Saturday, November 17, 2018

A Whole Lotta Quilting and a Joint Quilt-Cam!


Mona’s quilting bunnies!

I’ve had a blast with my friend Mona here.  She’s getting to be a pro at using my computerized longarm quilting machine. 

My big fear is that she will find she has to have her own and she won’t come spend the night with me anymore on a joint quilt-fest!


Oh so hoppity cute!

Jade & Cottontail pattern by Elizabeth Harman.

This was the pattern and fabric from our MARCH 2018 Quilty Box Gift-Away, and she has done such a great job on it! 

Info on this Quilty Box (retired, no longer available) is found HERE. I don’t know if the pattern is available as a stand-alone or not, but you can check out Elizabeth Hartman’s website for more of her great patterns.


Mona’s finished Sugar Bowl Quilt from the free patterns tab!

She will have miles of binding to stitch through the next several weeks.



Checkerboard Rails quilted and trimmed, also ready for binding!


Wonderful texture!

We have been quilting since Thursday afternoon, and added an extra night of sleep-over as the menfolk headed up to Virginia yesterday afternoon to start the painting and floor installation at the Quiltville Post Office today.  

Girls get to play, Boys get to work.  I kind of like this arrangement!

The color we are painting the post office?  It’s the Oyster Bar from the neutral selections for our Good Fortune Mystery!



With white trim.  Ooooh!

I didn’t want white white walls.  I didn’t want "builder beige."  The reclaimed vintage chestnut wood floors were too brown to look good with grey.  This oyster bar taupe is my compromise.

The flooring going down in the bathroom, postmaster's office and back entry has a stone tile look to blend with the brown in the wood floor, and this will look GREAT with that. I’m excited to see progress photos being texted to my phone!

Hopefully this weekend will see the windows being finished as well – so while all of that hammering and sawing and painting and floor installing is going on, I’ll be here QUILTING!

As evening rolled around I met up with HollyAnne of String & Story for a joint Quilt-Cam live via her String & Story Facebook Page

Oh we had a great time talking about color, and what to do if you want to choose colors other than what I’ve used in this year’s Good Fortune mystery.  Click to play:

Hopefully we discussed a lot of the topics you yourself are wondering about.

A couple of things that came up repeatedly in the comments during our conversation -

NO – I will not be providing Accuquilt die information for the quilt during the mystery, OR in the digital pattern after the reveal.  It takes up space and would only apply to those who USE an Accuquilt. 

These units are standard sizes, and the finished unit size will be given during the mystery, in the PDFs of the parts, and in the rewritten pattern after the fact.  Use that information to obtain which dies you want.

There are many WONDERFUL Crock Pot recipes under the recipes tab at the top of the blog.  Choose one of those and get it simmering Friday morning so you can sew through the day with the house smelling wonderful, and your family will thank you for it.

And while I’ve been typing this post, guess what was just finished?


Squaring the quilt before binding!


Another in the done pile!

This little quiltlet is destined to be an Easter gift for Mona’s granddaughter Carmen, 3 years old.  It will be perfect given with a stuffed bunny – as only a Grandma can!

Is there anything better than quilty sleepovers with a good friend?

We checked the entries for yesterday String Frenzy, Quiltmaker and Signature Thread Gift-Away. WOW!  It’s over 5,000 entries already!  Yippee! 

If you missed what was going on – It’s BIG BIG REALLY BIG – hit up yesterday’s post HERE and get your entry in.

There is also a lot of info on what is happening around Quiltville on Black Friday, much more than just the release of Part 1 of Good Fortune.

November 17, 2018 at 07_35AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Detail of Mona’s newly quilted Checkerboard Rails quilt.

Where is your focus today?

On what you have in front of you, or on what you feel is missing?

Enjoy your Saturday, everyone!


  1. Love the quilting on Mona's Checkerboard Rail. What is the quilting pattern. It gives lots of movement. Thanks for all you do Bonnie!!

