Tuesday, November 06, 2018

November Things Round Here!


A weird storm blew through last night.

I walked outside to place my tubs of out going mail order on the front stoop (I am so lucky that my carrier will come all the way down my drive to retrieve them, and leave me empty tubs in exchange!) and EVERYTHING felt weird.

Is it or is it not NOVEMBER?  I was out in short T-shirt sleeves, no over-shirt or sweater required.  HUMID as all get out.

But I bet at least half of the leaves are now on the ground  - where yesterday there were brilliant golds and yellows, there is now a sad covering of soggy leaves on the drive, too wet to blow off, and mostly bare limbs overhead.


From the top of the drive looking down.

It’s a steep and winding little drive – and while I love it for the seclusion it provides us from the street above, it has its challenges.  Ice storms mean we park at the top.  There is not enough of a “run way” to get up any speed to force you up the hill if it is icy.  So we park at the top and walk down and back, hoping not to slip on the ice ourselves in the process.

I came back in and had to put the A/C on to take the temp down just a couple of degrees, but also to dry up this humidity.  WOW.  Just wow.

My yesterday – as you can see from the bins at the top photo of this post has been spent in the mail order fulfillment side of things.

The only problem with loads of orders going out is the sitting.  So this morning I made a change -


I know it’s hard to tell -

But there are bed risers under the dining table and the side table.

I’m going for a standing ovation today!

Being a tall girl at 5’9’’, this could really be a bit taller for my comfort, but this is what I have for now.  I have put my laptop on a project bin to raise it up just a bit more so I can type and search and print postage comfortably.  We will see how it goes.

Chiropractor this afternoon should be even more helpful.

More than 100 orders were processed, and I’ll be doing the same over the next couple of days.  I leave early Thursday for Indiana, and will resume when I get back.  As always, I thank you for your patience in why I just can not do back orders on these – I can’t be 4,000 orders behind with no end in sight. There would be no Thanksgiving or time to write the first mystery post if so, and then throw in a new book release on top of that?  Absolute Mayhem.

My website software has 2 settings – In Stock or Out of Stock.  There is no back-order/pre-order status so I’d have to leave it completely open to all the flood waters and I need to control that flood just a bit to keep it manageable while still getting orders out.


We had a wonderful round of show & share during retreat!

The lecture was well attended by nearly 100, with some folks traveling in just for the lecture from 2 1/2 hours or more away.  

I asked if some shop-hopping occurred during the drive and the answer was “Of course!  Wouldn’t you??!”  Well, you just KNOW I would!

I’m happy that even some of our visitors brought their show & share quilts with them!  Click to play:

So many glorious finishes -- it does my heart good!


Our lucky Signature 60 3-ply winners!

The folks at A&E Thread, manufacturers of Signature 60 and (many others including G├╝termann) donated FOUR 6-packs of thread as door prizes for my retreaters.  One given each day!  

We barely remembered at the end of the last day to grab the winners for a photo op – Karen in the middle had already packed hers in her car, and winner #4 had already hit the road by the time we remembered.

But I want to thank A&E thread in Mt. Holly NC for providing these wonderful gift sets – each has a value of $58.00!

And don’t you love that you can tell these ladies have been hard at the machine for days on end….there are threads on everyone’s shirts and sweaters.  

Way to wear it with pride, ladies!

November 05, 2018 at 07_22PM

As seen at Quilt Market!

Quilt Market in Houston happened this past weekend while I was teaching in West Virginia.  My book hasn’t “really” been released yet so I didn’t feel the need to be there.  It was supposed to be a February release, and we moved it up – my calendar was already set and I was not changing it.  (Glad I didn’t!)

BUT!  My Serpentine Web quilt from String Frenzy was hanging in the C&T booth along with a sample cover for shop owners to take a peek and place their orders.  I am so excited about the response!

Also coming soon – I will have a large zippered 15.5 x 15 x 8  tote available for purchase through quilt shops – it has Smith Mountain Morning from Scraps & Shirttails II on the front and back and will fit a queen sized quilt.

There are some things that are too big to fit a priority mailing envelope, and at 15.5 x 15 x 8 this tote is one of them.  I will be shipping them ahead to teaching venues, lectures and shows and selling them on site.

They would require more than a priority envelope to send them through the mail and the shipping is way more than the tote bag itself, so I will not be carrying them in the Quiltville Store

Please ask your local shops to get them in! They will retail for $8.95 each.

And yes, I will have them on hand for purchase at Quiltville Inn when we open as well.

And there are some other fun goodies coming within the next year, and I’ll be sharing those with you as they happen as well.

November 06, 2018 at 07_47AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage star quilt found in Virginia.

One of our gals at retreat had this saying on a T-shirt, And I have to agree!

I never knew where this road would lead, I only knew that I had to be on it!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone!


  1. I can relate to your walking up an icy hill. I bought these things that strap on your shoes/boots and they have spikes on them for treads. Great invention and I found them at a sporting goods store, but probably on line too. https://www.amazon.com/Best-Sellers-Sports-Outdoors-Ice-Snow-Traction-Cleats/zgbs/sporting-goods/5160160011

    Don't want one of our best teachers falling. Trust me, casts are no fun-really cuts into the sewing time!

  2. The Quilting Life Chose Me! Boy is that a true statement! After teaching high school for 16 years, I thought that was my career and what I would do until I retired. Now, I have been a professional longarm quilter, lecturer and teacher of quilting for 9 years! I could never have imagined the wind would blow me this way, but I am sure glad that it did!

  3. Can't wait for the new book! You are my hero!

  4. I cannot wait for String Frenzy to be released!

  5. Be safe walking up your HILL. Chiro sounds like a good idea. Driving Trips make my Back hurt too. Great to have 100+ at the Lecture. Happy that we get your New Book this Christmas time. Still gathering my fabrics for the Mystery.

  6. Who got the table of scraps?

  7. As always the most gorgeous quilts in your show and tell, so inspirational I love to watch you little video montages. Autumn has hit here in th3 Channel Islands too although it’s been a little warmer we aren’t getting anything like your humidity it’s just cold and windy.
    My husband uses a standing desk at his office he said it really helps his back to stand for a time then sit, his is operated by a motor. Maybe your clever hubby could work something out for your post office to help you. Hope your back feels better after you chiropractor visit.
    Take care love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  8. Bonnie, our church has a turkey supper each year (it's actually this Saturday) and we serve 500+. That means forty 20-25# turkeys to be carved. They finally figured out to use PVC pipe to put each folding table leg into. They are cut the same length, perhaps 12 inches? Doubt that would work for your dining room table, but the other table might be able to be raised up higher!

  9. Tables that have a cross bar on each pair of legs work really well with the PVC pipe. That is what I have on mine. Cut them at the height that you want your table lifted measured from the cross bar. Another thought is to double stack the stackers you already have if you only need a very small amount of height from where you are now. Especially you can find the stackers at a really good price.

  10. Long term follower, rare poster.
    Standing desks are so good, but even better are desks that you can change the height on when you need it.
    IKEA sells a large desk with an electric motor that will change height easily with no physical strain. I am coveting one, but have nowhere to put it in my little office. I believe it is less than $500, which is a steal!
    Congrats on the upcoming book release, can't wait to add it to my "Bonnie" collection.

  11. I was so happy when I opened my email to find that my order is on its way. And as always your post includes a message for my heart and brings a smile to my face. I, along with so many others, appreciate all of your hard work and inspiration to make this quilting road we're on feel so cozy.


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