Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Indy Show & Share, and a String Frenzy Winner!


As seen in Houston!!
An On Ringo Lake Mini!

Made by Inna Rohrberg from Germany.

This has me so blown away, and I want to thank those who have sent photos from Houston while I was in Indiana!  It’s one thing to take the time to make a big quilt, but the painstaking business of redrafting that big quilt down to mini and piecing it?  WOW!  Inna, I love your quilt – it is perfect in every way!


Close up of the text card.

Thank you so much for the kind words – much love back to you and your exchange partner!


Nola’s Pineapple Crazy from String Fling!


Oh, Nola!  It’s wonderful!


I love this setting for Diamond Tile!


Such fun fabrics in here!  Don’t you love the two toned green sashing?


Grand Illusion – quilted in wonderful spirals – great job, Maureen!


Cathy’s On Ringo Lake -

Love the chocolate brown as her setting triangles – YUMMY!

And check this out:


All of the leftover bits on the back!  Whoowhooo!

You’ll find the rest of our fabulous Show & Share in the video below. It includes shares from our guild meeting night, and two workshop days!  Click to play:

Everyone did such a fabulous job with their quilts - I loved seeing them, each and every one!

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for!  WHO is going to win our String Frenzy & Quilt Now bundle Gift-Away?


Can you believe we had over 7,000 entries?!  Wonderful!


In search of entry #4508


Kathy Walker!!

Guess what is coming your way?

Kathy, I’ve sent an email to the address you provided with your entry.  Please get back to me with your mailing address and this bundle will be on its way to you.

I’ve also got some other goodies coming up as we go into mystery season – including ANOTHER String Frenzy copy up for grabs, and some Signature thread gift packs compliments of A&E Thread!  Stay tuned for those.

Remember that pre-orders for String Frenzy will open at the end of the month, around Black Friday - it all depends on the expected delivery date of the big truck to Yellow Freight, yet to be determined.  I'm on pins & needles too!


Today is going to be a bit crazy – more than 100 orders were filled by dinner time last night thanks to help from family.  I awoke this morning to 88 more.  LOL!  I feel like the proverbial hamster on the wheel ,but it is good – it is ALL GOOD!

What’s going to interrupt me today is a massage to get my back spasms worked out at 2:30, followed by a drive up to Virginia as I have a dentist appointment in the morning in Jefferson, NC.

I thought I could pick up a bunch of Thanksgiving groceries (non perishables) and drop that at the cabin on my overnight, and I’ll be back in town after the dentist tomorrow.

It’s going to cause a short delay in filling orders, but life must go on in between.

I am planning on joining HollyAnne at String & Story for a joint Facebook Live on her page at 8pm Eastern – 

She wants to talk about color theory and give some hints and helps for those who plan to choose other fabrics for the mystery than what I’ve put out there.  

How do you avoid a muddy mess when you want to go your own way not knowing what the finished quilt will turn out like?

Join us on Friday and see!  If you miss it, I’ll have it embedded in Saturday morning’s post.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

1990s quilt (beautifully pieced and hand quilted!) Found in an antique mall in Virginia.

This is our Tuesday morning reminder!

Fact check and ask yourself what your intent is before speaking what is in your head out loud!

Is it necessary?

But more over - is it helpful and kind?


  1. Good morning, Bonnie. Congratulations, Kathy! Take a deep breath, Bonnie; you can only do so much on this day, and we will wait -- maybe not so patiently, LOL, but we will wait. Looking forward to the info on color theory.

  2. Such a timely message in your quote/saying of the day. As we greet friends and family it is important to think about what and how you/me are are speaking prior to blurting out our/me thoughts. Holiday time is stressful for so many .
    Thank you ever so much for the kind and thoughtful reminder.
    Hi how are you so glad to see/talk to you rather than why haven't you called or come by. Be the kind one as much as possible.
    From a blurt it out who is learning
    Thank you

  3. I wish I had seen the comment this morning. I opened my mouth and gave something away that I wish I hadn't. Good for them but to my own detriment.

  4. Such beautiful quilts, and that mini is so cute there really are some very talented people out there.
    Thank you for sharing all the fun from your classes, it’s so much fun to see what everyone achieves.
    Good luck at the dentist
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  5. Blurt-itis... runs rampant, sigh, i don't mean to be unkind, i just need to stop a moment and re-phrase...thanks for the reminder. Cats in Carlsbad CA

  6. Your quote of the day SHOULD be my family motto, but it isn't. I enjoy your blog very much. Happy Holidays!!!!


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