Monday, November 26, 2018

Mystery Monday Link-Up and a Cyber Monday Sale!


Good Cyber Monday Morning, my friends!

This post comes with a warning – it’s going to be a long one as we’ve got a lot going on today. Grab a cup of your favorite and pull up a seat!

First things first – I have put another 500 PRE-ORDER copies of String Frenzy in the Quiltville Store.  Books are on the truck – they should be delivered this week and I will get in to filling orders in the orders that they were received as quickly as possible.  

Orders from today's 500 will be filled and posted as wave TWO – and it is likely 10 days to 2 weeks before that order filling will happen. 

Please remember you are placing a PRE-ORDER!  Orders are filled in the order that they came in and it could be that there are several hundred orders in front of yours being filled by yours truly.(With some help from some friends and family!)  I will do everything I can to get orders out as quickly as possible.

We sold out wave 2 of 500 pre-orders in less than an hour! There will be wave as I get these shipped out and have the ability to tackle more. Stay tuned and keep watching!


You will be receiving a PDF pattern for my Hunter’s String Star at purchase!

A second email will come from my store server ECWID AFTER you receive your receipt.

Click the link in the email and save the download to a place where YOU can find it on a REAL computer, not a mobile device or a phone.  It will likely go to your downloads folder, but I find it helpful to download it to my desktop.  If you get stuck, ask a 10 year old. LOL.

Along with String Frenzy being offered at a discount – ALL of my previous titles have been dropped to the low low price of $19.99 each, so it is time to round out your Quiltville library!


All Digital Patterns on Sale through WEDNESDAY, Nov 28!

If you didn’t do our On ringo Lake Mystery last year, but wanted to – if you wanted to make Allietare, or any of my other designs available in digital format, here is your chance!  

Use coupon code DIGITAL25 in the coupon box at purchase. Don't forget.  Code MUST be used for discount.


This was actually supposed to happen in September, but you know how my September was derailed.  Still – it’s there!

Let me recap here – String Frenzy Pre-Orders wave 2 is limited to 500 copies!  

Free Hunter’s String Star pattern with purchase.  

All of my other titles on sale for $19.99 each, 

All digital patterns are 25% off with Coupon Code DIGITAL25.  

Got it?  Good!  Now go get it!


It’s a Mystery Monday Link-Up Kick Off!

Andee is one of my moderators in our Quiltville’s Open Studio group , and each Mystery Season she hosts a Mystery Kick Off!  She writes:

Happy Holiday Bonnie! Just wanted to share the Sixth Annual Quiltville Mystery Kickoff Party in Chandler, Arizona with you and your readers!

The response from our parties over the years is always something like "I wish I had a group like that in my area" and I just want to tell you to start one! Look for a half a dozen Quiltvillians and grow it from there! Seven years ago my friend Kathy invited me, Kathy, Becky and Barb to her house to sew on black Friday as your clue came out.

We got to talking that we should do it every year. The next year was our first official kickoff party and we had twelve people. We now invite close to fifty people and about half make it every year! You can start a group too--and share your fun and pictures with us on Quiltville Open Studio!

We had 20 people at our Sixth Annual Quiltville Mystery Kickoff party in Chandler, Arizona this year.  Barb had to work so only stopped in for a bit, but everyone else sewed all day!  If you want to attend next year and will be in the area, let me know.  We invite people until the seats are filled! 


Left to right starting at the top:  Marguerite, Laura, Marlene, Sueann, Ros, Becky, Kathy, Celeste.

bottom:  Phyliss, Cindy, Cynthia, Fran, BJ, Charlotte, Jill, Tina, Laurie and Kathy.  I am taking the selfie.

Only one gal that I know had gifted her On Ringo Lake  before our picture so in total twelve of us got the quilt done this year.   

My favorite part of this get together is seeing all of Bonnie Hunter's magnificent designs in different colors up close.  Each one is its own masterpiece!


Completed quilt tops are modeled by:   Marguerite, Laura, Becky, Celeste, Andee (me) and Ros and in the bottom row:  Cynthia, Fran, Tina, Kathy and Phyliss


Marguerite and Laura are a mother and daughter who really enjoy sewing together.  Every year they come to the party and get their quilts done for the photo.  Love their quilts!


Here are Kathy and I with our quilts.

Mine is of course Packer colors (third mystery quilt I have done in Packer colors--I even have a Facebook page devoted to Packer quilts!). 

I helped Kathy a lot this year on her quilt because this one will be gifted to my brother and his wife at their upcoming wedding.  She picked the colors for it and loves it--and the matching pillow made with the leftover block.


We gifted all who wanted one a quilt label and the last dozen or so people at the party got an embroidered sewing machine that Barb made for me. 

Everyone always asks how to make these. Super simple, save Bonnie's picture to your computer.  

