Friday, November 16, 2018

Friday Fri-Yay Gift-Away!!


It’s a Friday FriYay Gift-Away day!

And have I ever got some goodies for not just one but TWO lucky winners!

You know that I’ve been sewing with Signature 60 wt 3-ply thread and loving it.  A&E threads out of Mt Holly, NC have been manufacturing fine thread for the sewing industry for more than 100 years.

Before sewing with the 60 wt for my hand and machine piecing, I have been using (and still do!) Signature 40 wt on my long arm machine for years.


Quilting Mona’s Sugar Bowl Quilt with Signature 40 SN201
A gorgeous golden tan that blends through everything!
(Pattern from the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.)

This is a Double Delight of a Gift-Away today, and there is much to put into it, so bear with me while I lay it all out before you!


Bundle #1!

Jan/Feb 2019 Quiltmaker Magazine and a box of neutral signature 60 3-ply

Curated by none other than yours truly!


In this issue of Quiltmaker is a quilt that Mona already can’t wait to make!

Love is in the Air by Krisanne Watkins.  SO cute!

I’m ready to dig into those reds and pinks right now, too!


“And They Called it….Puppy Love….” *Singing*

This sweet treat is by Mary Hertel.

There are MANY great patterns in this issue – but one thing I turn to (To remind myself just what is going to show up because I can’t remember!)


Four Patch Pinwheel!

This is the first issue of the 2019 year so all of those blocks I submitted in August are now starting to make their appearance!  I love this one.  It’s Scrap User’s System friendly, and would work great in a planned color theme, or as random scrappy kitchen sink style.  Sweet 4-patches and half square triangles – FUN!


Bundle #2!

Someone is going to get a hot off the presses advance copy of my new book String Frenzy!

AND the 12 pack of Signature 40 3 ply in a variety of gorgeous colors guaranteed to compliment any project!

The book and the Quiltmaker issue will be sent to our winners from my home address – the thread will be coming directly from the kind folks at A&E Gutermann!

And even better for those interested in the 12 pack 40 wt gift sets – I’m sharing this flyer with you:


A gift of thread is a gift that keeps on giving!

Call 1-800-847-3235 to find a store that carries Signature thread near you!

Are you excited?  TWO fabulous bundles!

Entries will close on Tuesday night, November 20th at 11:55pm Eastern. We will draw for our winners on Wednesday morning, November 21st -

And then there will be just  TWO Days until our first clue for Good Fortune goes live!  YAY!

While Mona has been here I’ve been busy behind the scenes writing clues and getting things ready for Black Friday.  A LOT is happening!  It’s going to blow your socks off!

Again, with questions coming in on why I’m not doing pre-orders for String Frenzy yet – I have been buried in ruler/book orders to the tune of about 100 a day since Halloween.  

It is all I can do to get these out before we start our own Thanksgiving week away. 

With my store software, either items are IN STOCK or NOT IN STOCK.  There is no “pre-order” holding bin, and if I opened it now, all of the “pre-order” invoices are shuffled together in with the “other” incoming invoices meaning you have to PRINT EVERYTHING (thousands of invoices if I left pre-orders completely open) and then have to look through all of the invoices one at a time and pull the ones that CAN be shipped today, leaving those that can’t be in another pile waiting for “some day.”  It’s a mess.

There is no need to hurry on a pre-order.  They will happen.  Black Friday.  The same day our first clue goes live.

AND – I think you need some incentives to hold your horses –Remember the FREE PDF pattern you are going to receive when you DO pre-order from my site available nowhere else?  


Hunter’s String Star!  An $8.00 value!

This pattern also has to be ready to roll when we open pre-orders, and with all that has been going on in my world over the past many months, it has taken time to get the pattern written.

ANOTHER incentive to wait – String Frenzy retails at $27.95.  I’m also listing the book at a discount – for $25.95.

And that isn’t all – ALL  of my PREVIOUS BOOK TITLES are being lowered to $19.99 each when Pre-orders go live.  It’s time to stock up on the titles you haven’t added to your library yet.

Even Further – All orders $75.000 and over ship free using coupon code FREE75 at purchase WITHIN THE USA ONLY.

(International customers, click the Global shipping category in the store to figure your global shipping add on. Items must fit in a global mail envelope and orders can not weigh over 4 lbs.)

Cyber Monday will kick off with a Digital Pattern Sale as we do our first Mystery Monday Link-Up for Good Fortune!

So there you have it.  It’s coming – it’s going to happen, and soon, and now you know the method to my madness.  I’m tired just re-reading this post before hitting upload. LOL.

