Sunday, October 21, 2018

A Little Bit of ACME Fabric & Quilt Co!


With Tuesday morning’s guild presentation behind us, Stacey, Marguerite and I headed out toward Blair, NE for a bit of a small town lunch adventure and a stop at ACME fabric & Quilt Co.!

It was a beautiful day (after many cold and wet and even snowy ones) and I enjoyed the drive through the Nebraska countryside.

The corn was still ever present – farmers struggling to get it out of the fields after so much rain – but since the day was perfect – it was nice to see combine and trucks in the fields to get the job done.


Blair’s major thoroughfare -


Small town Main Street!

(Check out that sky!)


Where Stacey has an ACME FABRICS sign over her head!


Beautiful displays, vintage furnishings – so much to look at!


Fall collections!


Americana and more.

The owner, Christine was warm and welcoming – and so excited to show me around – They have added in more classroom space, and I was happy to see that she got the same tables from IKEA that I got for the sewing tables at Quiltville Inn – I asked how she liked them, and she said LOVED THEM!  

I also tried out her rolling task chairs which she also loves.  We talked design walls and all other things classroom  related.  I came home with a plethora of ideas!


More to see around every corner!


I spied the yellow fridge and fell head over heels!


Oh my word!  I want a yellow fridge!


It was definitely a great day in Blair!

Big shops are wonderful – quilt shops that take over a whole town are fun – but give me a small shop in a small town any day.  A place where your name is known,, your voice is recognized, and they are always glad to see you. A place where you feel like extended family.

I would LOVE to have a small shop such as this anywhere near me.


All the details!

I’m sitting at the dining room table at the cabin pecking out this post – a HUGE (and I mean huge!) windstorm was raging last night and it took our power out just as we were going to bed around 11:30pm.

“No problem…” I thought as I rolled over and shut my eyes, it will be back on by morning ---

But not!  I awoke at 8am, snuggled warmly under 2 quilts (I love 2 quilt weather!) and found that the power was still out.

According to the electric company’s info it could be out until 10pm tonight.  Likely some trees took out power during the storm. Power is also out at Quiltville Inn.

We’ve got a generator running and I have power to some things – but it may just turn into a “pressing/cutting & kitting up day” as I think I have enough power to run an iron and a task light to see by at the kitchen island.

Our gas fireplaces are running – so it is warm enough (though the electric fans on the stoves are not so the heat isn’t moving around as much)

However, we are warm enough, comfortable enough, and healthy enough to be happy with a little bit of  mildly roughing it today.


Sidewalk d├ęcor as we lunched in Jefferson, NC!

I also love my small NC towns of Jefferson/West Jefferson!  They get all decked out for holidays!  I loved this “minions” display as we walked from the restaurant with Rick & Mona down to the True Value hardware to check on some parts for the wood stove in the den at the Inn.


Yep – Appalachia!

Love to see the bib overalls hanging (And many of the menfolk in town wearing them!)


The china cabinet pick up!

This is the main reason I still drive a Land Barge!  Oh, the stuff I can haul!

We got the cabinet delivered to the Inn yesterday afternoon, I was hoping today to go wipe it down and polish it up so I could get Carrie’s great-aunt’s Magnolia china within it.

At this point – I think I’m just going to play it by ear and see what unfolds.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage nine-patch quilt found in Nebraska.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!


  1. We had the windstorm before you guys. It took out our power and meant dinner had to be found elsewhere. Which I didn't mind at all, LOL! Oh well, tonight is good enough for the meal I was planning last night.

  2. Hi Bonnie. I'm eager to know which chairs you decide on for Quiltville. Might be some of us would like them for our homes! Angelia in GA

  3. My dad always wore those blue overalls. He didn't even own a pair of jeans. Several of my uncles & my father-in-law always wore the striped ones.

  4. My grandpa was a carpenter and wore bibs like those, but it it was a Sunday go to meeting of town day, he changed into the striped ones. That was his dress up day.

  5. Thanks for visiting us all in Nebraska! Nel from Nebraska... The Good Life State

  6. Bonnie, your quote today reminded me of this quote from the movie, "The Help." 'You is smart, you is kind, you is important.'

  7. Grew up in and around Blair, NE. Was just there about 6 weeks ago, great store!

  8. What a fabulous fabric shop, I wish we had such a good one here.
    I remember a a child my dad always war those overalls for work he’s a plasterer by trade, and he wore sailcloth trouser under, he has never owned a pair of jeans, and even now at 82 he prefers to wear corduroy trousers and carry’s 2 bunches of keys, in case he looses one! Lol the hours we spent as kids looking for his keys happy memories.

    Quilty hugs xxxx

  9. Saturday's "wind day" stripped what would have been our "Fall Colors" for our area (extreme S.E. MN). 45 mph pushed all our leaves into the valley behind us! I totally agree with your thoughts on the "friendly, small(er) quilt shop" thought. I've been to the others you 'mentioned' and really don't care to return.
    Interesting how our dependence on 'power' is fully realized in its absence!!!

  10. Your post today really hit home. My mom, who passed away earlier this year, grew up in Blair, NE and attended Dana College where she met my dad. They moved to CA shortly after they were married and hardly ever returned to NE but it still seems like part of me. Mom passed on her love of sewing to me. Thank you for the photos. I love that town. :)

  11. I love your blog about Acme Fabrics. I am there at least twice a week and am in two quilt classes. I lived on the west coast in a large city for 30 years, and it was great moving back to the midwest. Any day that I feel a bit down, all I have to do is go visit Chris's quilt shop, buy some fabric, good conversation, and walk out happy. Thanks for coming to Nebraska. I was planning on attending one of your workshops but my shoulder surgery had to be done. Please come back again.

    PS I hope you enjoyed all four season,(yes with 2 inches of snow) during your stay.

  12. I would love to see a picture of the IKEA tables. We are going to Kansas City in December, and I may want to get one!

  13. Thanks for posting about Acme Quilt Shop in Blair. My daughter lives there so we like to stop in the shop when we go to visit her family. It's a lovely store and the staff is very helpful.
    I attended your trunk show at the Grand Theatre in Grand Island, Ne. It was fun to see your quilts and hear their stories! Thanks for coming to Nebraska!


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