Saturday, November 24, 2018

And What a Thanksgiving it Was!


Our Turkey Day Crew:
Rick, Mona, son Jeff, Dave, Me and Dad!

And yes – we were out in shirt sleeves – it was 50-something outside and sunny.

Last night as I went to bed there was ice falling from the sky – what a difference a couple of days makes. it has now warned UP to 35.  Oh boy!


Cooking in the Kitchen with the Macy’s Parade on TV.

Charlie Brown is my favorite.

Here I’m chopping the veggies for the Roasted Root Veggies that are the hit of my holiday dinner. Check the recipes tab for the recipe!


Sadie keeping watch over dad.


Sweet potatoes by oven this year – no time for crock pot slow cooking!
And a crustless pumpkin pie for the gluten-free amongst us.

There was Costco “bigger than your head” pie in the fridge downstairs for the rest!


Our smoked turkey – MMmmmmmm!

As usual – something that takes from sun-up to prepare, takes only 20 minutes or so to devour and then the clean up begins. With this crew its’ an “all hands on deck!” kind of event – some in charge of all of the tupperware type containers getting leftovers contained for the fridge.  Others in charge of clearing the table, and some at the sink, hand washing great-grannie’s china and crystal – another holiday meal in the books.

And then in true Appalachian style, the men-folk headed out to the deck behind the Man-Shed for some target practice while the rest of us went feet up in the living room to watch football.


Binding and label finished!

Waiting for a fair weather day to do an “over the rail” photo shoot!


Some piecing happened on Black Friday -

While Dad napped I got the top webbed for my Halloween Quilt – rows will start being joined together today.  Maybe.  There was talk of going down to Wilkesboro to see a movie just to get us out of the cabin, but if the roads are too icy from that ice storm last night, we may just park it here for one more day and go to town tomorrow.

I kind of like the idea of going nowhere!


Feet up, hand quilting and watching Rear Window with dad!

I have a stack of old movies on DVD and it is fun to just kick back and watch – I love the fashions!  The dresses that Grace Kelly wore in Rear Window are a fashion show not to be missed. From mid-calf length pencil skirt combos with matching hand and gloves to full 1950s style crinoline and organza numbers light as a cloud and shimmering with beaded embroidery.  If you haven’t seen this one in a while, it’s a great one!

And our favorite thing to do with Hitchcock movies – find where Alfred Hitchcock himself is found within the movie – sometimes as an extra, a passerby on the street – he always included a shot of himself in his films.  Fun!


My own Rear Window.

Two windows are in place in the post office, but not finished out yet.  There are many yet to go.  This is what happens with construction.  No one is anyone’s priority and there is always a priority greater than you.  So we wait.

I was supposed to move in last weekend – this weekend it won’t happen either so I am just going to comfort myself with the fact that it WILL eventually happen, and it doesn’t need to be a race. 

Books should arrive next Wednesday or Thursday – and I will just do things the way I have always done them, from the comfort of my own little dining room table.

It’s Christmas time.  I can do this with yummy smells coming out of my kitchen, and music playing, and a few select Christmas decorations around to add a festive air, and enjoy the season from wherever I am.


Rear Window looking out -

I am very excited over the release of Part 1 of Good Fortune.  It went without a hitch or a glitch of any kind!

We sold out the first 500 Pre-Order copies of String Frenzy within 1 1/2 hours.  Many of you have seen the announcement that was added to the Part 1 post.

I will be putting another 500 in the store for Cyber Monday.  Remember, we are working in WAVES and if you miss the next wave of orders, just wait for the next one.  It’s all in the item description.  If it says “Out of Stock”  That means that Pre-Orders are closed until the next wave.

Also on Cyber Monday – Our first Mystery Monday Link-Up for Part 1 of Good Fortune will happen right here.  Info on how to participate will be found within that post.

AND (DRUMROLL)  As it IS CYBER MONDAY, I’ll be putting all Digital Patterns in the Quiltville Store at 25% off.  That will include a NEW pattern besides the Hunter’s String Star that comes as a free download with the purchase of String Frenzy. (Or as stand alone should you wish.)

There is still a lot of excitement to happen as we head further into the holiday season!


Quiltville Quote of the Day.

This is all you need to get started!

Just start where you are with what you have and do what you can!

Happy Saturday, Folks!


  1. Thank you for giving us yet another mystery quilt to work on over the holidays! Glad you had a great visit with family and time with your dad for Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to your new book and more beautiful quilts in my future. You are a blessing to all of us quilters who wouldn't be the same without YOU in our life.

  2. I know you probably remember from last time we were all talking about it, but did you spy the woman in the window sewing on her featherweight on Rear Window??

  3. To bad our construction company is in Florida (although we live in WV. Son runs company now). We would have had your windows done. “Our last job is our Reputation” Love that your dad could spend Thanksgiving with you!

  4. Yummy looking food...I am gluten free..would you please share your pumpkin pie recipe someday...it looks amazing..

  5. Sounds a lovely cosy family and friends celebration. Just what the doctor ordered for you all, I think. Rear Windowis also one of my favourite movies ( also North by North West). I wonder if - one or both- are available on Netflix? Will have to do a bit of investigating. Enjoy your sewing time.

  6. Gosh, Bonnie... you sure look like your dad!!! That’s cool. Loved the picture of you all. Nel Rowe

  7. Oh, my -- that embroidered butterfly and hexagon quilt. Be still my heart!

  8. I love Rear Window! Makes me want to pull it out today, but I believe today will be all football, all the time! :)
    Looks like you had a great holiday, Bonnie!

  9. I saw Alfred Hitchcock outlined in your rear window. Is he filming Featherweight Fright or The Serial Sewist at Quiltville???

  10. Happy to see you have a good time with your family! Enjoy! Thank you for he new mystery!

  11. We are in construction mode ourselves. Having our kitchen remodeled. You even give me a boost when it isn't about quilting! The kitchen is 90% complete...it's the last 10% that seems to be having difficulty completing. It is far enough though that today I believe my sewing room can be unclogged of kitchen and I can make some 4-patches. Thank you Bonnie for being just you! Now to see if I can put my hands on some red fabric. I can reach the neutrals!

  12. I'm glad to see that you take care of the gluten free crowd too, in case I'm ever lucky enough to come to one of your sessions in your new place! Especially since pumpkin pie is a favorite of mine, yum yum!

  13. I'm so happy your Thanksgiving was a wonderful day. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  14. The best pic is of Sadie and your Dad! Happy that you had a good Thanksgiving.

  15. Looks like you all had a fun time, I’ve been enjoying my sewing with the mystery. My first 50 4 patches are now done and the next lot are ready to cut and sew .
    Thank you for sharing yet another fun mystery with us
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  16. Laughing because it looks like Jimmy Stewart is trying to count how many stitches you’re getting to the inch with your hand quilting

  17. Anonymous7:40 PM EST

    Thank you for the quote of the day....A great mindset for the start of the Good Fortune quilt-a-long....

  18. Crustless pumpkin pie...is it just that simple? Sounds wonderful even for those of us who are gluten tolerant! Too many calories in the crust :)


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