Saturday, October 13, 2018

Virginia Bounding in Grand Island!


Workshop day number 2 in Grand Island, and workshop number 4 of my 6 workshop, 4 lecture tour in Nebraska is in the books! As LEGENDARY!

What is also fun this time around is that NONE of the workshops have been duplicates of any others this trip – 6 workshops, all different!  There is always something new to look forward to each day.

Yesterday we dove into boxes and bags of strings, stitching up Virginia Bound from my very first book, Scraps & Shirttails – and it dawned on me.  This book just celebrated its 10th anniversary in print – released in September of 2008!  OH. MY. WORD!  I never gave that any thought until yesterday.

TEN YEARS IN PRINT!  That’s a huge mile stone.

And watch – now I’ve jinxed it and it will go out of print.  LOL!  It’s been a good run, and I’m thrilled.  And if it does go out of print – maybe we need a Scraps & Shirttails III down the pipeline?  Heaven knows I have enough recycled shirts on hand to do many many more quilts with these fabrics that are so fun to work with.


Our workshops have been held HERE!

The Nebraska State Fairgrounds – in the Quilt Room!


We set into sewing – with many first time string piecers in attendance!

And they loved it!  Hooray for newbies!


Oooohhh… pretty in plaids and stripes!


And ghastly good in Halloween!


Cool aqua water against the warm sand -


Check out Diane’s pinks and reds!

(So happy to have her with us in class – Check out her Stash Bandit website for more fun!)

Diane is a former editor for Quiltmaker Magazine, and is busy designing quilts, teaching workshops and giving lectures and just may be appearing near you.  

Don’t miss her – she is full of so much scrap quilt fun and is great to be around!


Lunch was a taco bar affair!  PERFECT!


The day flew by so fast – and check out what these ladies accomplished!


Well done!

You’ll find the rest of our Virginia Bound workshop day in the video below.  Click to play:

Such a fun day! And yes, you can STILL get a copy of Scraps & Shirttails   (and Scraps & Shirttails II) from the Quiltville Store for the low low price of $19.99!


SO much fun spending the day with these ladies!

Today I am moving on to Elkhorn, where I’ll spend the next few days with the Cottonwood Quilters.  Let the quilty creativity continue!

The sky is blue this morning, it’s not raining.  The sun is actually SHINING! It’s chilly, but a beautiful autumn day and I’m going to enjoy the drive.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Let this set you free from getting down on yourself!

Maya Angelou speaks it like no other, always a favorite.

Have a lovely Saturday -


  1. Had a blast yesterday in Bonnie’s class! What fun to see everyone’s blocks and how they were all different. Can’ wait to finish this one.

    1. Thanks, Rosie! It was so fun spending the day with you!

  2. Last month our guild had a Quilt Show in Benton, AR. We had a station set up for making string blocks to go later into our charity quilts. Participants were invited to sit down and sew some blocks. One woman and her 11 year old daughter were looking at quilts and I invited them to sew some blocks. The Mom was wanting to get into quilting and her daughter was interested. The 11 year old made several blocks and had so much fun. I wish I had gotten a picture. A new quilter in the works with string piecing.

  3. So nice to hear about all your adventures touring and teaching. That is a pretty quilt. Congrats on your book anniversary! I thought you would want to know that your pin it button doesn't work. I wanted to pin the quote to Pinterest but the button is not there. I know you used to have it.

    1. It does work, it is there. It could be you followed a link through Facebook and really aren't OUT of Facebook before reading. Click to open in a new browser page. Exit Facebook and come to the site organically. Facebook screws up everything.

  4. where can I get the t-shirt in the last picture Scrap Happy with Bonnie Hunter please I want one... hope there are other colors besides purple.

  5. So fun to open today's blog and see Nell...pretty in Pink!!!

  6. Thank you for introducing to me Stash Bandit.

  7. Notice that the lady in cheddar can be picked out in the crowd!!

  8. Many fond memories of time spent near Grand Island in nearby Phillips. Wish I could have joined in but it is 700 miles from me. Looking forward to seeing you next month in Indy.

  9. Thank you Bonnie for a super day with Virginia Bound in Grand Island NE! Loved the pics and video! Hilarious! Enjoyed supper with you at the Saddle Club! Excited to finish my project and have thoughts in others! Lol!

  10. Curiosity has me this morning. Who and what determines if a book goes out of print.


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