Wednesday, November 14, 2018

And Around the Next Corner….


If you were to look up my life in the dictionary -

This would be the photo!

My yesterday caved in on itself.  Or got nowhere while I ran like the proverbial hamster on the wheel.

Somewhere, somehow – I got completely derailed.

The phone rings yesterday at 11am asking me if I am coming in for my dentist appointment.  I said “Yes, tomorrow.”  They said “No, today.”  I said………that’s not what’s on my phone calendar!

And I checked.  And somehow I got their Tuesday mixed up with what was on my calendar for MY Wednesday.  That appointment has been rescheduled for JANUARY as there are no openings in December.

The plan then, to go to Virginia for an overnight was scratched, and that gave me a bit more time to keep filling orders.

Later in the afternoon came another call from the chiropractor’s office “Are you coming in for your appointment?” They asked.  “Yes.  Tomorrow.” was my reply.  “We had you down for TODAY.” they said.

Oh. NO!  By this time I swear I am losing my mind, and I look it up on my phone calendar to find that I put them down for Wednesday, NOT Tuesday.  But they had otherwise.  That has also been rescheduled for another day.  Not this week.  Not this week that is going by far too quickly while I feel like I am still on the golden hamster wheel of life just running at full speed ahead and getting nowhere.

Thanksgiving is a week from TOMORROW.  My dad comes into town on MONDAY.

My house is a wreck, my studio looks like a bomb went off -

Orders are still going out to the tune of about 100 per day. (Eventually the stock will run out and things will slow down – more rulers will be in AFTER Thanksgiving.)


In the mean time – I wish I could cat nap like Emmy Lou!

I have been working on some binding in the evening beyond 8pm when I just couldn’t stuff another envelope or stick another label on anything -


A gently curved binding!

Which meant cutting BIAS of all things.  If you are stumped about bias bindings, don’t be.  They are easy.

This is very similar to the curved binding I did on the Zuckerwatte quilt from String Fling, and also the border of our Allietare mystery.

Under the Tips & Techniques tab at the top of the blog you’ll find info on cutting bias bindings HERE, and a demo/tutorial page on how I decided on and measured the curves for Zuckerwatte HERE.

A couple of handy tutorials that will get you throwing that next binding a curve in no time!


OH yes, this is just what this quilt needs!

It takes a hum-drum border to WOW!

And now this is NOT funny – but is funny.

While I’ve been typing this post the EYE DOC office calls to schedule my appointment for January. 

I make SURE I have it on the right date on my calendar.

And because I am in charge of ME, I turn down the offering of a 7:45am appointment in favor of “something after lunch time” because I can.

The last thing I want to do before hitting up a January eye doctor appointment is spend time scraping the windshield just after 7am before I have to drive anywhere.

Spring already can’t come soon enough!

Some how I’m going to tackle this week and be ready for Friday Evening’s 8pm eastern meet up with HollyAnne of String & Story for a Quilt-Cam LIVE on her String & Story Facebook page.  Let’s talk about this upcoming mystery and a bit of color helps and hints! 

This reminder also went up in the Quiltville Store today -

Thanks, everyone!

November 14, 2018 at 07_19AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

This little statement was on a gift card that came with a necklace that I purchased many years ago.

I no longer have the necklace, but that gift card is pinned right above my kitchen sink and I read it every day.

Isn't it amazing that the words on that little card are more powerful and more important than the piece of bling it came with?

Today, turn self doubt around and magnify your strengths!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Thanks again for your amazing inspirations and oh the joy of finding time to take care of yourself!

  2. Enjoy your time away with family!

  3. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and make more wonderful memories.💕

  4. Love life! Be brave! Even when things don't go as planned :0). You are an inspiration in so ( sew) many ways. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  5. The good news is that even if your house and studio are a wreck, your dad probably isn't going to care, esp. if you're spending most of his visit at the cabin anyway. He just wants to see you. So you can be gentle with yourself and cut yourself some slack on that score, because I bet that he will.