I will be rolling out pre-orders by putting 500 copies of String Frenzy in the store at a time.  When those 500 copies are spoken for, I will add 500 more after the first 500 are shipped out, and so forth – thank you for understanding the nature of a 1 person business on the verge of moving her whole operation to Virginia where she can finally hire help.  Thank you for your patience!

And oh yeah!  Don’t forget Quilt-Cam with HollyAnne of String & Story on her String & Story Facebook page via Facebook live tonight! 8pm Eastern.  Yippeeee!

November 16, 2018 at 07_23AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Sugar Bowl Quilt Pieced by MONA! 

There is still a lot going on here today.  She has one more quilt she wants to get quilted as a Christmas gift, and I'll be at the dining room table getting more ruler orders out.

See you tonight!


  1. Oh Bonnie! Thank you for everything you do for us. See you tonight on the live Friday Night Quiltcam - can't wait!

  2. Wow, you've got so much going on that reading this post made my head spin! I hope you take time to get in some R&R! I'm so excited for you and can't wait for the 1st clue and preordering your new book!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  3. I don't know how you do all that you do, and keeping it all straight is totally mind blowing to me. May God bless your efforts while keeping your customers patient. Have a great day Bonnie!!

  4. Pick me please! I have so many reds leftover from making Talkin Turkey that I want to make that String Hunter's Star!

  5. Oh, that Hunter's Star pattern is a a must have for me. Patiently waiting for clue #1 and String Frenzy. Enjoy spending the Thanksgiving holiday with your family!


  7. My machines love Signature thread. Thanks for sharing. One week. Getting some Christmas in the mail today. Gotta clear the calendar for power stitching. Tiara Time with Brandy today.

  8. OMG Mona! Love! Your sugar bowl quilt is awesome! OMG Bonnie! Love! The free download pattern is awesome! Hunter's star quilts are one of my favorites and I love the string quilting element that you've added. I think I've finally gathered all of my mystery fabrics. I had planned to go shopping over the weekend to buy the last of the oranges I need, but I "accidentally" ordered everything I needed AND MORE yesterday on my lunch hour. HaHaHa Sitting at work and thinking about quilting is dangerous. I've had several shopping slip ups over the last few months. =-D

  9. Can't wait for the string frenzy book. I am taking that class from you in Feb. in AZ.

  10. Love, love, love, love, love the red and neutral STRING Hunter's Star. LOVE it.

  11. What a cool quilt that String Hunter's Star is!!!

  12. Bonnie, you are a ray of sunshine on this cloudy Cincinnati day! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  13. Good to see what Mona has been up to. Wish I lived closer to your new post office operation! I would love to handle your shipping department...I guess it’s a little too far to commute from Texas!

  14. I am so excited... heart full... omg yes; thank you, be well, Cats in Carlsbad CA

  15. Keep trying to win one of your give-a-ways!! LOL You are so generous. But either way I will be looking for when you are able to release String Frenzy. Our guild does a lot of string quilts for charity and so does my church group who sew Xlong twins for men in rehabilitation. The men are allowed to take the quilts when they graduate from the program. It takes a lot of scraps.

  16. Always good to have an honest review- so many choices out there. I am looking forward to my pre-order. past the age where I wait for others to buy me what I want!!!

  17. Thanks Bonnie for all you do for and with us to inspire making all the great quilts.

  18. I can hardly wait for the mystery. You are one busy lady; enjoy Thanksgiving.

  19. Love the new Quiltmaker block and the Hunter's String Star is beautiful.

  20. Hunter's String Star is GORGEOUS. What a fun new spin on a pattern that never gets old!

    Bonnie, you are a WHIRLWIND, lady! Here's sending you wishes for a quiet, calm, restful Thanksgiving break before the wild madness begins.

  21. I kept hearing "But WAIT! There's more" in my head as I read this. LOL! Hi, Mona!! You made another beautiful quilt. And so did Bonnie with the new digital Hunter's String Star pattern. (I only caught the name connection as I wrote that -- duh!!) Thank you, thank you, Bonnie.

  22. You are awesome Bonnie!!!

  23. I am tired just reading this post!!You are doing great work and I am sure your fans will wait forever for the new book but they won't have to!!!

  24. Love string quilts...thank you for the chance to win...love your posts and quiltcams hugs, Julierose

  25. Thanks Bonnie. Love your Hunters String Star pattern and am really looking forward to seeing your new book.
    Wishing you a happy and relaxing Thanksgiving with your family.

