Thursday, November 01, 2018

All the Way to Ripley!

Passing Pilot Mountain.

Renamed “Mount Pilot” in the Andy Griffith Show – I was nearing Mt. Airy, which became Mayberry also the show, but those in these parts know what Mt Pilot and Mayberry really are alluding to!

I was heading in a north-westerly direction – destination?  Ripley, West Virginia where I’ll be on retreat with 4 days of workshops and a lecture ahead!

The job yesterday was just to get here – and with blue skies all the way, the autumn splendor made its presence known on both sides of the road as I drove.

Virginia hills turning a burnished gold.

If you look closely you can see the tunnel that goes under and through the mountain – exciting!

And into West Virginia!

Passing the West Virginia State Capitol in Charleston.

A bit crooked –a quickie photo through an open window!

The temperature on this glorious day?  75!!  My window was down in an effort to NOT photograph the bug splatter and road grime.  Look at the sun glinting off of that dome!

Driving down a lovely country road.

Our retreat this weekend is being held at the Parchment Valley Conference Center, a church owned facility – tucked into the hills and valleys outside of Ripley.  It’s BEAUTIFUL here! 

We set up yesterday – and I got so busy getting my machine out and settling in to sew that I didn’t even take photos around the grounds.  I will do that this morning as there is time before retreaters arrive for our first workshop – Box Kite – that starts at noon.  Tonight is a trunk show and I brought many things that don’t usually travel with me because it was a driving trip, not a flying one.

Setting up to sew!

My Halloween project is under way!  And I was sewing it ON Halloween.  What I’ve brought with me should see me through the non-teaching evening hours until I return home on Monday.  But I have a sneaking suspicion as I off-loaded all of my “stuff” that there is ONE bag of already cut triangles sitting on the table at the cabin – I don’t have enough to make all the blocks I need. 

Good thing there are always ALWAYS hexie star blocks in my busy bag!

And in Other Exciting News!

I’ve drawn the two winners of our October ‘18 Quilty Box Gift-Away!

There were 4,470 of you who WANT this box badly!

And it is going to:


Julie in So Cal!

Our Quilty Box Mini is going to:


Cindy Jackson!

Thanks, everyone for participating!  Ladies – I’ve emailed both of you, please reply with your mailing addresses so I can have the folks at Quilty Box get your prizes out to you.  Congrats, and happy sewing!

As always, we are grateful for the generosity coming from Quilty Box enabling us to continue offering these awesome giveaways.  There will be another one coming up soon!

Some info on yesterday’s Good Fortune Mystery Introductory post.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read and re-read the ENTIRE post before shooting me off an email thinking I can reply.  I’m on the road – I’m not available at this time.  The answers you seek are within the post.  400 emails asking  “You are out of simple folded corners rulers – when will you have more in??” is more than I can answer.

Of COURSE we will get more in, they are on their way, but they won’t be in for a couple of weeks.  Thank you for your patience.  Things just sold out faster than I could have imagined or planned for.

I can not add one to your order that you have already placed. Your credit card has already been processed.

Thank you for remembering that I am one person, still working my day job, and I have this trip in West Virginia, followed closely by a trip to Indianapolis before my teaching for the year is done.  And then it is Thanksgiving.  And then a new book release happens.  Yes, I’m feeling the pinch of panic.

But if you bear with me – I will have more in stock as soon as humanly possible, and I will continue to mail things as I can.

My dad arrives Monday, Nov 19th to spend Thanksgiving with me and my family.  It’s our first big holiday without my brother.  He is coming to see me here as it is too hard to be in Arizona right now for him.  I will not be doing any mail shipping during the time he is here as we will be at the cabin in Virginia.  He leaves the  27th, and mail order fulfillment will resume at at that time.

I am arranging our clues so that we don’t need the Simple Folded Corners ruler right off the bat for those who weren’t able to get in on the more than 200 of them that sold out yesterday. Before noon!

Every year we seem to go through this.  It’s a quilt.  And traditional/optional methods will be given.  Make a handful of those units just so you know what they are, and move on to the next clue the next week.  You can always back track and pick up where you left off because your ruler comes later.  You aren't missing out on anything of you don't have a particular tool right at the get -go.  We will get it to you.

We are sewing.  It’s supposed to be enjoyable (For me as well as for you!) and add more peace through the piecing to our holidays ahead.

Stop the panic!  It will be okay.  For all of us.

Last night’s slumber!

This photo is a bit yellow because of the overhead lighting – but it was fun to sleep under a bright and happy H quilt!  I brought this quilt, and the alternate version replacing the H’s with pinwheels to share for tonight’s Trunk Show.  H is for Happy (P is for Pinwheel) is found in the digital patterns section of the Quiltville Store.

