Monday, November 19, 2018

In a Constant State of Quilting!


I love my piecing machines VINTAGE!
But I want my longarm DIGITIZED!

We’ve been working this machine quite a bit lately – with quilting up this year’s winter mystery Good Fortune, and the basket quilt I’ve just finished binding on (to be shown at a later date) and the Hunter’s String Star (previewed in last Friday’s Gift-Away post – did you see it?  Did you enter to win??) Along with Mona’s 6 projects and then my loading of THIS old 2004 UFO -

I think we’ve done in my computer system.  I got all the way to the last border and the machine started going herky-jerky.  No longer were my feathers nice and round, but they looked like a 3 year old drew them on an etch-a-sketch.  AUUGHH!

Son Jeff and The Hubster came down to see about adjusting cables further (Though he still can’t see anything due to Thursday’s Lasik and the protective lenses that are still in place on his eyeballs.) and things ran BEAUTIFULLY for the rest of that one row…but when I advanced the quilt to the last row, the fill in at the edge of the border – Herky Jerky All Over Again.

I unplugged myself from the cables and finished up the edge of the quilt free-hand, going old school.  Boy, it has been a LONG TIME since I have done that, and moving that machine head is a skill that can be lost over time.


Off the machine.

This quilt was made in 2003-2004 as a shop sample, and I received it back a couple of years later.  (YES, that is HAND APPLIQUE! I do have hidden skills. Just sayin'!)

It’s Women of Grace & Charm by Barb Adams and Alma Allen. It’s been out of print for a number of years now, but it was a fabulous book and used copies can be seen for reasonable prices on Amazon.


Where the stitching was good it was VERY GOOD!

I have no reason WHY this took so long to get quilted, but it resurfaced while digging out some backing fabrics for Mona, and after she left I thought – well why not, we are on a roll!


Binding went on last night.

It’s going to look GORGEOUS on the queen guest bed at the cabin.  It’s 92’’ x 92’’. I’m sure the quilting shrunk it up a bit, and that bed is a tall white iron bed –I’m excited to have it finished.  Hand stitching of the binding to come this week.


This binding is finished!

So glad I did the gentle scallops on this one – all it needs is a hanging sleeve and a label and those will be prepared today before I head off to the airport to pick up my Dad.  He just texted that he has made it to his gate in Phoenix, and is on his way.  Let Thanksgiving week BEGIN!


This lovely arrived while Mona was here!


1940s Improved Nine-Patch.

Thank you, Leslie!

The note said that she had found it at a sale for $10.00 and knew that it had to come reside at Quiltville Inn.  I LOVE IT, worn spots and all and wouldn’t change a thing about it.


Even more fun – the conversation about the name!

My quilty friends keep me in stitches.

It was a good day for quiet stitching and contemplation.

While I was freaking out over inanimate objects like quilting machine computer issues, and was worried about the huge expense of getting someone here to repair it or have it replaced - I received a text message letting me know a dear friend's husband and his father were killed Saturday as their small plane crashed in Arizona on their return trip from California to Florida.

Some things can really make you stop and reassess priorities.

My heart is breaking for her. Everything else is such small potatoes.

Some things that seem "BIG" become infinitesimally small when compared to things of real significance.

I can replace the computer on my longarm. She can't replace her hubby or her dear father in law.

Much love to my friend and her family - I just can't imagine.

We’ve texted back and forth a bit this morning.  She is such a strong woman and such a great example of love.  We talked of her coming up to Virginia to spend some healing time when she is able.  We will quilt it all out.  She is surrounded by a wonderful community of quilters and other folk who love her and can be there for her and lift her up when she feels she can't stand on her own.

And once again, no matter what life throws at us, we stitch –

While our hands are busy, we can let the shattered pieces shift into clarity and find a way to take one more step forward.  One step at a time. One piece at a time.  One stitch at a time.

And oh, do we ever need each other.

I’ll pick up Dad in Greensboro about 4pm. I’m heading toward the airport early to hit up Costco and the grocery store for everything we need to get us through the week.  I know I will forget something. LOL.

It’s our first big holiday without Mark and it just feels off-kilter.  

We plan on loads of movie watching (binding time) and long rounds of Farkle as Rick and Mona are joining us at the cabin for Thanksgiving.

The weather over the next few days is supposed to be decent (40s to 50s) so there may be some long parkway drives and photo ops for long range views, and maybe a hike if things stay dry.

Other than that, we are playing it by ear.

4 sleeps until GOOD FORTUNE!


Quiltville Quote of the Day.

Ironic but true! It takes loss to appreciate what was in front of us all along!

(Does anyone recognize this as the Jewel Box Stars that is this year’s Leader & Ender Challenge??)

We’ve been given a brand new Monday before us – what will you do with it?


  1. events like that bring on home the fact that every minute is a gift...

  2. Life can be so hard sometimes. May God grant your friend and her family some comfort and peace. I know how things feel on the holidays after the loss of a loved one. My dad died (years ago)just weeks before Christmas. It was so wierd not having him there, but we did a lot of reminiscing, crying, and laughing. All of which brought healing to our hearts.