  2. I laughed at "builder beige". My hubs calls it cheap motel room beige. Mona has turned into a quilting ninja! How fun for both of you. Exciting progress on the Post Office!

  3. Loved watching Joint Quiltcam from my Sew-in. We might have another one joining us for the Mystery. Thanks for the color wheel info! Rethinking my colors once again before Friday. Gotta have colors that play nice! Go Mona, pretty quilts coming off your machine. Yea for the Quiltville Inn P.O. Office.

  4. I will not be able to begin on Friday. My son's family will be here. But as soon as the leave I'll begin. Can't wait! tell Mona job well done.
    Can you in advance what size strips we are working with?
    Have a happy holiday.

  5. You go, Mona!!

    Looking forward to pics of the freshened up Post Office when you're ready. Exciting developments!

  6. If I remember correctly, when you two first met, Mona didn't think she was interested in quilting at all. But your enthusiasm and sharing/caring ways caught her for sure. Look at Mona go!!

  7. Oh how I love that Mona has come over to the dark/ScRaPpY quilting side!! Its so good for the soul to have girlfriends to have retreat times with. I can't wait for the mystery to start and am drooling over your Hunters Star quilt. I have been looking for the perfect red quilt to make and this one is it!!

  8. After last nights dynamic duo quilt cam I have had a lot to think about and have been in my stash thinking over my color choices. Great info last night. Thanks so much.

  9. Great Quilt-Cam! You play off each other well. I have chosen my fabrics and cannot wait until Friday! Today I will be taming down some 6 wk old kittens. Does Jason need a kitten? I'm only 50 miles from him and will deliver...I'm excite to see the Quiltvilla Post Office finish.

  10. Nice work, Mona. Congrats on getting a few steps closer on opening the Quiltville Post Office.

  11. i loved your Fabric is a Marshmallow and other comments on colour and mistakes happen, bits needing a nudge to fit, in fact the whole video was a real boost for the unconfident quilter, giving the idea Mystery Quilt is fun and friendship, and not frantic speed and panic perfection.

  12. Thanks so much for this! I changed out the blue for purple and the orange for yellow for mine. Hoping that makes for a fun change for the MQ this year. :)

  13. Your quilt quote today reminded me of a comment made by my son who was about 21 at the time. I mentioned that I was a glass half full kind of girl and he said, “ I’m a glass is full kind of guy. I figure it’s half full of water and half full of air.” I told him that if he can live life like that he will be a happy man. It seemed the kind of comment that fits your philosophy. Glad you had fun playing while you worked. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  14. Go Mona.
    Love the progress info about Quiltville Inn.
    Giid plan with the fellas working while you quilt.

  15. I think back to when you first meet Mona and she said that there was no way that she would do that quilting stuff. Well I'm sitting here at the computer with a little smile thinking that Mona is now hooked.

  16. What a lovely post today. I'm jealous of you and Mona doing what you're doing. Perfect way to 'veg out' together. ENJOY!! You deserve it Bonnie!!! Thanks for your interesting life!! It's great to read. Cheers from South Australia.

  17. Thanks for the quilt cam with HollyAnne. Lots of info to make choosing fabric an easier process. Love the Oyster Bar for the walls. Such a perfect choice. :)

  18. Love the checkered rails. This week I am planning to gather my fabrics for the mystery, once I get a few quilt tops finished and a block for my bee. I plan to watch the chat video before pulling fabrics.

  19. I loved watching Quilt Cam, on Friday night! Very informative on color choices! Thank you both! I also love the Checkered Rails! I never thought of trying that! Hope you have a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving with your family. Counting the days til you release String Frenzy!

  20. So many beautiful quilts getting to the finish line. Great job, Bonnie & Mona. Best retreat ever!!! Looking forward to sitting still and watching QuiltCam. In the meantime, I'm reviewing the menu for Thanksgiving dinner and trying to keep up with Temecula Quilt Shop's SAL called Secret Santa. It finished just in time for Good Fortune! Yay!!!


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