    I hope the holiday is a well-deserved break for you. Kudos on closing the store for the holiday. Good for you!

  6. LOL! Been in your shoes too, Bonnie! And missed several Quilt Cams -- having to view them later is fun but...nothin' like live...so I've put this one on MY calendar for Friday at the Mountain Time equivalent of 8 p.m. Eastern. Have a better rest of the week! :-)

  7. You aren't the only one getting the dates wrong. Thought the 14th of November was on Friday....nope it is a Friday in December. I am about a month behind...Oh well, will start fresh on January 1st

  8. You need the down time to rest your soul!! Have a happy thansgiving with your family!!

  9. The stars and planets must have Ben totally discombobulated yesterday...I thought all day it was Wednesday. Finally last night, I realized I had an extra day in the week cause it was only Tuesday....
    Then I went to the thrift store today to get a few shirts to fill our my fabric for the mystery...was all smart and pulled my ID out to get my senior discount.....”Sorry ma’am..that was yesterday”! Really??? So, I missed my 30% discount, but I figured I better get the shirts while I was there. I feel your confusion Bonnie!!!

  10. Too funny I had the same type of day yesterday. It has been a crazy busy week and I am driving home excited that it was Tuesday the one day I am committed to going up to Women's World A/K/A Patty & friends quilting studio!
    My phone rings and(I am on the hands free blue tooth )and my best Bud says you are heading to our Hair Appointment right? I said that's tomorrow. It is always on Wed. I would never schedule it on a Tuesday my open sew night . Well guess what I did change it last month myself because the hairdresser had something going on Wed. that she could not change. Off I go to the Hair Dressers.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and I too am a gerbil. : ) Looking forward to ordering the String Frenzy and mini folded corner ruler together when the time arrives. :)


  11. Love Mary Bolton's idea of starting fresh on Jan 1.Think I'll do that too! Have been days early on lots of appointments, really embaracing, but better early than late! Right?

  12. Oops! Welcome to my world of appointments that I write down wrong! Sometimes the people at the other end are the ones making the errors though.

  13. Donna B.
    I'm missing Sadie Jane. You haven't posted about her lately and I've missed her pretty face. Hope all is well with her.

  14. That is a great quote, Bonnie. It reminds me of my mother, who was much stronger than she thought. But when life demanded it of her, she came through with flying colors--and the best part of the story is, she recognized it.
    Just wondering...did you write all of your appointments on a calendar/daytimer that has a Monday-Sunday layout, perchance? I've been goofed up several times this year due to such a set up and I'm really happy that next year I'll be going back to a Sunday-Saturday graph. Just couldn't make the mental switch, even though I understood the idea behind keeping the weekend clumped together. Oh well, maybe a younger or more flexible brain could do it. I'm a wee bit rigid.

  15. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy that time away. May I share your graphic/quote on my facebook page? It is so inspiring!

  16. Dear Bonnie, One word; Personal assistant, oops that's two words. You are such an inspiring and creative soul, think of how much more joy you could spread with a little help?? NOt to mention more down time for you to take care of you. Wishing you all the best and so very thankful for all you do!! Deb in Jersey (soon going to Garden Valley!) Closing March 1st :))

  17. Life happens, we all goof up schedules... go and enjoy your family - I'm heading out this morning to be with some of my family. Happy Thanksgiving. Quilting is one of the things I am thankful for and of course all those who inspire me including yourself.

  18. If I lived close to you, I'd put myself on the top of the list of your volunteer team! Then you could delegate some of these things to those who would love to help.
    Happy, blessed Thanksgiving to you. Slow down and take a bite of turkey.

  19. Hi Bonnie, I love reading your blog and I really don't know how you do all the things you do. I only wish I had a part of your energy, you are amazing. I Also love travelling vicariously through your trips, your photos are wonderful. Love from Australia.

  20. Enjoy your family time. Happy Thanksgiving.


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