Friday, November 02, 2018

A Box Kite Retreat Day to Play!

So many Box Kite Blocks!

The quilters started arriving early!

By 7:30 am they were pulling in, anxious to set up their work stations and getting ready for our Box Kite workshop from the Addicted to Scraps book that would fill our afternoon with abundant scrappy fun!

And if they happened to find there was not quite enough variety in the stash they brought, they could easily dive into this and come up with something interesting to add to their mix:

Holy Mother Lode of Scraps, Batman!

Our conference room at the Parchment Valley Baptist Conference center!

4 days of workshops – YAY!

Surprise, surprise!  I found a twin!

What can be accomplished in a 4 hour workshop?

Quite a lot!

Sew, lovely ladies!  Sew!


But that mountain of scraps doesn’t seem to be going down at all!

Happy door prize winner -

A gift pack of Signature 60 3-ply from A&E threads!

You’ll find the rest of our kick off retreat day in the video below.  Click to play:

Before we could barely blink, it was past 4pm – and I had to leave the students sewing away while I headed over to another building to set up for the evening’s Trunk Show – I was set up just in time to meet everyone for dinner, and then head over to spend the evening showing quilts, sharing stories, and enjoying the show & share that others brought.

Which of course, inspired everyone to head back over to the sewing room and fire up their machines to burn some late night quilting oil.

This girl, however – was complete TOAST!  I was in bed by 10:30 and sawing logs before my head hit the pillow.

Standing outside the sewing room looking toward the dining hall in the big red barn.

Isn’t this gorgeous?

My own sewing will wait until after today’s class is over --

But come 4:30 pm – watch out world – this girl is going to be pedal to the metal!

Funny story – as remote as our retreat is – a few miles from town, there really is barely any wifi to speak of.  It may be enough to shoot off a quick email, or a text, but it takes forever to upload a photo to any kind of social media and this morning after trying for 2 1/2 hours to get our slide show uploaded to YouTube, I gave up and came to town.

I never thought I’d be so grateful for a McDonald’s in my life! 

And I’ll be back to retreat long before workshop starts -

Tomorrow I’ll come to town even earlier to get my emails done and orders sorted and stuff uploaded – all of that behind the scenes kind of thing that doesn’t stop simply because I am on the road.  I am my only office staff, and stuff must be answered. The things we do to keep this hamster wheel turning!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage coverlet found in Virginia.

You are not what other people think of you.

You never have been reduced to that. Stand tall!

Have a wonderful Friday, friends!


  1. What a lovely place for a quilting retreat! Also, I love those propped up display boards. Gotta make myself one of those. Sandy@sewhigh.blogspot.com

  2. I tried refreshing the screen but still the daily quote won't come up. I will try later to see it but your comments remind me of a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt - something like Nobody can make you feel bad without your permission. Still, so many people give that permission willy nilly!

  3. I wish I could be there. I live only about 75 minutes away--just south on the Interstate. It is beautiful there this time of the year. The colors are just coming out good--a little late, lucky you. Have a wonderful retreat here in WV.

  4. As a former full time RVer, I found the app called Wi-Fi Finder quite handy for locating free WiFi service. Love the photos!

  5. Good thing you have such a dependable office staff!

  6. Oh that pile of scraps. What fun and variety. There must be enough to make 10 quilts in there.

  7. I know winning the thread is fun but I would rather win the leftover scraps on the table. Oh the places they would go. Nod to Dr Suess. :)

    1. yep.....and roll around in them ;)

  8. It always amazes me when I see "my" scraps in some one else's block, and that block is on the other end of the country (or world). Thank you Bonnie for helping us all to learn how to "share" Hugs

  9. Wow such beautiful block and that pile of scraps!

  10. What fun! Bonnie, you are such a blessing — what fun and joy you bring to Quilter’s everywhere! The retreat center looks absolutely lovely. What a wonderful place to create. Safe travels!

  11. Bonnie you're the sweetest! I appreciate everything you do! Wish I could be your volunteer support staff. I totally lusted after that pile of scraps! As if I'm not buried in my own pile here in Seattle!

  12. Bonnie, guess who ran into at Loews on Thursday, 3 ladies looking for the MQ color paint chips. They were such happy ladies, telling me all about you and the MQ. This will be my first MQ and also my 2nd quilt. It was such fun seeing happy people sharing their love of quilts and you. Thanks for all you do.Karen from NY

  13. Bonnie - I started following you just a few weeks ago and your schedule leaves me exhausted just reading it! You are amazing! Love the blog and the incredible pictures.


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