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage Churn Dash quilt found in Virginia.

Do whatever it takes to find your own inner peace!

I’m going to do just that – heading over to the sewing room to sew my brains out until quilters arrive and class time begins!

Much love from  beautiful Wild & Wonderful West Virginia -


  1. Thanks for bringing back childhood memories of driving thru Mt Airy. We would always stop there for breakfast at a restaurant decorated with Mayberry, Andy and Opie photos. Loved the photo of the capitol - I lived a few blocks away as a child. Enjoy your time in WV - Almost Heaven!!

  2. What a bright and cheerful addition your quilt adds to your hotel room. Hopefully it will brig you comfort and smiles.

  3. Have fun sewing with the Retreat gals. No panic in Walla Walla. Got my paint chips & shared them with the LQS. Mystery Fridays are coming.

  4. Don't forget the pearl onions for Thanksgiving (a reminder on behalf of your dad!). Thanks for the mystery beginning--I just rearranged my fabric by color last month, so I'm ready! Have a wonderful retreat.

    1. Yes - Don't forget the pearl onions . . . Bonnie did you hear 'DON'T FORGET THE PEARL ONIONS' :)

    2. I was thinking about those onions also. When I see those pearl onions in the store I think of Bonnie's father at thanksgiving and smile.

  5. Bonnie, you get to experience the most wonderful scenic views and thank you for sharing with us making our life more fun and appreciative. Love seeing the trees changing colors. Enjoy teaching at the retreat!

  6. Bonnie, Have a blast at the retreat. Thank you for giving us the Good Fortune mystery quilt. We love you.

  7. Enjoy your time sewing! Beautiful scenery! Excited for the Good Fortune Mystery!

  8. oh my gosh -- we just named our new (2nd) Labradoodle puppy Ripley. DH is a a lover all sci-fi movies and Aliens is one of his all time favorite so, Ripley she is. I didn't know there's a town by that name.

  9. Thanks Bonnie for your calming voice. I am more relaxed this year since I did my first one last year. I will be going at MY pace!

  10. Looking forward to seeing you next weew in Indy!

  11. Thank you for sharing...your travels and all! I've been able to visit all over the USA with you and your pics. Love it!! also, thanks for your quotes. I've been printing a few to share with my son, an artist/woodworker, who is very "hard" on himself. Your quotes speak to me and will be a good influence on him. without meeting, I feel that a "good" friend visits with me every day through your blog. Thanks!!

  12. I love going home to West Virginia. Something about winding your way up the highway... Have fun with my peeps!

  13. Spouse and I also travel with a quilt from home- so much nicer to sleep under than a hotel ????? whatever they are!

  14. As a novice quilter, I have been hesitant to jump into a big project like the Good Fortune Mystery quilt! But having been to China, I was intrigued by your blog, and understand the "inspiration to create" as seen in the pictures and colors. So, I decided to "jump in".Thanks, Bonnie, for your very thorough blog; I'm sure this will be a fun, learning project!

  15. Love the taxi-cab yellow featherweight! And I apologize for asking about the mini in my order. Ignore it please. I'll know better next time. I followed the mystery last year but didn't jump in. Going to shop my stash to see what I have ready to go. Then have a trip planned to a one stop shop hop (pinwheels & friends) in a couple weeks where I may find a few things to fill in the gaps. Thanks again for your photos, quotes and fun inspiration.

  16. I placed my first order with you yesterday, and I did not panic when one ruler was sold out. I was excited about the beginning of my first mystery with you - looking forward to making time for fabric choices soon. I appreciate your time and effort in presenting this mystery for all of us to enjoy. I love your outlook - sometimes I think folks just need a chill pill or a lot of chocolate.

  17. I just love people! It made me laugh out loud when someone asked to see the finished quilt!!! I love it! Everyone is at different places in life and in quilting. It's all good!!! Do not panic!! Everything is fine! You are right! It is supposed to be fun!!! If it is not fun - don't do it!!! Think about this - soon you will have the shipping and inventory in the post office space. And you probably can find someone who would just love to get out of the house and help a few hours a day. Won't that be lovely????? For now, shut out the noise, enjoy your Dad and bask in all the blessings everywhere you go!! xoxox

  18. Your comments at the end made me laugh - and I needed a laugh. Yes, it's a quilt and it will all be fine. I know there are some people out there though that they can't control anything in their lives right now and they're clinging to this quilt because it will bring them joy. I wish you both peace in this season. And happy sewing. And bobbin thread that runs out at a convenient time....


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