Saturday, November 10, 2018

A Scrap Crystals Kind of Friday!


Hangin’ with my peeps!

49 quilters running thread through fabric – piecing up the pieces, making blocks  - but even one better, MAKING FRIENDS!

I’m having a great time in Carmel, near Indianapolis – and the time is flying just as fast as the scraps are.

Yesterday’s workshop?  Scrap Crystals from my book MORE Adventures with leaders & Enders – And oh, the colors that came out to play!


From Halloween Orange and Black

(Glad I’m not the only one sewing ahead for NEXT year!)


To cinnamon bear brown and red -


To soft pink and tart yellow – Ooooh pretty!


Sew ladies, sew!

We have a large sewing space in the ball rooms at the Drury Inn – and even one better, I don’t even have to leave the building because I am staying just a few floors up!  Talk about convenience!  And the folks at the Drury have been wonderful – they even found some crates to use as table risers to get our cutting tables up to cutting height.



Cutting and pressing – all day long!


Chaining the day away!


And the giggles from these two never stopped --

I’d love to adopt them both and take them home with me.


Great job everyone!

Click to play:

Such a fabulous day! And when class was done, I know the sewing didn’t end for many as we have the room until tonight around 10pm meaning even local quilters were planning on ordering pizza delivered as they continued to sew into the evening hours – Quilters Day Camp style! 


What a great job!

Did you know each block has 96 pieces?  What you see here on the floor in front of you is a heroic effort of 1,920 pieces in 6 hours.  Way to go!


Thanks for the AWESOME way to end my 2018 teaching year, Quilters Guild of Indianapolis!


See this bundle?

My friend Irene who is co-owner of the Cozy Quilter in Louisville KY is here with me.  The shop has cut Mystery Rolls of the colors needed for our upcoming Good Fortune mystery.

What today’s students don’t know yet (But soon will!)  We are going to draw for this tote bag and ALL of the fabric you see here and someone will be taking it home and hopefully jumping in to join us on our magical mystery tour!  

Don’t you wish you were here today?  I can hardly wait to do this – likely toward the end of class today.


As seen at the Cozy Quilter!

My friend Jill from Iowa posted to our group message yesterday that SHE had passed through Louisville and also picked up some Mystery Rolls so she would be ready!  The Cozy Quilter also ships – so hit up their website and build up your stash of colors for our upcoming mystery season.

Okay – time to head down to class – The LAST TEACHING DAY of 2018!!!


Midnight Flight was slept under last night, and is our workshop today!

Also happening today – My eldest son Jason’s birthday.  He is 35.  THIRTY FIVE.  How the heck did that happen???  Loving and missing him so much and will find a chance to call him today and tell him so.  (T H I R T Y F I V E ?????)

November 10, 2018 at 06_37AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage quilt spied last night at Maureen’s house!

It's all about how badly you really want it! Pursue your passions and fan that spark into a flame!

Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!


  1. BOnnie, as always I thoroughly enjoy your blog and all you put into it. Thank you. OUr DS just turned 40, and I know how you feel. I'm still 40!!

    Sharon in CO

  2. I agree with the first poster. The first read of my morning is a blessing from the Dominican Sisters and the second is your blog. Starts my day off with inspiration and gratitude for all the blessings of life. Thank you for all you do for all of us quilters. Safe travels home and enjoy your holidays with your family!

  3. Thanks for a great day! Learned lots and got some timely reminders of things I had forgotten. My son is 48! Safe trip home and Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the time with your Dad.

  4. How smart of you to save the last of the year for yourownsweetself and family! The dicey weather, the weary year past, holidays and family, such a great way to roll up the year... maybe even some time for you and Sadie to cuddle by the fire! Thanks again and a million times... I too, start my day with reading and posting on your blog, and also surprise! My sons are 57 & 56, I'm only 49 myself - giggle -- waiting for String Frenzy to Appear to order... also, where can I find the "pumpkin" string block? please... Cats in Carlsbad CA

  5. I tell new parents:"Don't blink!" It seems like yesterday I was hanging out the wash as a newlywed and wondering how it would feel to be celebrating our 3rd anniversary like our neighbors. It's been 48 years and my oldest is 45 next month. Luckily my youngest is 14 (adopted grandchild) and is keeping me young--though sometimes quilting is more recuperative escape therapy! Two teenagers of 15 & 14 at 68 is sometimes a bit much.

  6. That vintage quilt w your quote!! A dresden/chrysanthemum tucked inside a 60 degree star? How fun! Don't think I've ever seen one like that. Would make a fantastic EPP project.... someday.

    Amazing work on those 96 piece blocks, Carmel quilters!

    1. Leah, I totally agree! Dresden within the star, oh my! I want instructions...

  7. What fun those ladies must have had! You are a gem. Time flies with children..... I agree with the “don’t blink” as it feels like yesterday mine went to kindergarten and now he is 39. 😳

  8. Thanks again, Bonnie, for another fun blog. You always make the most of your time with the ladies at your workshops and leave with countless friends. Enjoy the rest of 2018 with family.

  9. Darn!!!!! Mystery rolls are sold out. Any chance Irene will get more or possibly different color sets?

  10. Those blks were = are = BEAUTIFUL! And with them all together, they looked like they could have become a quikt just like that, as is, no changing needed!! Loved it. And as for birthdays, my daughter will be 27 in a few days, the same age I was when I had her, but, one thing I don't get, how does that work when I am only 24?? lol Safe journey home and like has been said, curl up with Sadies and other family memebers and just enjoy some time to yourself doing what you do best, creating magic all around you! Have a great Rememberance day everyone, Lets all have moment to be grateful for our military and those who have come before. hugs everyone

  11. Such beautiful blocks sure to be absolutely awesome quilts.
    My goodness Bonnie you don’t look anywhere near old enough for a 35 year old son lol, my eldest daughter will be 28 at the end of this month and it’s hard to work out we’re the time went.

    Have a wonderful day
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  12. Yep, I have NO IDEA how my kids got so old - 36 and 31. Hard to imagine since I'm 42! (I want to change my birth certificate 'cause it says I am 64!!! Might be able to do that soon!!!) Didn't take very long for them to get that old. It's a thing to behold, right?

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