Open up Word (or something similar) and insert the picture.  (I cropped it first to take off the duplicate information that was on the bottom of Bonnie's picture).  I then type in and center whatever I want on the label. When I see Bonnie I have her sign mine if she can.  I print them on my regular printer (buy fabric sheets to print on) and then cut them apart.


These are the colors Kathy and I will do for our quilts this year.  They will be for both of my engaged children's wedding gift.  Both girls love purple so using the same colors in different places and using navy blue for the neutrals in one.  Should be an interesting pair when they are done. 


Here is part of my clue one done!

Thank you Bonnie for this gift, I have made every mystery (some more than once) and look forward to it every year.  I even have a tab on my blog devoted to the mystery quilts and another one with a Quiltville Parade of quilts!

Looking forward to clue two of Good Fortune!

Andee in AZ, Bonnie's #1 fan

Thanks, Andee!  One of these years I am going to BE THERE for this Mystery Kick-Off Party!  It sounds like such a blast!

If you have a group who is stitching together, send me some photos along with the story behind the photos in an email and you could be featured in a future Mystery Monday post!

Let’s get this Link-Up party of our own started. There is a lot of info below.  PLEASE DO NOT SKIM READ!

We have many new folks with us this year, so if you’ve never done a link-up before, we will include some info so you can add your photo of your progress to the mix.

You’ll need either a blog, an instagram account, a Pinterest account, a Flickr account or a Google+ account.  All of which are free, and a great way of journaling your progress on any project.  ALL of these must be set to PUBLIC

Please, no private accounts as no one will be able to see what you are sharing, so what’s the point? Links to private accounts will be deleted.

No matter where you are in your Good Fortune quilt you can share blocks, design wall photos, fabric choices, completed units with your dog, cat or grand-baby – just share!

Be sure when you are filling in your information in the Linky form below that you include a URL to your specific post or photo, not just your main blog or profile address.  We need the address of the page where your photo and post is, not the whole account.

For those who don’t understand HOW to find the URL of any given post PLEASE read this linky tutorial before you link up again.

For an example of a blog post including a link back, click HERE.
For a Pinterest post including a link back, click HERE.
For an Instagram post including a link back, click
For a Flickr post including a link back, click HERE.

Click the links above for examples of folks who have done it correctly!

If you hare having trouble, why not contact someone who has “done it correctly” and ask for their help? Leave them a comment on their photo.  We can help each other.

If you have linked to my main blog address
http://quiltville.blogspot.com that also needs to be changed to the URL for today's linky page. Please check your post or photo and make sure you have the right link.

Include this link in your post: https://quiltville.blogspot.com/2018/11/mystery-monday-link-up-and-cyber-monday.html

Or Short Link: https://bit.ly/2AoDbhP

If you don’t know how to link it so it is clickable in your blog post, don’t worry about it. Just copy and paste the above URL into your text.

We are also using the hashtags #quiltvillemystery and #goodfortunequilt and a link back to this post for social media.  Please use them so we can find you!

If you post to Pinterest or Instagram, your blog, etc. - you need to add the link to the link-up post in your photo description.

Hash tags are not enough. It doesn’t matter if it is a hyperlink or just plain text, but it must be there.  If you do not link back to my post, your link will be removed from our link-up.

One more time:

Please do NOT post unit sizes or unit counts in your post.  This is a mystery.  The sizes and counts are plainly available in the mystery directions themselves.  Folks can get them by coming to my directions.

Also, your link-up post, be it on Instagram, Pinterest, your blog or wherever MUST include an easy to find, obvious link (highlighted helps!) to the link-up post. The link you are to use is given to you above.

Our posts are reciprocal.  Which means I link to you, you link back to me.

Thank you for working with me to be sure these things happen.  I really appreciate it. And it is so so so simple to just take the time and comply.

The linky pages will be alive FOREVER in the archives, Your link will stay there so people can find you, please link correctly to my post so people can find me and the others who have also shared their links as well.  Don’t be the dead end street for everyone else.  Thank you!

I can't wait to see what you have to share! This Link-Up will close on Thursday Night, Nov 26th at 11:55pm Eastern. Part 2 of Good Fortune goes live the next morning!

I’ve got two more days with my dad – he flies back to Phoenix tomorrow evening.  The quilting has been minimal at best here this week, but my evenings have been full of relaxing hand quilting, and that is just what this soul needs before all of this String Frenzy shipping happens!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Sand Castles Quilt from String Frenzy!

We all feel stressed at certain times. Often, this time of year more than others.

Most of that stress is over things beyond our own control.

How we choose to react (often to other stressed out people) has a direct effect on the increase or decrease of our own stress levels.

Don't let other stressed out people push your buttons and add to your own stress!

Have a wonderful Monday, everyone!