  26. Bonnie. I am overwhelmed just reading all you have planned for us! Thank you so much for all you do.

  27. Thanks for all you do! I know the last several months could not have been easy and yet you continue with your commitments and have us all hanging on your first clue for the mystery quilt and your new book. I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving with your Dad and family.

  28. Love ya, my favourite quilting designer/teacher/person! See you tonight! Actually, in 6 minutes!

  29. Bonnie you amazing. Thank you for all your inspiration. I love that you have memories attached to the quilts you have created. Such heart openly shared with us is so touching. May you know that you are greatly appreciated.

  30. Bonnie love your valentine block shared tonight with Holly Ann @ String & Story. I'm looking forward to starting Good Fortune with you I learn so much with each mystery quilt I do. Thanks for all you share with the world. Blessings to you and your family for Thanksgiving!

  31. String Hunters Star is gorgeous! You are so busy and yet you are giving of yourself once again in another mystery quilt. I can't wait for clue one. Thank you so much, you are so awesome and inspirational!

  32. Wow a great gift for a Friday nite Ninasmyangel@gmail.com

  33. Love all the FUN ! FRI-YAY

  34. Wow look at Mona go! Nice work. Very generous give-aways too. Shall catch up on the Fri-yayyy filming fun now.

  35. Thanks for the generous giveaway, and thanks for the reality check with the behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to get books and patterns out to all of the anxious quilters. Truly, when I look at all of the fabric I have piled up here, and all of the books and patterns I have on my To Do list I am reminded that no matter how much I want to read any new book "right away" or get started on some new project immediately, I truly do have enough to keep me busy until the next project arrives.

  36. Bless your heart Bonnie! You really do need to slow down, everyone who has a heart 1/2 as big as yours will understand yoo have a life beyond your quilting and running your one woman shipping company, book writing...ect etc and ect. Take time off for you to recoil and get back to your personal Ray race as the saying goes. I'd be honored to win either giveaway but I can also just wait until I can order the items. I have only ever seen with 100% cotton 3 ply 50 weight thread so I look forward to trying a different ply and weight of thread. Keep some time out for yourself, we can all wait for you to get your bearrings.

  37. What an exciting give away! Just love Monas quilt she’s producing some really beautiful quilts.

    That talkin turkey quilt is really gorgeous love all the beautiful reds you’ve added.

    I think you have a fabulous way of organising you preorders it worked really well last time and although I didn’t get the first flush I was happy to wait and equally thrilled when it got to my hot little hand lol.

    Have a wonderful weekend love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  38. Thank you for everything you do for us, Bonnie. Hope you have a very wonderful turkey day with your family. Can't wait for Black Friday tho. That is the day my family gets together (my 'gift' to my kids was not to make them eat 2 large meals with in-laws and with our family in the same day). Will still make time to download and get started on Good Fortune! May 'Good Fortune' smile on you and yours in 2019. Gonna make it my best year too.

  39. I'm looking forward to the live quilt-cam. It's amazing to read how much you get accomplished (in a day/week/month/year). You are amazing, and you encourage & inspire me to cure my "lazy" ways and get busy, stay busy, and accomplish completing my tasks and projects. I can't wait for the "mystery" to begin. Thank you for all you do and give to all of us.

  40. This is a comment on the Gamiss ad that is popping up all over your blog. I do not think this is an appropriate ad for your blog. Maybe I am a prude although I don't think I am but the items being advertised just do not seem quilt related much less else.

  41. cute block in the addicted to scraps column... I'm going to have to find that magazine and perhaps subscribe so I don't miss further columns. I have been doing the diamond tile blocks from an earlier magazine, and love them. However, I think I got carried away in putting together kits of the blocks for sewing, and probably have enough for several quilts. Ha ha ha. Oh well. I have 8 soon to be 11 and maybe a 12th and 13th grandchild so I won't hurt for people to gift them to. 7 born to 3 of my sons, 1 step daughter, 3 more joining us this next summer when another son gets remarried. My ex D-in-Law has a baby and she might as well be a grandchild... and I recently met my oldest sons girlfriends teenaged daughter. I have room in my heart and home for all of them - the more the merrier.

  42. I have never heard of this thread. I'm from WV and have not seen it in any quilt shop here. Would love to win!! Thanks for all the sharing that you do and also for the live shows. I feel like you are a next door friend!!! karengene@suddenlink.net

  43. What a great Sunday this is! I found this site for the first time. Incredible quilts and information. Thank you!

  44. I love the string frenzy and all your quilts.


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