Friday, October 19, 2018

Getting Spooky Around Town!


Read on!  There is a Quilt-Cam announcement below!

This is the mantle in the old house turned chiropractic office-

For the many years I’ve been treated in Dr. Wright’s office, I’ve looked forward to the changes of d├ęcor that happen with every season, every holiday -

But HALLOWEEN is the best of all – it’s an absolute hoot to make a visit the couple of weeks before Halloween.

The head on the mantelpiece?  It’s  Dr. Wright himself – a sculpture that really looks like him – if you take the googly eyes and put them back to normal proportions!  

It was made by his mother-in-law and makes its appearance each year about this time.  It’s also been seen around Christmas sporting a Santa hat, sunglasses and a fake beard.  LOL.


Climbing up the front steps of the old house/office.

I love the chiropractic spine just thrown on the ground over there.

“Don’t step on my coccyx!”


At the reception window. 

Too much fun!


Are you thirsty??


Turn off all cell phones!


Even the fish are getting into it!

Sugar skull in the fish tank!

It’s just a great time with everyone getting into the “spirit” of the season.  Once kids are grown and out of school – there are no more Halloween parties to make costumes for. No trick-or-treaters come by my door as we are down in a hollow and our neighborhood just doesn’t have a lot of little ones about.  This just made the inner kid inside of me smile.

And so did this:


Some spooky prints for a spooky project!

Remember those Halloween half-square triangles from yesterday’s post?  I needed more Halloween prints (black ones particularly) so I stopped to pick these up at Joann at 70% off!  The grey spiders, 3rd fabric from the left glow in the dark.  HOOT! 

How about you join me at 8pm Eastern tonight for a QUILT-CAM and I will show you what I am doing?!  Are you curious?

We haven’t done a Quilt-Cam in ever-so-long and I’m finally feeling like I can be in front of a camera without getting tangled up in my emotions.

I need to sew!  So come join me over on Facebook Live at 8pm Eastern and we’ll put needle and thread to fabric and chat.

If you can’t make it, no worries – I will embed it in tomorrow morning’s post so you can catch up.


Lola says “Have a great Friday, everyone!”


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Log cabin quilt found while out antiquing in Nebraska.

Don't expect a return without putting in the effort!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!


  1. Yeah, he has great Halloween decorations, but I don't know why it is somehow disturbing in a medical office! Tombstones outside a doctor's door doesn't send a good message! LOL Guess I never was a big Halloween person, especially after I was grown; we don't even have neighborhood kids to trick or treat, so I've been out of it for years - I'm the youngest resident of my street, and I'm a senior citizen, we're all old around here. I do, however, have a credit union where all the tellers dress up on Halloween, which is rather startling if you're not familiar with it!

  2. If you get tangled in your emotions you will have lots of supportive comments from people who care about you!

  3. Well, I still make costumes for my adult children and my self- we are all cosplayers! Like quilting, the sewing of a cosplay makes me think outside the box and try new things. Presently I am making the Cora Mills Queen of Hearts costume from the ABC show "Once Upon a Time".

  4. I will have to watch Quilt Cam later as this is a night for my 4 year old grandson to spend some time with Mawmaw. The only thing that takes priority over quilting is grands!!

  5. I can't wait to see the Halloween surprise you're making! I doubt I'll get to see it tonight, though. We're headed out to the Circleville Pumpkin Show to eat some yummy pumpkin treats. I'll catch the quilt cam tomorrow! Have a great weekend!

  6. It reminds me that this time last year I was taking down lathe and plaster ceilings and walls in the hallway and staircase. Its a filthy job, as any one who has done it will confirm, and I has sectioned off areas off areas with curtains of plastic sheeting, to try to contain the dust a bit. They quickly became Opaque, grey and tattered. Now, Trick or Treating is not as big in the UK as it is in the US, not so much decorating, or adult participation just children collecting sweets,(or money). So....come the 31st, and I am hacking away....goggles on..Hair full of 100 year old plaster and dirt, face covered in muck and mire.......and a hammer in my hand....I didnt really think...just cursed having to get down the ladder and answer the door.......HAHAHA a Posse of teenage chaps took one look, and fled down the path and out the gate almost falling over each other to get away from the mad old woman in what looked like the haunted house. Now.....lets see if the come back this year LOL

    1. Koo, your story made me laugh out loud!!! How fun/scary you were even if you didn't mean to be! I once answered the door on Halloween with half of my hair pulled out of a frosting cap (my SIL ran out for more candy)...I think I scared the poor little guy standing there for his candy!

    2. Hehehe.......Thankfully these were not small children, who might have had a very sleepless night.......but I also was not as organised as your SiL. I had no sweets with which to right their fright.

    3. I agree! I giggled out loud! What a funny story!

  7. So excited for quiltcam!!!!! I will be there!!! You’ve been missed so much!!!!!

  8. Your Lola resembles my Cali so much! Cali can be counted on to be in my chair in my work room, and be peeved when I oust her so I can sew.

  9. We were at a retreat and Uganda Halloween quilt on my bed I came in Late and the room was dark. I turned to my bed and saw white bats on the edge of my quilt. I looked for a lightsorce but none. Then I remembered they were glow in the dark. The manager freaked the next day. He thought I was serious that there were bats in our room. They had had a problem with them in the past year. We all got a laugh about it


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