Thursday, April 29, 2021

Fire Pits, Pink Moons, Goodbyes & Quilt Cam!

Let fire pit season begin!

Which means that bug season will not be far behind.  But something stirs inside me, bringing up memories of childhood, girl's camp and camp fires when I hear the crackle of the fire - and of course find that camp fire smoke in my eyes, smelling it in my hair and on my clothes for hours into the evening.

This is what summers were made for, am I right?

Sun going down beyond the back porch.

Will these trees ever get their leaves?

In due time, I suppose.

Guess who wouldn't turn around? Hahahahah!

First burnt marshmallows of the season!  Mmmmm!

We went easy this time, making makeshift smores by sandwiching the marshmallows between two fudge stripe cookies. It's my preferred method. So much easier to eat, and not overly chocolatey.

However you prefer your smores - go for it!

Not the best photo -

But fire pit night was made extra cool by the huge pink super moon rising over the trees to the east.

Our soundtrack for the evening was the huge chorus of peeper frogs coming up from the creek below.

We talked and laugh, roasting marshmallows, enjoying the evening until it was time  to head in so everyone could get to bed - departure time was 7am sharp on Tuesday morning.

The sight of all lights blazing as I walked across the yard to my van parked behind my post office studio.

As seen from outer space! LOL!

7am on Tuesday morning!

Bye bye everyone!  See you next time!

Yesterday I found myself with a bit of morning time on my hands, and while piecing a backing out of big florals, decided to go live on Facebook with a trial run of Quilt-Cam to see if the new mic that Jason suggested would do the job of catching my voice better.

I also hardwired the laptop to the modem instead of hooking up through wifi to see if that improved things.

We were doing quite well, until some blip happened and the feed died. (Likely due to my slow speed internet upload speeds.) so we ran this in TWO parts!

Part 1!

Kind of a hot mess.

Part 2 - with plenty of screw-ups still!

Things I know:

Slow speed internet is all that I’ve got. Satellite internet is not an option I’m willing to pay for. The upload speed wouldn’t be any better. We’ve looked into it. It’s the mountains surrounding me that create a bit of an issue. 

My voice will always be a bit echoey because of the nature of my building. Wood floors and wide open spaces. It is what it is.  Technology has advanced to the point that now everyone assumes you have a producer, a camera crew, dual cameras, special lighting to make these productions wonderful for those who are watching.  It’s not going to happen here!

You’ve got me, my laptop, an external camera on a pole so you can see what I’m sewing and still see me, and I’ve got a microphone that I’m going to play with the location of so you can hear me.

We had fun!  (At least I did!)  I finished the backing, and hope to get it loaded in the machine with the quilt top it’s going with this weekend.

More breathing room happened in the "Big Bin of Florals" and that certainly makes me happy.

Today is full of excitement.  The Scrappy Sisters from Tennessee are IN THE HOUSE! They arrived about 4pm yesterday afternoon.

They have chosen Straits of Mackinac from my book String Frenzy as an added workshop to their stay and we are starting in on it this morning. Let the string piecing begin! (And yes, there will be photos!)

Only Two Days Left!

The printable PDF pattern for Catching Rainbows is now available at the introductory price of $9.00 in the digital patterns section of the Quiltville Store.  That's a 25% savings over the regular price of $12.00.

This price drop is good until May 1, 2021  (This coming Saturday!) when the price reverts back to full.

And I think that catches me up to NOW!

Anything fun ahead for your Thursday?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Happiness is also contagious! Share it with another!
I love this vintage chunky Dresden Plate quilt found in Cullman, Alabama.
Happy Thursday, everyone!



  1. Life is full of glitches, if it's only internet glitches then we should be leaping for joy!!! Thank you Bonnie for keeping on instead of the glitches, you inspire so many of us!

  2. Boy you are working hard and making a difference in the quilting world. Just remember to tell anyone who complains about quilt cam no to look a gift horse in the mouth!

