Sunday, November 04, 2018

The Colors of Tulip Fields -

No matter the season, the colors make us smile!

Yesterday was day 3 of workshops at our retreat in Ripley, West Virginia.  The Saturday of “set your clocks back an hour”  Which surely meant we got an extra hour to sew, right??

Or after 3 days of busy workshop activity – we take that extra hour and tuck it into Sunday morning and snuggle in for just a bit more rest and slumber so we can hit day 4 running!

Whatever the decision – to sew or to sleep, retreats are made for this.  Whatever you need.  Whatever you want to get out of it – always served with a side dish of riotous laughter, and a large dose of friendship!

Stitching small string blocks from precious saved and shared scraps.

Trimming and slicing – ready to be Tulip bottoms!

Sew, ladies, sew!

Sweet tulips, tipped with purple!

Oh, goodness!  These are so sweet!

You’ll find the pattern for Tulip Fields in my book String Fling – and the rest of our retreat workshop day in the video below.  Click to play:

Didn't their blocks just turn out SO GREAt?! I see some fabulous quilts happening. And we are working on the possibility of another retreat perhaps in 2 years. I'm so happy at the thought of spending another long retreat weekend with these gals - close enough to home to be considered "within driving distance."

Nearly a full quilt load!

The question remains-

Who gets the scraps when retreat is over?

It was a gorgeous afternoon for a long walk before dinner.

West Virginia – you are not only Wild & Wonderful – but inspirational.  Thank you for some show of autumn color while I’ve been here.  I only grumbled a little this morning when I had to scrape the frost off of my windshield this morning in an effort to get to town and a cell signal to get this posted.  LOL!  But I’ll put up with a little bit of morning frost for this glory.

Walking to “the barn” for dinner before more evening rounds of sewing fun.

Tada!  100 rail fence blocks for my Halloween quilt in progress!

It’s our last day today.  Folks will be packing up and leaving when our Tumelo Trail workshop concludes at 4:30pm.  A few of us will remain – I’m not leaving until morning.  Now that the time has changed it will be dark earlier, and it is a 5 hour drive over mountain passes to reach home.  Safer to wait until dawn to leave.

So guess what I’ll be doing tonight??


Quiltville Quote of the Day -

There is no such thing as too much fabric. There is only shortage of time to sew it all up!

So again – what happens to all of the scraps on that table??

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!


  1. I love that pattern and had to get my Ipad out to find the book - in recent years I have got all my quilting books on my Ipad as they take up less room that way - the shelves have overflowed. Yes I have String Fling and this pattern looks wonderful for my scraps so glad they chose to do that one and remind me that I have the pattern

  2. That's a lot of scraps! I'll take them!

  3. I would love to dive into those scraps!

  4. Those tulip blocks are so pretty guess I’ll have to add another one to my bucket list lol
    Such beautiful countryside, have fun sewing tonight and safe journey home tomorrow.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  5. wise words on your quilt photo...tee hee!

  6. Everyone should buy raffle tickets to raffle off the scraps, proceeds to go to a favorite charity! Winner takes the scraps...win, win!

  7. hmm...maybe put everyones name in a bag and draw one by one to come up and grab a handfull. Looks like there would be enough for everyone and it would be fun ;) Would love to make that retreat in 2 years if ya'll have it !

  8. So glad you enjoyed your quilt retreat in our beautiful state of West Virginia. I live in Bluefield. Good Fortune will be my 4th mystery. Love them. Thank you for all you do. CATHY

  9. Some beautiful Tulip blocks. Everyone obviously had a wonderful time. Enjoy your quiet evening of sewing, Bonnie. Travel safely tomorrow. 🌷

  10. Does bonnie have to stay in her room with all the scraps until they are all sewed up ??? what an image that is......... years going by, bonnie quietly going mad, sewing and sewing... ok, sorry, just a momentarily moment of indulging my imagination. Safe travels.

    1. If Bonnie was trapped in her room, we could have two mysteries per year! HA

  11. Thanks for my first morning laugh! That saying hit it perfectly for me!

  12. Divide the scraps evenly as possible. I'm working on your current leader ender. Nearly have the 4 patches done. Yay! You are right. It has hardly made a dent in my stash. I've been on a fabric diet all year. Broke down twice. I'm tense!

  13. I would take them! After the last two quilt shows our guild put on, I have taken what was left of the scrap dive. The first year I nearly panicked when they said they were going to cut the rest up and make dog beds out of them. I ended up buying the rest and made forty quilts out of them. Sorry dogs! This year, I did the same thing and I have probably twice the amount of fabric. It will be fun to see what I can make this time around!

  14. Perhaps the quilt shop is the keeper of that pile and brings it to retreats.
    I just think it must be so nice to have that just in case fabric near by
    Also what a job to iron and organize it all
    It is so much fun to see what is happening thank you for including me/us on your travels

  15. I would probably over at that scrap table organizing them by color.

  16. interesting study of color therapy... some do not look tulip

  17. Draw names out of a hat (or whatever) and let them stuff a bag, then go on to the next name. They should be gone in no time. Oh might want to make each bag the same size - no tote bags - LOL

  18. As always, your morning post makes my day - either brightens it or gives me much to ponder. And the scrappy quilt inspirations, oh my. Todays fav is the autumn colors, especially the walk to the barn.

  19. Bonnie, I cannot wait to attend a workshop with you. It's on ny bucket list.

  20. So, what did happen to all the scraps??

  21. Those blocks were pretty and all the colors. Wow.
    I'm sure someone will busy with all those scraps.

  22. I think the last few people there who had to clean up probably got the scraps. Ha ha. I am loving the blocks at this workshop a lot. I will be looking at my scraps a little more here.


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