Friday, November 09, 2018

Where Quilters Gather!


Two more for the done pile!

It was foggy over Atlanta as I changed planes on my way to Indianapolis, Indiana for my last teaching engagement of 2018 – The Quilters Guild of Indianapolis!

The big question was – can we hold off the snow, just until I am done and on my way home??  There were rumors that snow could be flying overnight.


Atlanta is down there – somewhere!  But no snow in THESE clouds!

I’m happy to say that I peeked out the window as soon as the alarm went off, and no flurries were found beyond my curtains.

Wet, yes – snow no!

I am always a bit flustered when flying in the same afternoon I am giving an evening guild presentation.  With good reason.  Flights can be missed or cancelled for any number of reasons from broken planes to weather delays.  Luggage can take an unscheduled detour to Tahiti.  But in good non-eventful travel, I arrived in Indianapolis with luggage accounted for, met up with my ride, Sherry and off we went to fill my belly as I really hadn’t had breakfast and it was now pushing 1pm.

Days like this are also a “Catch what bit of rest you can” days.  By the time lunch was consumed and I was checked into my hotel I had about 1 1/2 hours before being picked up for an early dinner with guild folks, and then right on over to the church where we were having my LAST LECTURE OF THE YEAR!


Attended by more than 225 folks!

Our meeting was held in the sanctuary of the beautiful 2nd Presbyterian Church of Indianapolis.  If you didn’t know it – you would automatically think that this was a historic building!


Beautiful facility!

And you can BARELY see downtown Indy in the distance.


Sharing the things I love the most with the folks I love the best!


It was a great evening with wonderful engagement from the audience!


Looking forward to a couple of fun days in Indiana!

A bit of interesting history on 2nd Presbyterian (You know my love of digging deep when it comes to history!

On May 13, 1839, Henry Ward Beecher was installed as the first minister, the brother of Harriet Beecher Stowe.  (The author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin written in 1852 which would enlighten the nation to the horrific effects of slavery in America just prior to the civil war.)

Beecher would go on to become one of the most famous men in nineteenth century America. 

He became known for his use of humor and informal language in his preaching and built the congregation to the largest in the city during his tenure as pastor. The old church was razed in 1960 after the completion of the congregation's current home on North Meridian Street where we met last night.  There is a plaque bearing Beecher’s name just outside of the sanctuary where I was speaking.

Isn’t it just fascinating?! 


Quilted Happiness on a hotel room bed!

Two workshop days are to come – today we’ve got Scrap Crystals from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders up on deck. 50 students will soon be arriving to set up machines and get this two day party started.

I’ve been told that since we are holding our workshops at the hotel where I am staying (How convenient!) that the sewing room can stay open as long as the quilters want to stay so I am curious to find out WHO will be the last one out tonight!

We will be finishing off my last teaching day of 2018 tomorrow with Midnight Flight from the same book.  Bring on the quilters and the scraps, I am eager to get started!

I also want to thank everyone who has made such kind comments about the release of my new book String Frenzy, right around the corner! Did you see that we have an advance copy Gift-Away happening?  Click to YESTERDAY’S POST and read how to enter there to win.  

My big date of arrival of books is the week after Thanksgiving – it’s going to be a bang up holiday season ahead!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage double-knit quilt found in Virginia.

Things I know for sure and for certain -

The energy you put forth is what comes back to you in return. Make sure your ripples are positive ones!

Have a wonderful Friday, folks!


  1. We have snow in beautiful Bloomington,Illinois! It came overnight and blanketed everything in a soft whiteness (or is it "neutral")? It is still falling softly. Winter has arrived. I hope the snow in Indy waits to fall until you are safely home. Best of luck to Dave today!

  2. I am so happy you got an early sneak peek of your upcoming book "String Frenzy". We are all so excited for the release but understanding you are just one person. One Amazing individual may I add. Thank you for all you do.
    Hugs to the family. I keep you and Mark's entire daily in my prayers each night.

  3. I meant his entire family.

  4. It started snowing in Independence, MO around noon yesterday lightly, and we awoke to a very light dusting on ground and trees this morning. Temps dipped down to the chilly zone of 29 degrees. The weather is predicting more this afternoon for 2-3 hours, just flurries. It would be a wonderful day for sewing and quilting, but I have to go off to work. But I only have about 1 week left, if I get everything done for the transition and I am officially retired! I can't wait!! I will be living at my machine and getting On Ringo Lake quilted.

  5. Hope you escape the snow Bonnie!! Have a great retreat with all the quilters who are eager to learn your tips and sew away.

  6. Did you use your grey fabric for this quilt? I remember sending you some fabric for your grey collection.. Beautiful quilt. Looking forward to your new book.

  7. I love your EPP project and looking forward to see how you put them together. Congratulations on the new book. I am looking forward to getting it. Nancy A: rangerer@sbcglobal.net

  8. I always wonder if it is intimidating to stand in front of a crowd of 200+people who you don't know, yet! It must help that you already know that they loved you or wouldn't be there...I smiled about the comment above--first snow being neutrals ;) Beautiful pictures and history as always. It is supposed to be cold and cloudy here in Nashville for the next week, great quilting weather. (My BFF from childhood is Bonnie, and a quilter, I am truly lucky) Hugs and thank you!

  9. I spied Snow high up on the Blue Mountains that can be seen from my Sisters home on a clear day. It was a take a break day, spent browsing a Holiday Craft Fair. Enjoy all the fun of Midnight Flight. It's one of my favorites to put on my bed during 2 Quilt weather.

  10. Hate that I missed my chance to be at this event as you are in my neck of the woods. I’m at a retreat this weekend. Hope your in our area again soon

  11. Bonnie, I really love the pattern at the top of this post. Is there a pattern to put the diamonds together?
    We got snow, here in the Adirondacks, yesterday, but now the weather man is predicting RAIN!!! I sure hope not!


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