  3. Thanks for your video's - nice to see you live, sewing and chatting at your machine. Greetings from HULL in England :)

  4. Have a great day!

  5. While it can be frustrating, I enjoy the uniqueness of not having a production crew. It’s real life. Have a great day with the lady’s from TN. ❤️❤️

  6. Your quote about happiness reminded me of this profound sentence. The key to happiness is in your own pocket! Thanks for all you do to add to my happiness.

  7. Thumbs up! Wonderful to see you on quilt cam!!
    And great to see the house lights on!

  8. QuiltCam was GREAT (both parts)! I live out in the middle of nowhere too...so I sympathize with your internet issues...but, hey, at least we HAVE it!

  9. I'm going to watch these, flaws and all today while I work on a QAL. I love campfires! When our group of friends camped every summer the kids would yell "White Rabbit! White Rabbit!" when the smoke got to them. Somehow, it seemed to work! Such fun memories. Thanks.

  10. I also struggle with slow internet. If live feeds won't work your fans would be just as happy to view a pre-recorded video on You Tube if that could be accomplished.

  11. Love your cookie s'mores idea. I'm stealing it!

  12. I don’t think any of us expect Spielberg production quality bits, I am just grateful and appreciative of your quilting and life wisdom. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Unfortunately there are people who expect Spielberg production quality, and are quick to complain about the slightest glitch. Thank you, Bonnie, for all that you do for the quilting community, and for doing it with such poise and grace.

  13. Hilarious comment under the picture of your "mothership", with all lights ablaze! LOL.

  14. I am off this morning for my quilt guild Quilt Camp. I have been to it all but 2 years since it started 22? years ago. It was cancelled last year, so we are happy to be back together. A camp differs from a retreat in that there are classes though there is plenty of time to work on our own projects. We usd to hold it at an actual camp, either church or scout camps, and slept over, and meals provided. This year we go home at night and support our local food options while still sewing all day and into the night.

  15. Bonnie, you, video, and your voice is all we need. It's like actually meeting with a quilting buddy. And, I am anxiously awaiting photos of my quilty friends visiting Quiltville Inn. They are so excited!

  16. Love, Love, Love to see Quilt Cam back! All was clear here. Working on creating a back for Frolic from the left over pieces. Hope to post it in the future. Thank you SOOOOOooo much for sharing all your quilty adventures! Sharon Poller, Burleson, Texas

  17. Loved every bit of quilt cam yesterday even though I caught it on replay! You don't need all the fluff, it was perfect yesterday! I"m in the bush so I understand completely! Have a great time with the newbies in house!

  18. Loved Quiltcam!! I missed it. I have high speed fiber optic internet and I still have problems. Many a time my FireTv stick goes out saying "no internet connection" Technology isn't always what it is cracked up to be. Have another great retreat. OH, and wanted to say that our country fair is scheduled for July with no restrictions. Can't wait. Life getting back to normal soon.

  19. What I enjoy about your videos, quilt cam and blogs is that they are so real and you are honest. Some come across as a little "teachy", which is okay, but I prefer just quilting along as you sew and talk and teach. It is a pleasure. You inspired me so much I went to my sewing room and worked on Grassy Creek. I really want to finish it during the summer. Still in the middle of college softball until the middle of May.

  20. So good to see you! Picture quality was good and sound was good too. In fact, I was thinking how quiet your 301 sounds compared to mine. If anyone thinks you're too loud, they can turn down the volume on their end. Winter (Blues) Garden is still getting rows sewn together and I realized I need to get my Leader Ender blocks together before July and the new project!

  21. The sound is MUCH better!!! Thank Jason for us

  22. Filling the Inn with quilts and quilt campers once again; oh, the joy! So happy for you. I’m eager to see the Straits of Mackinac that emerge from your workshop, lucky gals!

  23. thanks for doing quiltcam! would you add the microphone to your affiliate links please

  24. I love the way you do quilt cam. It is real, unedited, and unfiltered, just like you! It kept me company while I plugged away at mundane tasks yesterday.

