Thursday, November 29, 2018

Women of Grace & Charm Finished!


2003 – 2018.  About time!

I rediscovered this quilt top while pulling fabrics to help Mona assemble a back while she was here a couple of weeks ago.

Was it only a couple of weeks?  It seems like last month at least!

I so enjoyed the three days that she was here – we quilted up SIX of her projects!  Two large quilts and 4 small projects were then trimmed and made ready for binding so she could do that part at home.

And because I was SO in the mood to continue hearing the hum of the machine, I pulled this one out.

I always knew it would be great for the queen bed at the cabin SOME DAY – but with so many of my own quilts around, and fearing this one needed “Custom” quilting (that I didn’t have the time or desire to do with deadlines toward my own designs looming..) it had sat.  And sat.  And sat.


Even with applique – the feathery edge-to-edge design looks great on this quilt!

Two-Fold Feathers by Hermione Agee of Lorien Quilting.

Until the quilting machine started doing weird things at the very end of the next to the last row and things went hay-wire.  

The jury is still out if I am going to have someone come fix it – or wait until I move it to the Quiltville Post Office and THEN have someone fix it, or install a new computer system on it.  This one is now 11 years old – running on Windows XP! 


I love it in this little guest room!

As you can see it IS a LITTLE room – but how much room does a guest need when they are sleeping?  There is a dresser in the closet, and plenty of room to hang things should things need to be hung.

You can find the book for Women of Grace & Charm still available second hand on Amazon, possibly E bay. I enjoyed making this one and so happy that it finally has a place where it will be used and loved.


Dresden, keeping watch!

Jeff and I hit it hard and heavy yesterday, processing close to 150 orders between the two of us – we make quite a team! 

All of this outgoing mail fun means that there is going to be little to ZERO quilting time really happening here over the next many weeks – so it’s likely you are going to find my feed full of pet antics and things that keep us in stitches of another kind.


And a shining light beans down on 5 very full tubs of outgoing mail!

I have searched for and printed invoices for those orders NOT including the String Frenzy book and am getting those out as much as possible before books arrive.  I am hoping for a call today – perhaps tomorrow.  

We will take the trailer over to Yellow Freight and pick up both pallets, bring them home, off load them and I will set right into getting book orders out as well.


Is your order in here?

When will wave 3 of Pre-Orders happen?  When I am about 1/2 way through the 1,000 purchased copies.  And we will continue to run in waves so that I can stay somewhat on top of things.  Look for a new wave of pre-orders to be entered in the store about every week or so.

And in the mean time – are you getting antsy for tomorrow’s release of Good Fortune, Part TWO!?  Yeeeehawwww!  Have I got some fun stuff in store for you!

While you are anticipating, please check out our Mystery Monday Link-Up post for part 1 and see who is sharing their progress!  

There are close to 200 entries.  EXCITING!  And entries will stay open until 11:55pm EASTERN time tonight in preparation for tomorrow’s clue release.  If you miss it, just save your progress for next Monday.  Remember, I have to live in my own time zone, so anything I do that includes a certain time is in Eastern time, and that included our 25% off pattern sale that ended last night at midnight EASTERN TIME.

Speaking of entries - did you enter to win our November Quilty Box Gift-Away?  That drawing closes on Sunday morning at 6am Eastern.  Enter ON THAT POST.

On a different note --

This happened last night after all was said and done - OurCostco dinner of chicken wings and a bag-o-salad were consumed (too tired for anything else!) sitting at the folding table I have set up in the living room for our use since the dining room is completely and utterly Mail Order Central -

There are times amidst the current hustle and bustle of book release season that one must for sanity's sake stop, clean out a cupboard and finally decide it is time to throw out the 2004 tea bags.

Who even knew these things had an expiration date? Lol!

I must have bought them at the same time I started the Women of Grace & Charm quilt!??? 

I know I have spices older than that, and they taste just fine – nutmeg is nutmeg, right??


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage quilt found in West Jefferson, NC.

I love how the blocks look like hash tags!

Good things come to those who DO! Let's do this!

I’ll meet you in the dining room in 10 minutes – this is going to take more coffee.

Or newer tea bags!


  1. I heard angels singing when I saw the ray of sunshine on the out going mail.....crossing my fingers that my order is in there!

  2. Your quilt is beautiful! I love knotty pine walls - they smell so nice.

  3. Your working hard there with all that mail. Love your finished quilt. Any guest would love to snuggle under that. X

  4. Ha- I just cleaned a bunch of old stuff out of my mom and dad's house - found a bag of pretzels from 1992! That prompted some cleaning of my pantry, and my spice cupboard! I threw tons away - tired of shuffling it all around! I love cleaning out the old and throwing things away...unless it's in my sewing room - no expiration dates in there! Love that quilt, and all those orders ready to go. I am always amazed at the number of orders you get out - I know what it takes, and it is not easy!

  5. The quilt turned out simply beautiful! The edge to edge quilting works really well on it.

    When our daughter was mostly at home in her room in her last year here on earth, she posted a lot of her pet pictures on facebook. She said she felt a little silly but that was all she had to share, so she shared it. We have had so many people tell us how much they loved her cat, dog and parakeet pictures and what a blessing they were. So post the pet pictures. I for one, love them!

  6. I know I have plenty of expired spices in my cupboards. My family look through and throw things out when they come. Lol, on dresden. Does she think that box is going to Portland? How is yourJeff doing? Thanks for all your hard work, getting the orders out!

