Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The Last Days of November -


Things have turned incredibly cold!

All of those plans for hikes and vistas turned into “Let’s go to the movies and sit in the dark and eat copious amounts of popcorn followed by sodas bigger than our heads and send our sodium levels soaring to new heights!”

I don’t know about you – but anything below 40-something is just NOT something I enjoy getting out into.  Best tolerated from the inside with some hand quilting in my lap and a fire in the stove.


It will be a while before I dine outside again!

Ice ice, baby!

This was also seen on this morning.  Click to play:

There was a round of freezing rain, and then yesterday’s wind advisory of strong winds and dropping temperatures hovering around freezing which meant that our planned excursion to Boone and over to Linville Falls was crossed out.  

Maybe Dad can come back in the Spring.  There is so much I’d love to show him, but this weather makes it hard on his Arizona thin blood, his tall and bony frame and bald head is struggling with the cold.  

It’s like taking the gecko out of the desert and making him survive a winter elsewhere. It's time to send him back where it is WARM.


Frost in the tress from the end of the front porch.

The Hubster’s Man Shed to the side -


Stopping on the Blue Ridge Parkway on our way back from the movies -


The view over and below.

We went and saw WIDOWS – and I think there couldn’t have been more than 8 people in the theater for our Sunday afternoon matinee. We enjoyed it!  Movies are a “must happen” for our daddy/daughter times and it has been going on since I was a little tiny thing.  I remember all of the movie firsts with my dad – from The Sound of Music, to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, to Mary Poppins and all of the other great Disney films – to Star Wars when I was in junior high.  These movie memories with my dad are amongst my most cherished!


And yes, there has been machine time -

I’ve got the center for this Halloween top together, am now figuring out what I want to do for borders, but it will likely wait until I am back up here for Christmas – I don’t think I’ll be coming up before then, I’ve got my work cut out for me in the dining room at home.  (BRING IT ON!  I AM READY!)


Quite a lot of THIS has happened as well --

I know it looks like the view from my hoop doesn’t change much with this one – but I have turned the corner and am quilting my first row of fans up side 4 in the quilt center.  Not sure what I am going to do in those wide muslin borders yet – so those are left empty.

A couple of episodes of Blue Bloods at night – and I’ve got another couple of fans behind me and moving my hoop to the next section. Feet up in my comfy chair – it’s the best part of a cold winter’s night!

Our Mystery Monday Link-Up for Part 1 of Good Fortune  is off and running a blue streak!  There were more than 140 folks sharing their progress as of this morning, and I hope more are coming in.  Remember you have up until 11:55pm Eastern on Thursday Nov 29th to share your progress!  You’ll find all of the info on how to do it in the post.  Share away!

We are leaving here around 11am, will get back to Winston Salem around 1pm-ish for lunch.  And then I’ve got a dermatologist appointment at 3pm that I was going to reschedule, but dad suggested I not.  I burned my forearm removing Thanksgiving dinner from the oven – I hit the oven gasket just past where the oven mit I was wearing stopped.  It left a nasty burn.  I’ve been keeping Neosporin on it, but I really need it seen to so I’ll keep the dermatologist appointment that was supposed to be just a skin check for skin cancer and see what they say about this and how I best can care for it.

After that we are airport bound, and I’ll be seeing dad back on his way to warmer Arizona climate and count down the days until I see him at the end of January when I go to teach in Phoenix after returning from Japan.

Cyber Monday Sale still continues with Digital Patterns being 25% off in the Quiltville Store using code DIGITAL25 at Purchase!  Good through tomorrow only.  MUST use code for discount.

And though we sold out the 500 copies of String Frenzy Pre-Order Wave 2 – Don’t forget that all of my EARLIER titles have been reduced to the low, low price of just $19.99 a copy.

More Simple Folded Corners Mini rulers are also on their way – Whooowhooo!

3 more sleeps until Part TWO of Good Fortune posts!  Oh My!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

So grateful for everything experienced and shared this past week.

It’s been amazing.

Catch you from home!


  1. Hi Bonnie! Glad you had a grand time with your Dad! I love the pictures of you two together. Ok, girlfriend, please find your good signing pen prior to starting.....when you where signing Scraps your hand went into spasms. Remember? Glide and sign. We need you health and well.

  2. yes that is true...it's the only way!

  3. I work in our big church kitchen regularly and have worked in restaurants. This recent article might be of help for future incidents (we always hope those don't happen, but...) up there away from convenient medical care.


  4. I have burned myself in a similar way several times over the years, but never bad enough to seek medical attention. Burns are the worst;I would rather have a cut. Good idea to have the doctor take a look at it.

  5. Years ago my husband read about applying Vitamen E oil to a burn; we've always had it on hand in capsule form as one of the supplements we've taken, so we tried it. It works! It's like a miracle. Applied immediately, within minutes the burn stops stinging, but the most amazing thing is, we never developed a blister from the burn and the skin healed quickly. I keep the capsules in the kitchen so they are always within easy reach; puncture the capsule and squeeze the oil onto the burn. Probably too late for you now, but consider it for the future.

  6. Daddy/Daughter time has been fun to watch. I am excited to see Mary Poppins Return in December. My daddy is gone, so I'll have to take grandchildren. It's 2 Quilt weather and I dread the Freezing rain. Drive safe. Glad your getting the burn looked at, 3 sleeps, I'll set my clock!

  7. My Dr. gave me a prescription for Silverdine cream for burns. Welders use it. I keep a big tub of it in my fridge. Stops the pain from kitchens burns fast and heals with no burn marks.

  8. That cold might be brrr to us all, but how beautiful are those photos with the frost on it! Hope the burn heals quick - happens to us all however careful we are! Sometimes being more careful seems to jinx it! LOL Take care xx

  9. It's not as warm in Arizona as you think it is! At least we're above 40, but I'm wearing shoes today, which I never do!

  10. How I envy your lovely cold weather, here in South Africa we are heading for summer here and had a horrible hot day yesterday on the East Coast in Amanzimtoti with humidity way to high for me to handle!! Sitting in a puddle of perspiration is not fun. Air conditioners all the way!! Send us some of your cold....please!! :) :)

  11. You have your Dad's wonderful smile, it is great to see you together. I get your blog after 10pm in California and enjoy reading it. Safe drive home. Other home that is. Bpnnie

  12. That's Bonnie can't type tonight.

  13. Your pictures are beautiful, the trees look so different full of ice instead of leaves. It’s lovely that you are getting to spen quality time with your dad even though it’s now to cold for your planned hikes.
    I used to burn myself regularly when I worked in a bakery and always found ice on it imideately helped followed by a good burn cream. When I went up to a& e one time a dr there thought I’d been self harming with all the scar lines on my arms!
    Your quilt is so pretty and coming on so beautifully exciting to see how you finish it in your big reveal.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  14. We woke up to cold temperatures here in Florida, a cold (for us) of 39.
    I miss my Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley.
    Love your posts of the area so close to my heart.

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  16. Good thing you aren't here in northern Minnesota (south of Red Lake). We've been in the teens (single digits at night) but it's warmed up into the 20's - only problem is that with the warmer temps we've got snow - about 2 inches of it.


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