  25. I can sympathize with the slow Internet speed. We have trees so satellite is not workable either. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

  26. I got a chance for a change to see you live on FB. Everything was great, sound and picture even with the blip. It was fun. I wish I was there for the Straights of Mackinac workshop as it is my favorite, especially because I live ink Michigan and Mackinac Island is my most favorite place to go. I have had the opportunity to spend the night on two occasions.The last time we stayed at one of the homes right on main street and we arranged the furniture so we could see all the coming and goings on Main Street. In my dreams I would love to stay on the island.

  27. I think a less professional Quilt Cam session appeals to folks because it feels so much more intimate. It's like they are on a Zoom call with a close friend.

  28. Your efforts to share your projects with us is so very appreciated. Thumbs up many times over. Love your cat wandering through your video!
    I have been participating in your Leaders/Enders challenge, making great progress, with almost 200 blocks! I made a lap quilt for one our nursing home residents from some of those and will continue to make more.
    So glad to see Quiltville Inn being enjoyed again. Such a great restoration project you have accomplished.
    Thank you for your inspiration and suggestions.

  29. I love the color on the porch roof with the lights and the dark all around. Thank you for being you and being real. Bobbiesews

  30. I'm a day late to the game but was so happy to see quiltcam happen again. Everything looked great! The new mic is excellent. Obviously when you lean away toward the laptop your volume drops a little and the echo happens but still clear. I don't notice the echo when you are facing the mic. The sound of the machine is not overpowering. In fact I think I notice it less now. This was FUN! It's almost as good as an in-person visit ♥

  31. I have several smallish sized pieces of the fabric your friend was running low on--cream with pink green flowers. Does she want it? sharon@sharonstroud.com.

  32. Aahh...campfires. You are ready for summer!! Can't say I blame you, it was a rough winter for all of us. I wouldn't worry too much about your quiltcams. You are doing the best you can. But remember; you're not chocolate. You can't please everyone!! I love seeing the photos of your area. Quiltville Inn is so peaceful at night all lit up! :) Enjoy the new set of quilters!

  33. I also live in a rural area with slow internet!! So I can totally understand your internet problems!! You do a wonderful job & are so inspiring!!

  34. What a lovely surprise to find you on Quilt Cam today. Glitches and all, I loooove Quilt Cam. I don't mind if it is sporadic, I'm just delighted at the prospect that it might be coming back again. I love the spontaneity.
    My day included the grocery store, hair dresser and plant nursery. No needle and thread today. Once I get the garden in and the new landscape bed done, I will get back to the sewing machine again. I miss it! But I also love the spring blue sky and the changing seasons. Everything in its time!
    Take good care of yourself, Bonnie!

  35. Loved your "live" quiltcam. It was so good to hear your voice. It was a little fuzzy, but who cares. I could see what your were doing just fine. The mike would be better by the camera. When you were sewing and talking closer to the mike, it did not echo. BUT, I still loved it all...even in two blogs. So glad I found you during the pandemic.
    Diane from Nauvoo, AL.

  36. The blue ceiling on the Inn's porch looks all magical lit up at night. Those two pictures are frame worthy! I'm so disappointed that I forgot about and missed the pink moon!

  37. What a lovely surprise to be able to watch QuiltCam - I’ve missed them although I fully understand the reason why you have been unable to do them. Great idea to use up those florals instead of letting them languish in a drawer. Your completed backing looks great and then you will have the trimmings to pop into your string bins, and on goes the process of using up and creating.

  38. I enjoy your enthusiasm and eagerness. Thank you for that and all of the efforts you make to bring joy

  39. So happy to see you on quiltcam, I’ve missed you! The new mic works well and I love being able to sew ‘with’ you!

  40. Any way we can get a Quiltcam I’m for it. I have missed them and always learn so much just from watching you sew and share your thoughts. I’ll take a “less than perfect” Quiltcam! Thanks Bonnie.

  41. Quiltville looks just beautiful lit up at night! Such a welcoming sight. I know you won't get notified of this comment because google has issues with my email address, but I still felt I wanted to make this comment.
    Kathleen -- kakingsbury at verizon dot net


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