    It is my prayer that you and your family will embrace the memories of time spent with your brother, and that those moments of sadness will lead to moments of peace and healing.

    God bless you Bonnie!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry for your friend...heartbreak, indeed!

    Have a lovely time with your dad and family over Thanksgiving...and I'm eagerly awaiting the first Mystery reveal. :)

  4. your quote of the day is especially apt. you are such a fun 'tease'... 4 more days, indeed... it's going to take about that long to prep the studio PLUS i have mountains of "filing" ... thank you for all you do and Happy Thanksgiving... YOU are one of my "gratitudes" -- grateful for your contribution to my life! Keep stitching life together. Cats in Carlsbad CA

  5. It has been a long year with some severe losses for me. I am blessed that God has helped me heal and taught me so much...writing things on my heart that I had only known in my head. I'm so sorry to hear of the grief your friend is having to experience. Such a huge hurt at any time of the year. My prayers are for her comfort.

  6. Bonnie, Your quilt quote picture had me stumped. It took me a while to see the block due to the use of 2 colors. It is wonderful how many colors make a difference in a pattern. Thank you for opening a world of color and patterns to me and the other Quiltvillians. You and your friend are in my thoughts and prayers. God will see both of you through this time and enjoy your time with your Dad.

  7. Computer troubles aren't fun. So sorry for your friend. It's a Foggy, frosty day in SE Washington. No traveling to the Tri-Cities Quilt Guild for me. Enjoy your time with your father. Counting the sleeps with hundreds of others!

  8. A post full of quilty goodness, and life lessons. Thanks, Bonnie.

  9. Just a friendly heads up. Costco in my town here in CT was absolute madness this morning. You might need to allow yourself extra time.
    So very sorry for your friend’s terrible loss.

  10. God bless your friend and her family. 💜

  11. Enjoy Thanksgiving with your Dad. Prayers for your friend and her family. Be blessed as you have blessed.

  12. So true! My husband and I just traveled to CO for doctor visits and at the airport on the way home saw a woman with no arms or legs...our problems are so small! God bless her!

  13. Prayers and love to your friend at this time, we just never know what is planned for us around the corner.
    Have a wonderful holidays with your dad family and friends
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  14. I watched a talk John Kerry gave at the Miami Book Fair, about his book, the title of which is "Every Day is Extra". He said he learned that lesson in war, but that many people are reminded of that in different ways--through a cancer scare, a car accident, or witnessing a tragedy in someone else's life. The question then becomes, what will we do with these days, and the feeling of gratitude we have at being alive and having this time?
    Last week would have been my beloved friend's 59th birthday--she was a sister to me in every way except genetics, and I'm more likely to describe her as my sister than as a friend and never feel I'm being untruthful. She was only 44 when she died, and it still amazes me that I'm now older than she, because she always had 5 years on me. Whenever I hear people bemoan growing old, I think of Tami, and how she was denied that privilege. I know often the griping is just a habit, but it's one I can't allow myself. Every day *is* extra, is a gift, and I owe it to Tami not to forget that.

  15. I so agree with today's Quote Of The Day!

  16. Many blessings for all you do for all of us.
    Thoughtful prayers for your friend's grief.
    Enjoy the celebration of Thanksgiving and life and special memories.

  17. Bonnie, I have a very dear friend who lost her daughter who was 32 years old a few months ago and she is just shattered emotionally, especially under the circumstances. She is a devoted "Bonnie" and "mystery" quilter fan. I think it would be such healing to her if she were able to spend a little time at Quiltville Inn with you as well. I am so worried about her through this holiday season - the first without her beloved daughter.

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  19. I live in California and our life has been turned upside down and rearranged from the Camp Fire. Many of my friends have lost their homes and much loss of life. Most of the town of Paradise has been lost. So when you talk about what is important, it is times like these that we have realize what is important. However, the fire fighters, first responders and the community have bonded together. The quilting community across the USA have been wonderful and supportive. Us quilters do what we do the best, make pillowcases, comfort quilts, open up a store for the displaced quilters. Nice to be a part of a wonderful community! So....yep totally get what you are saying...Happy Thanksgiving Bonnie and thank you for making many lives happier!

  20. Your quote of the day was perfect for all of us. Thank uou

  21. We Count our blessings each minute of the day. My prayers to your friend and family. Bonnie, Thank you for all your gifts of love, entertainment and instructions. You fill our lives with confidence and hope with your quilting expertise. Have a wonderful /Thanksgiving with your Dad.

  22. Bonnie, I understand how you must be feeling having the first Thanksgiving or any holiday without your brother Mark. I lost my husband in July and my brother (who was my best friend and felt like a father at the same time) in September of this year. I don't know what we are going to do this year without both of them with us. Its going to be rough but I have my four children (all grown but still my children) to help through this as well. I know with the help of our savior we will make it but I'm sure there will be a lot of crying and memories to share. God bless you and have a Happy Thanksgiving with your dad and family.


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