reflected back at you from others whom you've inspired.

  7. See you in Nebraska, where you have Little Nita.. the little Featherweight... awaiting you! Nel from Nebraska

  8. Bonnie, I live in Greensboro and would really like to know where this shop is. Would it be too much trouble to email me privately? My husband and I like to go antique "looking" on the weekend. Thanks

  9. Yes the Dishes and laundry will wait. Great finds and antique adventure with Prudence

  10. Have you visited the Frontier Culture Museum in Staunton, VA? It's a fabulous museum right off I-81. Every docent I've ever talked to was extremely knowledgable.

  11. SO fun to see the inn coming together piece by piece!


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