  7. Beautiful quilt, Miss Bonnie! I think that I'll pass on getting the book from Amazon. At $107.46 it's a little too rich for my blood! lol

  8. I've heard that tea, esp. loose tea expires in a very short (6 mos.) time... spices that smell dusty should be tossed, but i have some very useful oregano and sage, still pungent a does the job in my cooking... sometimes i use a bit more, but in the main i think expired spices are a scam started by the pharmaceutical companies and borrowed by spice manufacturers... then handed around by thread manufacturers! Thanks for your daily uplifts... more fun than a new bra!!! Cats in Carlsbad CA

    1. Cats -- more fun than a new bra!! LOL! Hadn't heard that one before.

    2. What is a "new" bra ??? There are such things?? And people actually wear them???

    3. but it feels so much better to go without....;)

  9. Please share about the quilt hanging on the wall over the bed in your guest room. Is it one of your designs? It's another pretty one, for sure! Thank you!

  10. Looks like a cat-in-the-box!

  11. What a beautiful quilt looks glorious on the bed, I’d love to sleep under that.
    Dresden is so sweet looking very sternly over the whole situation lol.so good that he is settling down with you so well.
    You and Jeff are such a great team, so many boxes full of post absolutely amazing, hope everything goes smoothly
    Have a fabulous day
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  12. There is truly no rest for the weary! Even your home time is busy, busy, busy. Women of Grace & Charm is a beauty - and totally my color palette! I spy a roller blind in your window! I chuckled about the exp. date on tea bags (I ignore such things except for dairy, etc.), and you may be surprised to discover there are also exp. dates on your deoderant and shampoo - many items it's more for marketing/sales/store rotation, but often makes me slap my forehead. I read one time where a woman was questioning the date on her boxed cake mix. She decided to toss it ONE day after the exp. date because she didn't want to "poison her family". I imagine tea leaves get stale and lose their flavor, much like old coffee, blech. Enjoy your busy-ness, but I hope you find some rest as well!

  13. Bonnie, I love your quilt and it does fit perfectly on the white iron bed. You have some very lucky guests who get to sleep there!

  14. The colors in your beautiful quilt are timeless. About 2 years ago my daughter sent me a photo of my then 18 month old grandson in a box. He was smiling big and the caption read ready to fly to Grandma!

  15. Gorgeous quilt, love it!

  16. When cleaning out our parents house my sister and I had a competition, to see who could find the oldest thing. I found a knitting book 1946 (my age). She found a spice 1980's. I took it home for my children to find when their turn came to clean our house. Trying to declutter. Kerryn

  17. I am taking a break from sewing 4 patches to read your blog. I won't be ready for tomorrow's clue but am so looking forward to it. I enjoy seeing what everyone is doing and I will finish just not on a weekly basis. LOL
    Love, love, love your beautiful quilt..the fabrics, the pattern and the quilting.

  18. I am a long time follower, student, shopper and scrapper . . . love everything Quiltvill-ian - and consider myself Hunter-ized!!! However, I am so very sad...for some reason I haven't been getting my Quiltville daily updates! The last one I received is from November 4th. I have to go into the website to access the Blog and needless to say, I've missed the waves for String Frenzy!! When I try to resubscribe it won't accept me because I'm already subscribed?? Can your computer guru help me from your end, please??? Thanks for all you do for us, Bonnie!!

    1. I’m sure you have tried these tips already, but I would try these first. Look in your Spam folder. Sometimes it seems like for no good reason it will grab perfectly good emails and think it’s spam. If the emails aren’t there I would actually unsubscribe then try to subscribe again. I hope you find your emails.

  19. Congrats on knocking that gorgeous UFO off the list of quilt waiting to be finished!!

  20. I finished clue 1 tonight, bring on clue 2! And my rule of thumb for spices is greens less than 1 year (sometimes I push it to 2 if they smell ok) and hard spices (cinnamon, pepper, mustard) less than 3 years. The fresher ones do taste better.

  21. It is best to pitch the outdated spices. I went through my folks and threw out all the ones with bugs in them. The folk's eyesight prevented them from seeing the dates. Mom said that she liked her old spices better, had more flavor. I told her she was eating bugs that had eaten her spices. She never believed me. I suppose if the spice didn't kill the bug then it wouldn't hurt the folks. The bug was probably killed by being trapped in a jar, not able to get out.

  22. Women of Grace is beautiful! And I love those colors.
    I went through my spice and tea storage before Thanksgiving. My oldest spice was one year out of date and tea bags 3 months so not too bad. Though one year I did find an off spice for some recipe that I never used again and it was about 3 years out of date. Such is life - and a lesson. Don't buy spices you'll never use again! ;-)

  23. When making gingerbread one year, I used an old tin of ground ginger and thought it was just fine! That is, until the next year when I had to actually purchase a new tin and the flavor was so much spicier. I now purchase new ground ginger every year just to make the gingerbread!!
    Love Women of Grace and Charm quilt!

  24. You've certainly spiked an interest for WOGAC, Bonnie. Amazon prices are "used from $103.47" and "new $352.29."

  25. P.S. I looked up WOGAC on WorldCat. At least 21 libraries own it so anyone who really wants to make it can request the book via interlibrary loan.

  26. Expiry dates are "guidelines" according to my husband! Even he was shocked to hear that I just threw out the last 2 cans of spices from my bridal pack! We married in 1974! LMAO!

  27. I looked for Women of Grace and Charm, on Amazon. It is out of my price bracket. Maybe the library will have a copy! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!


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