  1. Love that purple and teal combination the Chandler lady picked. Will be neat to see it coming together in different colors. So glad you are enjoying some family time with your Dad. So great. I just ordered your book and zip bag goodies. I am really loving some of your borders on these quilts and love the pumpkin one too. Enjoy your family time and relax awhile.

    1. Bonnie, String Frenzy looks fabulous! Crumb Jumble, Sand Castles and Geese on a String... how can I choose which one to do first? Thanksgiving at our house was wonderful. We had family from Wednesday to Saturday and this year I am not pooped. My fabric has been adequately fondled and pressed. I am rested and ready to go. Enjoy your Dad and know that the orders can wait, we all have plenty to keep us busy. Thank you for being such an inspiration. You are a treasure.

  2. Thank you for putting together these link up parties and continuing to do the annual mystery quilt!

  3. thank you for all that you do for your readers Bonnie - continue to have a great visit with your Dad!

  4. Wahoo! My book order made it in :-) Thank you, Bonnie for the Hunter's Star pattern. It's lovely!

  5. Greetings and Happy Post Thanksgiving to all of the BH fans and stitchers. I just ordered 'String Frenzy' and can't wait to receive it. I know it will be a glowing success. I have completed half of my 4 patches for the 'Good Fortune' mystery and will continue to work on those tonight. I love all of my mystery quilts. As a matter of fact, 4 of them are in use on my beds as I type this. They all make me happy! Thanks Bonnie for sharing your passion with us.

  6. Before anyone comments that String Frenzy is unavailable -- we sold out wave 2 of 500 pre-orders in less than an hour! There will be wave as I get these shipped out and have the ability to tackle more. Stay tuned and keep watching!

    1. I watched your page from 12:30am EST waiting for Sunday November 25 th date to change when the Linky page and second wave of books was posted. Eventually fell asleep and missed the second wave of String Frenzy and also, I think, opportunity to use the discount on the two digital patterns I have waiting in my cart! I live in Angier,NC, and could drive out to help you with the mailings! I can do that!! So, Bonnie, if you want extra hands for envelope stuffing I'd be honored to help!! I think its absolutely phenomenal how quickly we can "click" that submit order button! I'll keep trying, in the meantime, I'm moving along with those 4 patches!!!

    2. Success with getting the 25% discount on my digital patterns order!! Don't know why it was accepted before! Thank you, Bonnie, for offering the discount!

  7. Loving the link ups but can’t work out how to find a url no 10 year old available lol
    Will chat to my sons later, so excited managed to pre order my string frenzy book today.
    Enjoy the rest of your dads visit
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

    1. Hi, Anne. Maybe I can help. While you are reading this post, you should be able to see, in a box at the top of your browser window, "quiltville.blogspot.com/2018/11/mystery-monday-link-up" (an more) and ends with "html" (in some browsers it will start with "http"? That entire thing is the url. So when you are looking at wherever you have your picture posted, your blog, instagram, pinterest, etc, whatever it says in that same exact spot at the top of your browser window is the url for your page. Highlight and copy the entire contents of that box, come back to the linky screen and paste that url into the proper space. I hope that was clear and that it helps. (Disclaimer: I am waaaay more than 10 years old.)

  8. have finally decided on my fabrics, civil war. I have tons and will pick as each color is needed. I think it will be fun that way. Red and neutrals here I come.
    Thanks Bonnie...for kicking my winter blues. Wisconsin fan

  9. Bonnie, I took a Pineapple Blossoms class with you in Rochester, NY over a year ago. I finished it last week, scrappy binding and all. I wanted to keep it. However, I was notified of a woman coming to my area for cancer treatment and my sister in law begged me to take her a quilt. This is the only comfort size one quilted right now, so I will gift it to her in your brother's memory and make another one to keep.

  10. Ah, as long as I get String Frenzy sometime I am not going to get up at o'dark thirty to order it. LOL. To busy sewing other stuff to spend time with it anyway.

  11. NIce Linda You are paying it forward. Robin in Leavenworth WA

  12. I haven't even started on part 1 yet. I only got as far as some fabric selection. So today I just cheer everyone else on for getting this far. Lets keep it up friends.

  13. Bonnie,
    I follow you daily. I love your scrapquilts and I am working on part 1 of Good Fortune.
    My most burnig question is this..... will you only be hosting Groups of 16 Or will be running retreats that a single like me can jump into?

  14. Happy Cyber Monday 2018 ! I can't wait to catch my favorite Cyber Monday bargains and get my strong wind guitars !

  15. Hi Bonnie, I hope to start this mystery soon BUT I do want to say I am impressed with the link ups I have read this time. So far they have not mentioned measurements to give anything away and they have linked back to you. All their quilts are lovely. You are an inspiration. You should be so proud to have so many followers enjoying your craft. I love your designs and will happily keep follo. Good luck with QUILTVILLE INN.. signed in from Australia


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